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Jan 24, 2008

The Trinity and the Cow

One time I babysat a three year old boy who had an ear infection. His parents had to go to a conference, so they hired me (I was eleven) to watch Jeremy. Because of his ear infection, the inner part of his ear was swollen and it caused him to hear things differently. Jeremy would rub his ear and cry for his mommy. When I tried to talk to him I could tell that he wasn't hearing me correctly. He kept saying that there was a cow in his ear. Evidently his infection was causing him to hear something that sounded like a cow.


Today, almost thirty years later, I find myself babysitting thousands of adult Christians who seem to have the same problem. They have a "cow in their ear", a "sacred cow" that is. Some Christians have a whole "herd of cattle" in their ears that have basically caused them to become completely deaf to the voice of God.


The bottom line is this: you will only hear what you'll allow yourself to hear. The moment you take hold of something and believe it to be true from your heart, you will never hear anything to the contrary. When you believe in a principal or a point of doctrine to where it's not even open for discussion, you've got a "cow in your ear". In other words, from that point on, you will NEVER be able to hear anything outside of that belief! When something enters your spiritual ear, it must agree completely with that "cow" on every point, or it will be rejected. If it even sounds like it might not agree, the cow begins to "moo" a deafening sound. Immediately everything in and around the subject that disagrees with the cow is completely tuned out and "voila", you're deaf.


For example, here is a question - what if God were a "Quadrity" instead of a "Trinity"? In other words, what if there were four parts to His being, instead of three? I actually intend to show you that the doctrine of the Trinity is not right; God is not just three parts, but he is actually four.


Do you hear that sound in your ear right now? Listen closely. If you were raised in the Christian Church in America, you'll most likely be hearing a loud "moo"ing right now. In fact, I'll bet that I've already lost you at this point. Your entire spiritual system is beginning to shut down. Probably 80% of the Christians who are reading this right now are making a conscious decision to not listen to anything beyond this point.


Let's have a little fun now - I've learned that at this point I can pretty much say anything I want and most people won't hear it over the mooing in their ear: purple leprechauns ride giant butterflies over orange mountains while eating deep fried eagles' wings. Pink puppies leave puddles in the park while piling poker chips on a Pakistani pack rats pill box. Stinky Stevie stuck a straw in a strawberry.


Let me define the "moo" here so everyone can interpret it. While the reader was reading the colorful and funny paragraph above this one, (if they even made it that far) their mind was most likely reading the words, while their cow was screaming things like: "He doesn't believe in the Trinity?", "This guy is totally off.", "I need to beware of teachings like this.", "I shouldn't be reading this…I shouldn't be reading this.", "He's lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned.", "Oh, he's one of THOSE people.", "This is the doctrine of demons.", and so on. By the time you finish reading that funny paragraph, you didn't take in one single word of it because the cow in your ear was distracting you.


I've done this publicly with crowds of people and you wouldn't believe the things I could get people to do while their cows were mooing! Jesus was pretty good at it too. He would intentionally agitate the cows in people's ears; once they began mooing, Jesus would speak out another truth about the kingdom of God. Those who had cows would miss it and those who didn't, would hear the message and understand it. This is precisely why every time Jesus spoke, the crowd was "sharply divided". One group of people heard one thing, and the other group heard a completely different thing.


A friend of mine from Oklahoma recently played one of my sermon CDs (Losing Your Religion) to a group of men in a Bible study. He had listened to it so many times he had almost memorized it word for word. After the CD was finished, he was attacked with accusations and comments about what the men in the room had heard. To his amazement, almost every single statement the men were angry about was never once stated in the entire sermon. Together they accused me of saying almost fifty different things that I never once said. Almost none of the men heard any of the powerful points and statements that would have explained the entire message. This was my buddy's first introduction to the deafening sounds of sacred cattle.


The hilarious thing about this is that about 50% of the people reading this blog still haven't taken in the powerful truth I just gave them. They're reading the words but they're still thinking to themselves, "Does he believe in the Trinity or not?". At least 30% of the readers will finish the entire blog only because they simply must find out what my views on the Trinity are. Their eyes will scan the words looking only for references to that and they'll miss the entire purpose of the blog altogether.


What IF God were four instead of three? Who could He tell? Who could hear it? Again, we can only hear what our "cows" will allow us to hear. Christians today have so many thousands of cows, they've been reduced to what I like to call, "Udder deafness".


The sad thing is that almost every single cow in today's Christian circles has nothing to do with truth. They are a mixture of clichés, sayings, popular teachings, denominational doctrines, sermon quotes, and silly traditions. When it comes to hearing God's voice above the mooing, it's next to impossible.


The question any Christian who wants to hear Him must ask is, "What am I willing to let go of?". Behind every sacred cow there is a universe of truth waiting to be discovered. Until the cow is removed, all you will see and hear is the cow. At whatever point you are willing to let go of something you think you know, you will be opening your spiritual ear passages wider and wider to God.


You must make yourself into a "little child" again. Children have NO predetermined opinions about ANYTHING. Their hearts are always open to any truth that comes their way. Once religion gets its ugly claws into your spirit, you become "wise and learned" in your opinion and the cows then start mooing. The truth of God becomes hidden from you from that point on.


