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Jul 19, 2010

Tithing is Not a Christian Doctrine

by Russell Earl Kelly, PH. D., July 5, 2006



The following essay is a summary of my book, Should the Church Teach Tithing? A Theologian’s Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine. The book itself is a greatly expanded version of my PH. D. thesis. I challenge Bible educators to be bold, to open up their seminary level research and to promote studies on this subject in the Masters, Doctorate and PH. D. levels. This doctrine is simply too important to ignore. 

In many churches today the doctrine of tithing has reached the level of a modern scandal. While on the one hand, most seminary-level textbooks on systematic theology and hermeneutics by highly educated theologians omit tithing, on the other hand, the practice is quickly becoming a requirement for church membership in the very denominations which insist on solid Bible-based doctrines. There is also increasing evidence that lay persons who question the legitimacy of New Covenant tithing are usually criticized and ignored as being troublemakers or weak Christians. 

Modern Tithing is Based on Many False Assumptions 

One denomination’s statement on stewardship is typical of what many others teach about tithing. It says that "tithing is the minimum biblical standard and the beginning point which God has established that must not be replaced or compromised by any other standard." It adds that the tithe is from gross income which is due to the church before taxes. 

The following points of this essay contrast the false teachings used to support tithing with what God’s Word actually says. 

Point #1 N. T. Giving Principles in Second Corinthians 8 and 9 are Superior to Tithing. 

The false teaching is that tithing is a divine mandatory expectation which always must precede free-will giving. 

Free-will giving existed before tithing. The following New Covenant free-will principles are found in Second Corinthians, chapters 8 and 9: (1) Giving is a "grace.” These chapters use the word, "grace," eight times in reference to helping poor saints. (2) Give yourself to God first (8:5). (3) Give yourself to knowing God’s will (8:5). (4) Give in response to Christ’s gift (8:9; 9:15). (5) Give out of a sincere desire (8:8, 10, 12; 9:7). (6) Do not give because of any commandment (8:8, 10; 9:7). (7) Give beyond your ability (8:3, 11, 12). (8) Give to produce equality. This means that those who have more should give more in order to make up for the inability of those who cannot afford to give as much (8:12-14). (9) Give joyfully (8:2). (10) Give because you are growing spiritually (8:3, 4, 7). (11) Give because you want to continue growing spiritually (9:8, 10, 11). (12) Give because you are hearing the gospel preached (9:13). 

Point #2 In God’s Word, the Tithe is Always Only Food! 

The false teaching is that biblical tithes include ALL sources of income. 

Use God’s Word to define “tithe.” Do not use a secular dictionary! Open a complete Bible concordance and you will discover that the definition used by tithe-advocates is wrong. In God’s Word “tithe” does not stand alone. Although money existed, the original source of God's "tithe" was never money. It was the “tithe of food.” This is very important. **True biblical tithes were always only food from the farms and herds of only Israelites who only lived inside God’s Holy Land, the national boundary of Israel.** The increase was gathered from what God produced and not man's craft or ability. 

There are 15 verses from 11 chapters and 8 books from Leviticus 27 to Luke 11 which describe the contents of the tithe. And the contents never (again), never included money, silver, gold or anything other than food from inside Israel! Yet the incorrect definition of "tithe" is the greatest lie being preached about tithing today! (See Lev. 27:30, 32; Numb. 18:27, 28; Deut. 12:17; 14:22, 23; 26 12; 2 Chron. 31:5, 6; Neh. 10:37; 13:5; Mal. 3:10; Matt. 23:23; Luke 11: 42). 

Point #3 Abraham’s Tithe to Melchizedek Reflected Pagan Tradition. 

The false teaching is that Abraham freely gave tithes because it was God’s will. 

For the following reasons, Genesis 14:20 cannot be used as an example for Christians to tithe. (1) The Bible does not say that Abraham "freely" gave this tithe. (2) Abraham’s gift was NOT a holy tithe from God’s holy land gathered by God’s holy people under God’s holy Old Covenant. (3) Abraham’s tithe was only from pagan spoils of war common to many nations. (4) In Numbers 31, God only required 1% of spoils of war. (5) Abraham’s tithe to Melchizedek was a one-time recorded event. (6) Abraham’s tithe was not from his own personal property. (7) Abraham kept nothing for himself; he gave everything back. (8) Abraham’s tithe is not quoted anywhere in the Bible to endorse tithing. (9) Genesis 14, verse 21, is the key text. Since most commentaries explain verse 21 as an example of pagan Arab tradition, it is contradictory to explain the 90% of verse 21 as pagan, while insisting that the 10% of verse 20 was God’s will. (10) If Abraham is an example for Christians to give 10% to God, then he should also be an example for Christians to give the other 90% to Satan, or to the king of Sodom! (11) Since neither Abraham nor Jacob had a Levitical priesthood to support, they had no place to bring tithes and probably left food for the poor at their altars. 

Point #4 First-Tithes were Received by Servants to the Priests. 

The false teaching is that Old Testament priests received all of the first tithe. 

The "whole" tithe, the first tithe, did not go to the priests at all. According to Numbers 18:21-24 and Nehemiah 10:37, it went to the servants of the priests, the Levites. And according to Numbers 18:25-28 and Nehemiah 10:38, the Levites gave the best “tenth of this tithe” (1%) which they received to the priests who ministered the sin sacrifices and served inside the holy places. Priests personally did not tithe at all. 

It is also important to know that, in exchange for receiving these tithes, both Levites and priests forfeited all rights to permanent land inheritance inside Israel (Numb. 18:20-26; Deut. 12:12; 14:27, 29; 18:1, 2; Josh. 13:14, 33; 14:3; 18:7; Ezek. 44:28). Even if tithes were New Covenant they would first go to the (Levites) deacons to assist the preachers and maintain the buildings. 

Point #5 The Phrase, "It is Holy to the LORD," Does Not Make Tithing an Eternal Moral Principle. 

The false teaching is that Leviticus 27:30-33 proves that the tithe is an "eternal moral principle" because "it is holy to the LORD." 

The phrases “it is HOLY unto the LORD” and “it is MOST HOLY unto the LORD” are very common in Leviticus. Almost every other use of these same two phrases in Leviticus has long ago been discarded by Christians. These phrases are used to describe all of the festivals, the sacrificial offerings, the clean food, the old covenant priests and the old covenant sanctuary. Especially read verses 28 and 29 in the same chapter. 

Point #6 There are Four Different Tithes Described in the Bible. 

The false teaching ignores all other tithes and focuses on an incorrect interpretation of the first religious tithe. 