Have you ever wondered how a television evangelist can see money in every single Bible verse there is? Truthfully, I am impressed with how they can find a reason for you to send them a check inside of some of the oddest scripture passages. All the while they are looking into the camera, telling you that "God Himself has spoken and said that the next three hundred people who send in a thousand dollars will get the special 'genealogy blessing' that God has promised.". The crazy thing is that if you were to put one of these guys on a lie detector test and ask them if they really heard from God, they would pass it with flying colors. They honestly heard it! How could this be?


You only hear what you believe. When money becomes your God, you will only hear the voice of money when you open the Bible. What terrifies me more than anything else in this world is that you will SINCERELY and HONESTLY hear the voice of whoever you believe your God to be. Whatever you "believe in" becomes your God and you'll hear only what pertains to the god you have set up in your heart. Whether it's killing a group of people at a café with a bomb in order to get a couple dozen virgins in a heaven of your own, or manipulating the elderly to send in their Social Security checks to line your wallet. You'll hear God tell you to do it, because it's what you believe!


Assembly of God ministers hear God tell them that speaking in tongues is a gift from God. Nazarene ministers hear Him say that tongues are from the Devil. Catholic priests hear God tell them to pray to Mary and Methodist ministers hear Him say that praying to Mary is wrong. Baptist preachers hear God say people will never lose their salvation, while just across the street there's a group of Pentecostal Holiness Preachers who heard Him say they can. The most amazing thing of all is that in each of these circles of belief, everyone seems to only hear what their doctrine and denominational beliefs will allow. Once in awhile however (and very rarely) you'll get someone who opens their heart up to hearing something completely different even if it costs him his job and his standing in the community. When that happens, we call it REVOLUTION.


The biggest thing that stands in the way of you hearing the voice of God is FEAR. It's fear of rejection. When you are afraid to step outside the lines because it might affect how others see you, you'll not hear a thing. That is what separates the prophets from the people. I am amazed at how everyone wants to be a prophet. Their entire religious life is about gaining the acceptance of everyone around them, and now they want to be a prophet. That's an oxymoron. Every single prophet in the Bible was eventually killed by the people they were sent to preach to. Trust me in this - if you really want hear from God, you must be ready and willing to be rejected in ways you never thought possible. I'm not saying that it MIGHT happen. I'm guaranteeing you that it WILL happen!


Most Christians I know are rejected by people because they're jerks, not because they speak truth. Then they have the audacity to call it "Christian persecution". Understand this principal if you get nothing else - every one of the disciples were killed by their own Church. It was their people, their community and their religion who murdered them. For some reason we think that persecution comes from the world. Persecution almost always comes directly from the church. If you fear the rejection of your church I promise you that you'll only hear things from God that will gratify them. They are the ones who put the "cows" in there so you couldn't hear anything beyond the scope of what they deemed as appropriate.


I made a decision almost eight years ago that I would open my heart to ANYTHING He wanted to tell me. That meant that I had to cancel out every single religious allegiance I had to points of doctrine and established beliefs. I would hold to nothing but Christ and Him crucified. Everything else was subject to change at His speaking. Because of that decision, He has taken me to places I've never dreamed of and He's told me thing's I've never imagined.


I wouldn't change this for all the money and acceptance in the world. Getting the "cows" out of my ears was the smartest thing I've ever done. My message today is to tell the world that sacred cows make great hamburgers!


There are two types of people in this world: one of them will have gotten this far in my blog and will have made a personal decision to let go of all their "sacred cows" in an effort to hear God's voice as clearly as possible. The other person is sitting here thinking how offended they are that I had the audacity to compare the Holy Trinity with a "cow".


Which one are you?

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  1. Gravatar

    Mooooooo!!!! Thanks Darin!!!!! That was awesome!!!! The cows are out!!!! YAY!!!!! Now to clean up all the cow patties!!!!

  2. Gravatar

    Clean up time for me too! I definitely don't want any cows in my ears. Every denomination that I know of has an agenda. I don't want to follow others agendas anymore. I ant my own directly from Him. It's me and Him and Him and me only! Thank you so much Darin!

  3. Gravatar

    We decided to do this some years back and those who are too attached to their cows have no idea what's out there in the Word. It's been an adventure and so exciting. I encourage others to take up the challenge it's soooo worth it.

  4. Gravatar

    Thanks brother Darin!
    It's great not to be stepping onto those 'meadow muffins.'

  5. Gravatar

    I also began this journey within the past two years. Before that time, I filtered everything through my sacred cows. If I was visiting a church and a preacher said something I disagreed with, i dismissed the whole message. I did the same thing with books and in conversations. It has been so freeing, so liberating to open my ears and converse with others who challenge me to go even further! Thanks, Darin!

  6. Gravatar
    John Stevens

    What if the Trinity is a three headed monster invented by such jerks who feared the Emperor more than the the idea that we have one God... the Father? What if the whole of Christendom is a load of bullshit? What if following Jesus means something completely different than what the IC sells us? Great thoughts Darin. Keep them coming.