The first religious tithe, called the "Levitical tithe," had two parts. Again, the whole first tithe was given to the Levites who were only servants to the priests (Numb. 18:21-24; Neh. 10:37). The Levites, in turn, gave one tenth of the whole tithe to the priests (Numb. 18:25-28; Neh. 10:38). According to Deuteronomy 12 and 14, the second religious tithe, called the "feast tithe," was eaten by worshipers in the streets of Jerusalem during the three yearly festivals (Deut. 12:1-19; 14:22-26). And, according to Deuteronomy 14 and 26, a third tithe, called the "poor tithe," was kept in the homes every third year to feed the poor (Deut. 14:28, 29; 26:12,13). Also, according to First Samuel 8:14-17 the ruler collected the first and best ten per cent for political use. During Jesus’ time Rome collected the first ten per cent (10%) of most food and twenty per cent (20%) of fruit crops as its spoils of war. One wonders what "churches" are trying to hide when they single out the one religious tithe which best suits their purposes and ignore the other two important religious tithes. 

Another common error is to equate the tithe with the “first-fruit” or even the “best.” While the “tithe of the tithe” (1%) which was given to the priests was the “best” of what the Levites received, the tithe which the Levites received was only “one tenth” and not necessarily the “best” (Lev. 27:32, 33). Also, while the first-fruit and firstborn of every clean animal was brought directly to the temple, the tithe was brought directly to the Levitical cities (Neh. 10:35-38). According to some historians, the first-fruit was an extremely small offering. Often an entire village’s first-fruit could be carried by one animal. 

Point #7 Jesus, Peter, Paul and the Poor Did Not Tithe! 

The false teaching is that everybody in the Old Testament was required to begin their giving to God at the ten per cent level. 

The poor were not required to tithe at all! Neither did the tithe come from the results of man’s craft, hands and skill. Only farmers and herdsmen gathered what God produced as tithe increase. Jesus was a carpenter; Paul was a tentmaker and Peter was a fisherman. None of these occupations qualified as tithe-payers because they did not farm or herd animals for a living. It is, therefore, incorrect to teach that everybody paid a required minimum of a tithe and, therefore, that New Covenant Christians should be required to at least begin at the same minimum as Old Covenant Israelites. This common false assumption is very often repeated and completely ignores the very plain definition of tithe as food gathered from farm increase or herd increase. 

It is also wrong to teach that the poor in Israel were required to pay tithes. In fact, they actually received tithes! Much of the second festival tithe and all of a special third-year tithe went to the poor. Many laws protected the poor from abuse and expensive sacrifices which they could not afford (see also Lev. 14:21; 25:6, 25-28, 35, 36; 27:8; Deu. 12:1-19; 14:23, 28, 29; 15:7, 8, 11; 24:12, 14, 15, 19, 20; 26:11-13; Mal. 3:5; Matt. 12:1, 2; Mark 2:23, 24; Luke 2:22-24; 6:1, 2; 2 Cor. 8:12-14; 1 Tim. 5:8; Jas. 1:27). 

Point #8 Tithes were Often Used as Political Taxes. 

The false teaching is that tithes are never comparable to taxes or taxation. 

In the Hebrew economy, the tithe was used in a totally different manner than it is preached today. Once again, those Levites who received the whole tithe were not even ministers or priests -- they were only servants to the priests. Numbers chapter 3 describes the Levites as carpenters, metal workers, leather-craftsmen and artists who maintained the small sanctuary. And, according to First Chronicles, chapters 23-27, during the time of King David and King Solomon the Levites were still skilled craftsmen who inspected and approved all work in the Temple: 24, 000 worked in the Temple as builders and supervisors; 6,000 were officials and judges; 4,000 were guards and 4,000 were musicians. As political representatives of the king, Levites used their tithe income to serve as officials, judges, tax collectors, treasurers, temple guards, musicians, bakers, singers and professional soldiers (1 Chron. 12:23, 26; 27:5). It is obvious why these examples of using biblical tithe-income are never used as examples in the church today. 

It is also important to know that Old Covenant tithes were never used for evangelism of non-Israelites. Tithing failed! See Hebrews 7:12-19. Tithes never stimulated Old Covenant Levites or priests to establish a single mission outreach or encourage a single Gentile to become an Israelite (Ex. 23:32; 34:12, 15; Deut. 7:2). Old Covenant tithing was motivated and mandated by Law, not love. In fact, during most of Israel’s history the prophets were God’s primary spokesmen – and not the tithe-receiving Levites and priests. 

Point #9 Levitical Tithes were Normally Taken to the Levitical Cities.

False teachers want us to think that all tithes were formerly taken to the Temple and should now be taken to the "church storehouse” building. 

The “whole” tithe NEVER went to the Temple. In reality, the overwhelming majority of Levitical tithes never went to the Temple. Those who teach otherwise ignore the Levitical cities and the 24 courses of the Levites and priests. According to Numbers 35, Joshua 20, 21 and First Chronicles 6, Levites and priests lived on borrowed land like Jericho and Hebron surrounding the Levitical cities where they farmed and raised (tithed) animals. And it is clear from Numbers 18:20-24, Second Chronicles 31:15-19 and Nehemiah 10:37 that the ordinary people were expected to bring their tithes to the Levitical cities. Why? That is where 98% of the Levites and priests lived with their families most of the time. See also Nehemiah 13:9. 

Point #10 Malachi 3 is the Most Abused Tithing Text in the Bible. 

The false teaching about tithes from Malachi 3 ignores five important Bible facts

(1) Malachi is Old Covenant context and is never quoted in the New Covenant to validate tithing (Lev. 27:34; Neh. 10:28, 29; Mal. 3:7; 4:4). (2) In 1:6; 2:1 and 3:1-5, Malachi is very clearly addressed to dishonest priests who are cursed because they had stolen the best offerings from God. (3) The Levitical cities must be considered and Jerusalem was not a Levitical city (Josh 20, 21). It makes no sense to teach that 100% of the tithe was brought to the Temple when most Levites and priests did not live in Jerusalem. (4) In Malachi 3:10-11 tithes are still only food (Lev. 27:30-33). (5) The 24 courses of Levites and priests must also be considered. Beginning with King David and King Solomon, they were divided into 24 families. These divisions were also put into place in Malachi’s time by Ezra and Nehemiah. Since normally only one family served in the Temple for only one week at a time, there was absolutely no reason to send ALL of the tithe to the Temple when 98% of those it was designed to feed were still in the Levitical cities (1 Chron. 24-26; 28:13, 21; 2 Chron. 8:14; 23:8; 31:2, 15-19; 35:4, 5, 10; Ezra 6:18; Neh. 11:19, 30; 12:24; 13:9, 10; Luke 1:5). 

Therefore, when the context of the Levitical cities, the 24 families of priests, under-age children, wives, Numbers 18:20-28, 2 Chronicles 31:15-19, Nehemiah 10-13, and all of Malachi are all evaluated, only about 2% of the total first tithe was normally required at the Temple in Jerusalem. 

Both the blessing and the curse of Malachi 3:9-11 only lasted for Israelites until the Old Covenant ended at Calvary. Malachi’s audience had willingly reaffirmed the Old Covenant (Neh.10:28, 29). “Cursed be he that confirms not all the words of this law to do them. And all the people shall say, Amen” (Deut. 27:26 quoted in Gal. 3:10). And Jesus ended the curse. “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangs on a tree” (Gal. 3:13). 

Today the very lowest income class pays the largest percentage to charity. Yet most remain in poverty. Neither the lottery, nor the tithe is a magic get-rich-quick answer to replace education, determination and hard work. If Malachi 3:10 really worked for New Covenant Christians, then millions of poor tithing Christians would have escaped poverty and would have become the wealthiest group of people in the world instead of remaining the poorest group. Therefore there is no evidence that the vast majority of poor “tithe-payers” are ever blessed financially merely because they tithe. The Old Covenant blessings are not New Covenant blessings (Heb. 7:18, 19; 8:6-8, 13). 

Point #11 Tithing is not Taught in the New Testament. 

The false teaching is that Jesus taught tithing in Matthew 23:23 which, they say, is clearly in the New Testament. 

The New Covenant did not begin at the birth of Jesus, but at his death (Gal. 3:19, 24, 25; 4:4). Tithing is not taught to the church after Calvary! When Jesus discussed tithing in Matthew 23:23, he was only commanding Jewish obedience to the Old Covenant Law which he endorsed and supported until Calvary. In Matthew 23:2, 3 Jesus told his followers to obey the scribes and Pharisees "because they sit in Moses’ seat." Yet He did not command Gentiles whom He healed to present themselves to the priests and obey the Law of Moses. 

There is not a single New Testament Bible text which teaches tithing after Calvary – period! Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35 are not examples of tithing to support church leaders. According to 2:46 the Jewish Christians continued to worship in the Temple. And according to 2:44 and 4:33, 34 church leaders shared what they received equally with all church members. (This is not done today). Finally Acts 21:20-25 proves that Jewish Christians were still zealously observing all of the Mosaic Law 30 years later –and that must include tithing—otherwise they would not have been allowed inside the Temple to worship. Therefore, any tithes collected by the early Jewish Christians were given to the Temple system and not to support the church. 

Point #12 Old Covenant Priests were Replaced by Believer-Priests. 

The false teaching is that New Covenant elders and pastors are simply continuing where the Old Covenant priests left off and are due the tithe. 

Compare Exodus 19:5, 6 with First Peter 2: 9, 10. Before the incident of the golden calves, God had intended for every Israelite to become a priest and tithing would have never been enacted. Priests did not tithe but received one tenth of the first tithe (Numb. 18:26-28; Neh. 10:37, 38). 

The function and purpose of Old Covenant priests were replaced, not by elders and pastors, but by the priesthood of every believer. Like other ordinances of the Law, tithing was only a temporary shadow until Christ (Eph. 2:14-16; Col. 2:13-17; Heb. 10:1). In the New Covenant every believer is a priest to God (1 Pet. 2:9, 10; Rev. 1:6; 5:10). And, as a priest, every believer offers sacrifices to God (Heb. 4:16; 10:19-22; 13:15, 16). Therefore, every ordinance which had previously applied to the old priesthood was blotted out at Calvary. Since Jesus was not from the tribe of Levi, even He was disqualified. Thus the original temporary purpose of tithing no longer exists (Heb. 7:12-19; Gal. 3:19, 24, 25; 2 Cor. 3:10). 

Point #13 The New Covenant Church is Neither a Building nor a Storehouse. 

The false teaching is that Christian buildings called "churches," "tabernacles" or "temples" replaced the OT Temple as God’s dwelling places. 

God’s Word never describes New Covenant churches as "tabernacles," "temples" or "buildings" in which God dwells! God’s church, God’s dwelling place, is within the believers. Believers do not "go to church" -- believers “assemble to worship.” Also, since OT priests did not pay tithes, then tithing cannot logically continue. Therefore it is wrong to call a building "God’s storehouse" for tithes. (1 Cor. 3:16, 17; 6:19, 20; Eph. 1:22, 23; 2:21; 4:12-16; Rev. 3:12). For "storehouse" compare 1 Corinthians 16:2 with 2 Corinthians 12:14 and Acts 20:17, 32-35. For several centuries after Calvary Christians did not even have their own buildings (to call storehouses) because Christianity was an outlaw religion. 

Point #14 The Church Grows by Using Better New Covenant Principles. 

The false teaching implies that principles of grace giving are not as good as Old Covenant principles of giving. 

Under the New Covenant: (1) According to Galatians 5:16-23, there is no physical law which controls the fruits of the Holy Spirit. (2) Second Corinthians 3:10 says that the Old Covenant has "no glory" when compared to the "surpassing" glory and liberty of the Holy Spirit. (3) Hebrews 7 is the only post-Calvary mention of tithing and it is an explanation of why the Levitical priesthood must be replaced by Christ’s priesthood because it was weak and unprofitable. Study Hebrews 7 and follow the progression from verse 5 to verse 12 to verse 19. (4) The manner in which tithing is taught today reflects a failure of the church to believe and act on the far better principles of love, grace and faith. Mandatory giving principles cannot, has not and will not prosper the church more than principles guided by love for Christ and lost souls (2 Cor. 8:7, 8). 

Point #15 The Apostle Paul Preferred that Church Leaders be Self-Supporting. 

The false teaching is that Paul taught and practiced tithing 

Nothing could be farther from the truth. As a Jewish rabbi, Paul was among those who insisted on working to support himself (Acts 18:3; 1 Thess. 2:9, 10; 2 Thess. 3:8-14). While Paul does not condemn those who are able to receive full-time support, neither does he teach that full-time support is the mandatory will of God for advancing the gospel (1 Cor. 9:12). In fact, twice, in Acts 20:29-35 and also in 2 Corinthians 12:14, Paul actually encouraged church elders to work to support needy believers inside the church. 

For Paul, "living of the gospel" meant "living by gospel principles of faith, love and grace" (1 Cor. 9:14). While Paul realized that he had a "right" to some support, he concluded that his "liberty," or freedom to preach unhindered was more important in order to fulfill his calling from God (1 Cor. 9:15; 11:7-13; 12:13, 14;1 Thess. 2:5, 6). While working as a tent-maker, Paul accepted limited support but boasted that his pay, or salary, was that he could preach the gospel for free, without being a burden to others (1 Cor. 9:16-19). 

Point #16 Tithing Did Not Become a Law in the Church until A. D. 777. 

The false teaching is that the historical church has always taught tithing. 

The earliest Christian assemblies patterned themselves after the Jewish synagogues which were led by rabbis who, like Paul, refused to gain a profit from preaching and teaching God’s Word. There are many books on Jewish social life which explain this in great detail. 

From Christ’s death until Christianity became a legally recognized religion almost 300 years later, the great majority of church leaders took self-imposed vows of poverty. This can be historically documented! They took Jesus’ words to the rich young ruler in Luke 18:22 literally “sell all that you have, give it to the poor, and follow me.” Most church historians agree that these early church leaders for at least the first 200 years worked for a living and were self-supporting. How could a Christian leader tell a Roman census-taker that he was a full-time preacher? That would almost guarantee his death! 

Clement of Rome (c95), Justin Martyr (c150), Irenaeus (c150-200) and Tertullian (150-220) all opposed tithing as a strictly Jewish tradition. The Didache (c150-200) actually condemns traveling apostles who stay longer than three days and ask for money. And travelers who decided to remain with them were required to lean a trade. These early opponents of tithing are not quoted by tithe-teachers. 

Cyprian (200-258) tried to impose tithing in Carthage, North Africa around A. D. 250. At his conversion Cyprian gave away great personal wealth to the poor and lived under a vow of poverty. His idea of tithing included equal re-distribution to the poor. And –we must remember— his ideas of tithing were not adopted. When tithe-teachers quote Ambrose, Chrysostom and Augustine as so-called “church fathers” they conveniently leave out the first 200 years of church history. Even after Christianity became legal in the fourth century for over a thousand years the greatest spiritual leaders almost all took vows of deep poverty and preferred to live unmarried lives in monasteries. If these tithe-teachers are quoted, then the church should also be told what kind of lives they usually led and how they redistributed the tithe to the poor. 

Tithing was not always in the church. While disagreeing with their own theologians, most church historians write that tithing did not become an accepted doctrine in the church for over 700 years after Calvary. According to the very best historians and encyclopedias, it took over 500 years before the local church Council of Macon in France, in the year 585, tried unsuccessfully to enforce tithing on its members. It was not until the year 777 that Emperor Charlemagne legally allowed the church to collect tithes –and even then it was to gain favor with the Pope. That, my friend, is the history of tithing found in the Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana and the Roman Catholic Encyclopedia for everybody to read. These historical facts ought to prove something to somebody. 


In God’s Word, “tithe” does not stand alone. It is the “tithe of FOOD.” The biblical tithe was very narrowly defined and limited by God Himself. True biblical tithes were always: (1) only food, (2) only from the farms and herds, (3) of only Israelites, (4) who only lived inside God’s Holy Land, the national boundary of Israel, (5) only under Old Covenant terms and (6) the increase could only be gathered from what God' produced. 

Therefore, (1) non-food items could not be tithed; (2) clean wild game animals and fish could not be tithed; (3) non-Israelites could not tithe; (4) food from outside God’s holy land of Israel did not enter the Temple; (5) legitimate tithing did not occur when there was no Levitical priesthood; and (5) tithes did not come from what man’s hands created, produced or caught by hunting and fishing. 

I invite church leaders into an open discussion of this subject. The careful and prayerful study of God’s Word are essential for church growth. May God bless you.


(I encourage you to reprint and distribute this article)

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  1. Gravatar

    Dr your point are good ones,but in our soceity of today logically will we carry this first FOOD to the levits(elder,deacen priests)God bless you.

  2. Gravatar
    Nick S

    Thanks for straight biblical teaching that clearly explains itself. Although not popular with our current culture and mindset, biblical truth must prevail over our own ideas and desires.

  3. Gravatar

    Dear Sir, In my heart of hearts, I always suspected this to be the case but did not have enough study the subject. I always gave 10% to whichever Church we were a part of. Just two weeks ago, my wife and I decided that we are going to give that to someone in need. And now, it go a young, single mother who became a believer and is from a Muslim country. It is not much, but it is 10% of my income and I do 10% because that is what I am accustomed. I do believe that I could be more or less. This article now support what I always believed. Thank you for taking the time to study and write to educate Christ's Church. Blessing DJ

  4. Gravatar
    charlotte (big muh mah)

    hhmmm...the last time tithing and giving was pushed by compulsion and even enforced by 'law' there came a great reformation, all over europe. we often credit mr. luther for it, however the facts are many were experiencing a deeper hunger and longing to the point of being willing to be burned at the stake for thier convictions, and to be free to worship. are we now on the cusp of a great reformation. are we so hungry we are willing to be burnt at the stake of the status quo? i believe so.

  5. Gravatar

    To the author: you are wrong. I can show you spin how each one of the verses you use to support your "emancipating" teaching, but I don't have the time to do so now.

  6. Gravatar

    Also, Id like to add. In Matthew 23;23 Jesus said,"You give a tenth (tithe) of mint,dilll, and cumin, yet you have neglected the more important matters of the LAW."...proving once and forall that tithing is of the LAW. I think most institutional church members tithe in sincerety, however, by trying to live by the law one is actually putting themselves under a curse. Of course, the entire institutional church structure is un biblical from salaried ceo pastor on down, so in order to support a non biblical system they have to force an unbiblical tithe. When a pastor stands up and tells a congregation that they are cursed if they dont tithe, it can be descibed as one thing and one thing only...extortion.

  7. Gravatar

    George, Why bother saying that the article is wrong without providing anything to debunk it?

  8. Gravatar

    I agree with Dan I would like to hear why George disagrees with scripture to back it up.

  9. Gravatar

    I question tithing when me and my husband tithed every week but couldn't pay our bills but we were faithful to tithe. Then we Found out the pastor was using the money to remodel his house. At this time I realized its important the ground you sow your seed in but as i dug deeper into our experience as at first I didn't understand I came to realize that tithing was under the law and not required by christians.

  10. Gravatar
    Peter Jonsson

    Great article. Thanks. Would have been interesting though if you also had elaborated on what LOVE produces in the way of free-will giving.

  11. Gravatar
    Doug S

    I used to tithe because that is what I was told to do by the Pastor of the large charismatic church we attended in Honolulu. Every week we received a 15 minute sermon on giving. It usually involved Malachi 3, and the pastor often said if you didn't tithe you were a thief and a robber. I mean who wants to be that? We were often told it is better to have 90% blessed than a 100% cursed. Yes, we believed it. We believed in the seed offerings, the whole bit. Jesus said the truth will MAKE you free, not emancipated like you say George. Now I am free from the guilt, the lies, the manipulation, and control, not emancipated, but free. God is my Loving Father, only an idiot would want emancipation from Him. I want to be a bond servant –willingly serve. Not out of fear of being a thief. And to say "you are wrong" is understandable. I lived where you are. But, could you be wrong George? There is no way you can argue with the truth of the above article without twisting scripture and history. DWS

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    haha...so funny...free-believers (Buy my book, and my sermons! and whatever other junk I can make money on.) "Is there no light? The anxious soul is seeking."

  13. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Nancy you must be a pretty dark person if that's all you see on this website. Every concept in my book and every single principal in any and all of my sermons can be found on this site over and over for free. But you wouldn't know that because you just assumed something that you could have no idea about. I've found in life that an "anxious soul that is seeking" will ALWAYS FIND EXACTLY WHAT IT'S LOOKING FOR. The reason you see no light Nancy is because you've come here looking for darkness. How is it that literally hundreds of thousands of people immediately find the light when they walk into this room and YOU see only darkness??? Is it this website or is it Nancy???

  14. Gravatar

    I'm not really a dark person,I'm just a hurt Christian. I did come here looking for light, but I am not sure that there is any anymore.

  15. Gravatar

    I am sorry Darin, for my offensive comment. I have recently been told by the home-church that I have attended for 30 yrs., that if I don't think the same as them that I do not have a revelation. Are you telling me the same thing? "I wanted this guy to get this and I did everything I could to help him understand it, but in the process of doing so, it became increasingly obvious that his eyes were not going to open to this and in that process he became understandably insecure(Darin Hufford)". I too want to be free from legalistc religion, and I feel very drawn by God to serve Him, but can we really be free from the "us and them mentality" ? I feel like I have "got something", but how will I ever know if it is the 'real thing' if every church (this is a church) leader feels he has the right to pick and choose who does and who doesn't?

  16. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Nancy, this isn't about "getting it" or "not getting it." The fact IS that YOU DO GET IT. It lives inside of you. You have it Nancy. Just because you may have a moment of anger or stress that doesn't mean that you don't know God or "get it." It just means that in that particular moment you didn't "get it." I have those moments about 50 times a day:-) We're ALL "Hurt Christians." That's why I developed this website. I saw that Christians all over the world are seriously hurting. I think that simply saying that you're hurting, is freedom in and of itself. I understand how you feel about Church and money and control and manipulation and all that stuff. You being open about it is probably the best thing ever. THE LIGHT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS NOT HERE. It's not in Church either. It really IS inside of you. Irrespective of how we may have started here, I can tell that you are clearly on the path we are on.

  17. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    I think the reason why you are let down and agitated when you don't see or feel the light here is because it's not supposed to be here. Perhaps you're looking for it in the same places that we've all looked for it for our entire lives; in an institution. YES the FBN is an institution but the difference is that we don't claim to be GOD. We claim to be seeking Him. We don't possess the light or sell it or control it. We're here because we've found that the light isn't inside of church. It's inside of us. I think THAT takes a lot of trust on a personal level.

  18. Gravatar

    Well, Darin, I guess that makes me a 'freebeliever' too. Maybe I'll stick around and see what this site has to offer. Hopefully there is some advice about what the next step is when we've left church. A chat room for seekers might be useful-sometimes a person just needs a listening ear. Thanks for yours.

  19. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Nancy on the upper right hand corner of the home page you'll see a tab that will take you to the "forum" where you can meet and interact with mature Free Believers who have been in this for awhile. Ask for Aida. She's the resident "mother". You'll love her.

  20. Gravatar
    Paul Harlan

    Thanks for putting up this article and this site. It is good to know that there are more people who are searching for more than the status quo. I have had so many of the same thoughts and seeing this shows that i am being led by the spirit of TRUTH.

  21. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Yes Paul this is exciting isn't it? It's great to know that all those fleeting thoughts we've had racing through our heads concerning this particular subject are not as off base as we thought:-)

  22. Gravatar
    Paul Harlan

    It has been a very exciting. Breaking free of religious obligations and living the way Jesus described and commanded us to. Not just in way of giving but what really constitues church and assembling...and the list can go on. Thank you Darin...You have given me more reason to live freely and boldly do so.

  23. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Thanks Paul.

  24. Gravatar

    George does not like the article most likely cause he is a pastor and needs his pew warmers to give so he can pay his mortgage

  25. Gravatar

    Nancy, I hope you have been sticking around. Darin is correct when he says most of us here were hurt by following the teachings and interpretations of the institutional church or popular evangelists. You definitely ain't alone! Peace!

  26. Gravatar

    I thank God I found your website. I have been out here all alone looking for others who know what I know by the Holy Spirit's revelation and actually reading Scripture. Prorsum (a Ph.D. too)

  27. Gravatar

    Seems everyone is forgetting that the web/internet is a modern invention. Should one believe that God was awaiting the advancement of technology to arise before He was able to deliver the ideal environment for believers to communicate? I think not. Yes, churches throughout history, of all kinds, denominations, affiliations etc. will always have faults, weaknesses & be prone to error. Man is prone to sin by his very nature are we not? To conclude that the answer to this dilemma is community life on the web where one can say what they want & live any way they want, no one knowing the difference is insanity. Living side by side with our brethren in all our sins etc. is what Christ has called us to do. The Christian fellowship via the web can never be a replacemenet for what God has ordained from the beginning. God didn't give Adam a computer did He? Technology is not a biblical replacement for genuine fellowship but perhaps it's Satan's. Ask yourself "Is this BIBLICAL"? It Isn't.

  28. Gravatar

    Fosson, you seem to have entirely missed the purpose of this article and this website. The internet has never been held up as the God ordained way of meeting. The truth is God never ordained the institutional church in its present structure and actually, he never ordained any specific method of gathering. The Bible merely says to not forsake assembling together. It does not describe how that assembling should take place but it does say that we're to encourage one another daily and to spur one another on to good works. Since the assembling that takes place in the institutional church rarely meets these requirements, those gatherings cannot be considered biblical in their present structure.

  29. Gravatar

    having read the article I agree that their tithe would have been food but I find the lack of acknowledgement of the fact that we live in a totally different society now a little naive. Today our society is commerced based the majority don't till the land we work for money we don't barter goods for goods.Are you advocating that we don't have any meeting places that we only gather in small home groups or in parks[weather permitting]The area I live in the local council charges if you have organised gatherings in parklands.Who pays for that? If you church runs missions and other charities who pays for that? It sounds like you come from where I was 18mths ago where they had 2 paid pastors but try to get them to come to you if you are hurting and they will tell you to come to them at their place even though they had church funded vehicles.Yes I give at my new church but the run missions overseas even though we are less than 120 strong I can see the power of the LORD WORKING in the people

  30. Gravatar

    My this is my first time to see it all so clear...one really does live from the heart, no wonder Jesus states to Give from the heart not the head or law. Thanks FBN

  31. Gravatar
    Ben Hardy

    The laborer is worthy of his wage. I have no problem with a pastor getting a salary. I like this teaching. It settles the issue with me. People who give to keep on the lights or pay a pastor's salary give what the New Testament calls "love offerings" or just "offerings". They were never required "tithes". Sure, we need to participate in paying for our place of worship. Even a salary to a pastor who is full time involved in ministering to people in tangable ways that many of us cannot. (visiting shut-ins, people in hospitals and prisons, etc) On the other hand, what the Word of Faith movement has done, is twist scripture to demand a tithe and tickle itching ears with a promise of a 10 fold return. Very bad theology. I am glad that I found this site. God bless!

  32. Gravatar

    Not sure how I feel about your article, as I and my wife have been tithing for 25 years, and both of us separately before that. I have gone back and forth about this information, and heard much of this before. Is your network called free because of this teaching? The Free Methodists broke away from the main group decades ago because they were charging for the pew to sit in, and some insightful person taught that they should get free pews and the Free Methodists were begun. At least, this is what a FM told me. Please comment on tithing possibly being a type and shadow of things to come in the New Covenant, like so many things proved to be with the Word of God out of the OT. I have known for years that many, no, most ministers are hirlings who will flee the sheep if the money dries up. I have ministered for years without offerings, always paying my own way.

  33. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    We are not called the Free Believers Network because of this article. I didn't even write this article. I think this is a great article on the subject but our name has nothing to do with the topic of tithing.

  34. Gravatar

    Great article, thanks for sharing. Darin, re Greg's request, "Please comment on tithing possibly being a type and shadow of things to come in the New Covenant, like so many things proved to be with the Word of God out of the OT." - Point #5 seemed to touch on this, with it being taught as an eternal principle, do you have anything to add? Also I think a typo may have been made in Point #15, 'living of the gospel' should be 'living off the gospel'?

  35. Gravatar

    I love how this doesn't say, don't give anything. I think it is right and good to pay for services we receive and to support the Church that supports us. But it is not LAW.

  36. Gravatar

    Dear. Mr. Hufford: I was reading through the comments on this post and I want to comment on your exchange with Nancy. At first I thought it was overly confrontational, but I learned a lot from this on how to deal with people who misunderstand or misrepresent what I try to say or do. As an aside, I am a salaried pastor in a small Canadian church, and I think the insights in this article are spot on. I try to give a minimum of %10 to our church - not because I have to, but I feel better knowing I have followed through on our committment. We still give above and beyond our "tithe" to charity and to one-time things like disaster relief or benevolent gifts.

  37. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Thanks Shawn. I think that's respectable. I really don't have a problem with anyone who wants to give a specific amount to their church. My issue is with people who feel that if they don't; God won't bless them, or worse yet, He might stop protecting them.

  38. Gravatar
    Jeff Lefevre

    Fosson, God didn't put Adam and Eve in a house either so was it wrong that the NT believers met there as well ?

  39. Gravatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.....tithing study was one of my first pursuits to a better understanding and relationship with God years ago.....and well past my Baptism.....BTW you only skipped a rock over it's choppy waters, but you made me smile by remembering that bond I made then. Oh, I'm sure a lot of people won't understand what I just wrote, but the next time you're at a Starbucks, buy the stranger behind you a coffee without them knowing. Go to the ATM and pull out just $20 bucks and put it in an envelope that says "I hope this helps" and give it to someone you think could use it a week later (but don't give it right away....hold onto it for a bit....the anticipation will kill you). Be creative....be light......and if you do go to Church.... support it.....hopefully it makes you happy.....and you grow in faith and understanding.....I pray that's true, but my experience doesn't confirm it.......and besides, people pay dues for the clubs they belong to, why not you

  40. Gravatar

    My previous post was to the article....I read it and posted, but there's always this tertiary conversation that I'm interjecting into.....so after reading the posts....here's my two cents (for whatever it's worth) ---- Proverbs 25:2 reads "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter" KJV --- I believe the pursuit of God is revealing in itself.....so if you believe you are truly pursuing him by sitting silent, then more power to you.....but a mute king sure sounds boring to me

  41. Gravatar

    I have come to the sad realisation that all I always believed about tithing is wrong. I feel so sad now. Oh my, I can't believe this...... SO MANY CHURCHES are doing this and preaching this...

  42. Gravatar

    Thanks for this,believe it or not I came across this from a Pastor's facebook page,I used to worship with him and he teaches tithing!

  43. Gravatar
    Andre van der Merwe

    Fantastic article Darin! It's widely preached that we need to give our tithes to a "church". Well for those who still choose to follow this Old Testament practice, here are the Old Testament verses on tithing that you will never hear a pastor preaching on: Deut 14:22 "You shall tithe all the yield of your seed that comes from the field year by year. 23 And before the LORD your God, in the place that he will choose, to make his name dwell there, you shall eat the tithe of your grain, of your wine, and of your oil, and the firstborn of your herd and flock, that you may learn to fear the LORD your God always.

  44. Gravatar
    Andre van der Merwe

    24 And if the way is too long for you, so that you are not able to carry the tithe, when the LORD your God blesses you, because the place is too far from you, which the LORD your God chooses, to set his name there, 25 then you shall turn it into money and bind up the money in your hand and go to the place that the LORD your God chooses 26 and spend the money for whatever you desire -- oxen or sheep or wine or strong drink, whatever your appetite craves. And you shall eat there before the LORD your God and rejoice, you and your household. Even the Old Testament said that the people shouldn't give money, it said to give FOOD. And it said that the Israelites had to spend the tithe on THEMSELVES! And what do ya know, in verse 26 it even said they had to buy alcohol and have a party before the Lord!

  45. Gravatar
    Andre van der Merwe

    So start tithing to yourself and stop being being a burden to others ;-) Then in verse 27 it continues that once every THIRD year should the tithes (which by the way were animals and produce from the fields, NOT money) be brought to feed the Levites and the poor. I hope this helped to break even more religious chains!!

  46. Gravatar

    Darrin, this is agreat article and one I am in discussion with in my local church. They subscribe to be a member, you are expected to tithe 10% off the top. If you are not a member then you cannot be involved in any area of ministry - which kind of leaves me out. I have had several discusssions with the leaders and I am now on the point of leaving. I refuse to be tied to legalism and would rather sadly, leave my church and friends than be associated with it. By the way, I have just got your book 'The Misunderstood God'. Fantatsic, really enjoying it. It is really opening my eyes to the heart of God and setting me free from wrong perceptions of our heavenly Dad. By the way, have you ever read any of Andrew Farley's books - The naked gospel/ God without religion. These are great books with great teaching. God bless.

  47. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Hey Greg. I feel for you. I understand how you feel. It's hard to not be upset when they start telling you that you can't minister to people unless you give them your money. It's just unbelievable. Just know that you don't need them to tell you when you can and can't be involved in ministry. Ministry is just loving people. You don't need a church to do that my friend:) Yes I've read Andrew's books. I actually endorsed "God Without Religion." Andrew is a great author! Hang in there Greg:)

  48. Gravatar

    Hi Darin, Thank you for your support - much appreciated. I long so much to get away from the religious stranglehold some churches place on people. It is no wonder the outside world often fears, mistrusts and dislikes the 'Church'. It is so sad to see something so precious giving the wrong impression of what Christ has done for us. I believe only the full unconditional love shown by believers to the world is the only way to see Christ glorified and people brought into his kingdom. I hadn't realised you had endorsed AF's book. Thank you so much for what you are doing. I am sure it is bringing freedom to a lot of people, myself included. Greg - Cambridge UK

  49. Gravatar

    Yes their is tithe abuse and some preachers teach that the only way to financial prosperity is thru the tithe this is incorrect 2corch8vs 9 says that Jesus became our financial substitute and became poor so that we can become rich and rom 8:32 says He God gave us freely Jesus

  50. Gravatar
    Patricia Backora

    Tithing denies the priesthood of all believers, taught by Peter in I Pet.2:5,9. OT priests did not pay tithes. Tithing reinforces the unscriptural divide between pew Christians and pulpit Christians. Tithing exposes you to the curse of the Law since if you keep one law you must keep them all: Galatians 3:10,14; 5:4. Seminary-trained preachers know they're putting believers back under the Law and its curse but they don't care, all they care about is MONEY!

  51. Gravatar

    This is not of GOD !!! I have tithed and not,it's better to do it !!! You give as unto GOD not a pastor,what he does with it for him to answer to GOD for what he did with it. The church building has a light bill to pay etc. and we are to feed the workman who is worthy of his hire to combine two scriptures.I love you and will pray for you !

  52. Gravatar

    This is not of GOD !!! I have tithed and not,it's better to do it !!! You give as unto GOD not a pastor,what he does with it for him to answer to GOD for what he did with it. The church building has a light bill to pay etc. and we are to feed the workman who is worthy of his hire to combine two scriptures.I love you and will pray for you !

  53. Gravatar

    My dear Ruth. Just because we have performed a function for years does not mean that we continue to walk in darkness. When the light is turned on, it is important to evaluate if these things are true. It is not a time for anger but enlightenment. For years people thought the world was flat. Can you imagine how difficult it was to walk under a new revelation? Well here we go again. Enlightenment vs. Darkness. Just pray for God to really show you the truth minus religious tradition. Walk with God.

  54. Gravatar

    This was eye opening. I feel like I understand that tithing was a food offering. That makes sense to me. I never realized that livites were workers for the priests that's pretty crazy. That is so freeing because it makes sense of where the workers f the temples came from. I feel I connect with his stuff because it helps me understand that gods purpose. Was for people to thrive. I feel I can say now that God never needed our money. He spoke a society into being essentially. I feel from this article that "tithing" was a method God used to build a nation not build a church or synoguage. We could say tithing was a form of giving not eternal or moral requirement to go to heaven.

  55. Gravatar
    sergey fox

    Apperently in Deuteronomy 12 God seems to designate where tithing goes. I was taught the priests and levites tell us or in Christian terms the pastors. God spoke to individuals and families about offerings and tithes. Pretty mind blowing for me at least.

  56. Gravatar
    sergey fox

    This is crazy the tithes and offerings that were given to God were given back to us. Deuteronomy 14

  57. Gravatar
    Traveler For CHRIST

    As a simple Disciple / World Traveler for YESHUA (JESUS) THE LIVING CHRIST I am so sad and anger to all that people who claim that they are also the ministers of THE CHRIST but twisting THE HOLY SCRIPTURES only for getting MONEY and STATUS. Those who claiming the tithes are not even Jews. It is a shame and it mocked THE GREAT NAME of THE LORD YaHWeH THE SAVIOR WHO is THE MIGHTY ROCK.

  58. Gravatar
    Traveler For CHRIST

    NEW TESTAMENT TITHING is a FALSE-DOCTRINE that brings honest GENTILE GOD SEEKERS and BELIEVERS in THE BONDAGE of THE HEBREW TORAH a OLD COVENANT that THE LORD GOD only made with THE NATION what is CALLED ISRAEL (the Hebrews). THE CHRIST as THE HEBREW SON made ALL HIS HEBREW PEOPLE who became NEW TESTAMENT DISCIPLES REALLY FREE from THE TORAH [Gal.4:4-7] How can GENTILE-profess CHRISTIANS mean that they have to live (act) like THE ANCIENT HEBREWS who lived under THE LAWS of THE TORAH (THE MOSAIC-LAWS)? It is GOD'S LOVE that FULFILLED THE ENTIRE HOLY TORAH read in [Rom.12:8-10] Beloved, THE LORD GOD WHO is THE HOLY ALMIGHTY ONE don't want your MONEY, but HE want your heart 100% (that you are a real DISCIPLE) WHO HE can FILL with HIS PERFECT HOLY LOVE [Rom.5:5] (GODS-CHARACTER) so that everyone will see THE TRUTH of HIS WORDS through your live. When THE CHURCH are TRUE DISCIPLES who are FILLED with GOD'S LOVE in their HEARTS their is NO LAW needy to exist and need to PREACH THE GOSPEL.

  59. Gravatar
    E A Cole

    Even God were commanding us to tithe today, which I don't think He is, take a look at Lev. 27:32 "Every tithe of the herd and flock--every TENTH animal that passes under the shepherd's rod--will be holy to the LORD." I have always understood this to mean that if you did not have ten animals in your herd you did not tithe on them. Actually, how could you? To expound on how I read this, God did not expect a tithe until He had blessed you enough that you had ten or more animals.Even with 11 to 19 animals you still only gave Him one. I also agree that tithing was about food - not about wages. That being said, I still believe that we are further blessed by sharing the blessings God pours out on us.

  60. Gravatar

    so glad I found this website. I'm actually at the end of "The Misunderstood God" and I had to see if Darin Hufford had a website out there. I am so hungry for information, yet so afraid whether or not it's true. It seems too good to be true!! I used to feel like I couldn't fully participate in church, or that GOD was mad at me because I didn't tithe. Or, I would start tithing, feel good about myself, then stop-based on a financial crisis. I believed GOD wouldn't bless me financially because I wasn't faithful in my tithe. It's nice to know that I'm OK with GOD. Despite what I do or don't do...Again, I've spent so long feeling this way, it is scary and liberating to open my heart to knew beliefs...Great site, can't wait to check everything out!! I know GOD is answering my prayers to TRULY know who he is, and what he's about!!!

  61. Gravatar
    Eric Erwin

    I have been studying tithing for over a year now. I am a former Charismatic pastor who preached tithing but did not hold people to sacrifice to give %10. I read a passage from a book of some lunatic who claimed to visit hell, who said she saw christian's burning for not giving their tithes and offerings. I began researching tithing in a new light after this startling wicked proclamation. I believe most pastors today preach tithing out of tradition and or ignorance to the full scale of God's word. I think a percentage is fine, but when it is called mandatory under a covenant of grace I now find it disturbing. We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing according to Ephesians 1:3. Thanks for the article. I have read Russel's book and found it very insightful.

  62. Gravatar

    I have been tithing off and on for years. Most times, I couldn't afford it but believed that if I gave, I would receive blessings. As I would sink further, I would see the pastor living large and unaffected by the very economy that was affecting everyone else. I have always questioned why the pastors got a free ride on the backs of the working people. This article puts substance into what I've always suspected. Thank you.

  63. Gravatar

    this is the truth, a truth I learned not so long ago and wished I had learned sooner. We need to as Christ followers to support each other in this and let as many others know and help under stand that by not tithing you are stepping out in faith truly trusting god to take care of you and that tithing is not a I gave to you god now give to me. tithing is dead under the old law and true giving is to help others so god can bless them and bless you not excpecting anything in return.

  64. Gravatar
    Joshua Nichols

    I used to think how would a church survive without the tithe but there are plenty of ministries that are worldwide that teach grace giving or freewill giving because the church is born again people.

  65. Gravatar
    Randy Laframboise

    Thank you Darin...just...thank you.

  66. Gravatar

    Reading this article cleared a series of doubt in me. Tithing in African churches is a compulsory act, that a discrimination as been attached to a non-thither as they are fondly called. How i wish you would be given a platform with a large African audience to speak and let people understand the truth in the bible. I wonder why the poor devoted Christians pays tithe for the pastors to buy private jets which its maintenance cost a fortune but yet the givers remains poor and the so called pastors live a flamboyant life style and they still dont see the truth. God help us

  67. Gravatar
    ben kabiru

    i like the teaching.though unpopular but truthful.

  68. Gravatar
    James Sundquist

    Rick Warren's Feb 2015 Tithing article exposed: http://www.tithing.com/blog/rick-warren-tithing-lies-scripture-abuse-again/

  69. Gravatar

    I believe that churches are manipulating scriptures to get people to give money and even go to point of asking people to put it on their credit cards. I believe that churches should let the Holy Spirit put that burden on people's heart so they can decide how much to give just as He does with every thing else that consist of their walk with God. Ministers should live a modest lifestyle and be indulged or promote lavish lifestyle. The Lord is more concern about our spirit condition, morality and to walk in the love of God rather than pleasing men.

  70. Gravatar

    Thank You Cookie Cutter religion is something all people will encounter. Only when you are actively searching for the truth for yourself, will you find freedom in the relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Personal observations lead me to believe that a person must want the truth bad enough to be willing to pay the price that is associated with having personal freedom in Christ. Bless You

  71. Gravatar
    Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

    Thanks for publishing my article. It has since been expanded t0 21 points (first page of my site). The site address is: www.tithing-russkelly.com. My email is russkellyphd@yahoo.com. I will be more than happy to answer questions. Keep me in the loop.

  72. Gravatar
    Robert munyui Kamunyu

    The Apostles and disciples of Jesus Christ understood from onset of Christ's Ministry that they were not under Leviticus Priesthood and had no share in Leviticus Priesthood allotments. Thus questions were raised of their take and benefits in the Royal Priesthood of Jesus Christ Ministry in the New Covenant, Mathew 19:23-30 . Leviticus Priesthood allotments existed before well-known and were already defined in obliged tithing. Christian were never left under leadership of Leviticus Priesthood. Christians are humbly called upon to support tithes sweetened falsehood purposed to enhance good glorious intentions communicated a smart way which form practically some mega success which should not divert Christians from free spiritual giving. The essence of Christians righteousness in salvation by grace is more falsely tied to tithes by the clergy and the bar raised often higher as they become masters of confusion in tithes falsehood teaching. Even Judas Iscariot is not recorded asking for tithes. We firmly stand by the truth our mouths being louder and we faint not as we manifest the truth to man’s conscience to God, 2Corinthians 4:1-2.

  73. Gravatar

    I used to tithe. Not anymore. It saddens me that so many pastors are able to convince Christians to tithe when it's not biblical in the New Testament. I believe most of these pastors know the truth; however, it appears the love of money or the desire for fame controls them.

  74. Gravatar

    In response to Greg wanting something from the NT to prove tithing in the OT as a type and shadow : type `THE MANNA THAT CAME FROM HEAVEN ` by Bertie Brits on google. Listen to that message, it settles it all.

  75. Gravatar

    Please visit http://TithingHelps.Us to gain a better understanding of why tithing is still very much required and to learn about a recent very large survey showing that tithers are generally richer than non-tithers.

  76. Gravatar

    I've been a Christian in a very large Pentecostal church in Sydney for 30+ years and have heard every "biblical" "exposition" from tithe teachers (I think) possible. Six months ago I started studying the matter for myself and using Russel Earl's book. His treatment of scripture is non emotive, and factual...unlike tithe teaching sermons which in my experience have nearly always had some emotion or manipulation.We must look FIRST at what God was saying to the audience at the time He spoke to them to more clearly understand Gid's intentions. We should do this before trying to find a modern application! That's why this article is important. Every church is slightly different, but I am glad my experience of sitting under the so called curse or blessing of Malachi is totally over! Oh foolish Galations....who has bewitched you!

  77. Gravatar
    Robert Munyui kamunyu

    Tithing was under and is under the law with a curse for Christians seeking salvation under the law, Galatians 3:3-13, Malachi 3:1-18.When bishops, pastors and priests humbly lie by quoting tithes in Malachi 3:1-18,under the law IN OLD COVENANT which was a prime contribution for the Levite tribe and Leviticus Priesthood, how many Christians line up to be served with food when tithes and offering under the law are given? Is the storehouse pastors' and priests' house or the Church being the bride and body of Jesus Christ? Saved Christians by grace IN NEW COVENANT who are lead and taught by the Holy Spirit are not under law or in generation curse in the law. Tithes in Malachi 3:1-18 were primarily for the tribe of Levi which was not allocated land for sharing among themselves , Numbers 18:20-28 . Those who simply imply Christians are under curse for not tithing put into question about unfinished work of redemption (SALVATION) by Christ Jesus on cross of Calvary which is bought and maintained continuously in tithes paid to them. Yet Christ is not ashamed to call us brethren whom He has sanctified. Hebrew 2:9-13.We have been redeemed from the curse of the law, Jesus Christ being made a curse for us : for it is written, cursed is everyone that hangs on a tree. Galatians 3:8-13

  78. Gravatar
    Joseph Adjei

    Truth - and the whole truth...thanks for the eye-opening analysis of scripture. Now the question is, are there churches in the UK that do not teach tithing or collect tithes? I can't wait to have a list of those churches in Scotland and England. Thanks, once again. God bless you.

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