  7. Gravatar

    "Cow" - a- bunga dude! Great article... wish I had this sort of support when I was first learning this.. although I was so niave about what was "normal".. that I had no idea I was being soooooo offensive... "child-like" great reminder.. my kids are a great reminder how to remain this way... :) Tin-Q Darin!

  8. Gravatar

    that's awesome Darin! I have been noticing a lot of cows leaving my ears lately! The mooing is growing fainter each day! It's udderly awesome! lol! My two sisters and I have left the institutional church and are just enjoying the natural flow and everyday revelation from God. ..... no more swimming upstream to the unattainable goal! My sister Amy explained it best she said... it's like getting in one of those booths where they turn the air on and the money starts flying around and your just grabbing as much as you can as fast as you can! Cool thing is tho when your living this life of freedom the machine never shuts off! :)so amazing!

  9. Gravatar

    "Most Christians I know are rejected by people because they're jerks, not because they speak truth. Then they have the audacity to call it "Christian persecution". " At last! Someone who agrees with me! For a long time it looked as if I was the only one who thought this..
    I'm letting the sacred cows go....

  10. Gravatar
    Lyn Myers

    Darin... you are a hoot!! I 'almost' let the cow in my ear scream when you said there are 4 parts to the Trinity!! :) Then I told the cow to shut up and read the rest of it..

  11. Gravatar

    LOL! Great story/teaching. Do you have plans to sell Cow-tips for those really dirty ears?

  12. Gravatar

    Thank you so much for this!

  13. Gravatar

    That was awesome. I've been cleaning out the cows for over 5 years now, although I never called it that till now.

    As I was reading and you kept talking about those who are listening to the cows and not really reading, I actually couldn't hear any mooing. This was good and reassuring, thank you!!

    "Don't try and bend the spoon, just realize, there is no spoon."

  14. Gravatar

    I liked the POST!!
    them 'cows' are NO different to the the GOLDEN CALF
    yep, it is fellow believers who do most of the attacks, due to old spiritual baggage. Man HAVE not allowed the Holy Spirit through the washing of the Word to transform them.

  15. Gravatar

    So may people are suffering from this "Mad Cow" disease.

  16. Gravatar

    You keep challenging the "cows" in my own head and am really done with all the mooing! Keep it up...I'll have mine grilled up well done!!

  17. Gravatar
    John Thompson

    Cows make awesome hamburgers! Thanks for the post bro.

  18. Gravatar

    I am still being de-cowed :) BUT I can tell ya right now, the mooing is getting quieter and quieter :) Excellent post, Darin!

  19. Gravatar

    Two thoughts as I read this blog...One is you use persecution very lightly. Our Brothes and Sisters in China, India, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, etc. know what persecution is and it is not from the "church". We in North America do not know what persecution is. Diagreeing with someone is not persecution.

    Secondly, you use the church in too general terms. Certainly there are those who have distorted doctrinaly truth. However, without doctrine as the Founding Fathers framed it the church would not have gotten off second base and spread around the world. Let's not make fun of those who may not see it as some are doiing here.

  20. Gravatar
    Eric C.

    Phillip are you serious???? SERIOUSLY????? That's you're response to this article? WOW.

  21. Gravatar

    Let's just thank our lucky stars that those "founding fathers" framed doctrine and created an institutional church to save God's message from extinction. We all, including God are indebted to them for saving the Message.

  22. Gravatar
    Mark G

    What's with all of this glory to the founding fathers?? Isn't it time our focus was on 'The Father' rather than man's attempts to serve or please Him. Good they may be but we need to remember that their and our best efforts are but filthy rags to Him. Christianity needs to be about CHRIST and what He IS doing, not about us humans, or especially dead ones. That is ancestor worship.

  23. Gravatar

    Founding Fathers framing doctrine was an act of defining God in human terms which led to dividing up the body of Christ/His bride with thousands of denominations/factions. These divisions must be removed and corrected; let God be true and every man a liar. "Focus on God, not on man"

  24. Gravatar

    The founding fathers defined doctrine in response to heretics distorting who Jesus was and what he accomplished on the cross. Yes, we should focus on God and not on man, but it is important which God we are focusing on. Without biblical doctrine we could end up focusing on the mormon god, or the muslim god, or the jehovah's witness' god or the hindu gods...none of which bear any similarity to the Father God revealed in Holy Scripture. There are a few "sacred cows" I will continue to allow to happily moo in my ear.

  25. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Alec how did Abraham know for sure it was God who he met? He didn't have an Old or New Testament. How did Matthew know to drop everything and follow Jesus? Is God real or is He not? Do you believe or don't you? Are you telling me that a person who can't read, can't know God? Think about it.

  26. Gravatar
    Jill P

    Alec, or worse yet we could end up following the modern day Christian god, with bears no resemblance to the God reveled in Holy Scripture. It's sad to know that even WITH our doctrine we have been led astray and we've followed a lie.

  27. Gravatar

    All I can say is, look in the mirror people. Those who can use the term bull_ _ _ _ and call people jerks are definitely NOT Christ following Christians.

  28. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Do you never sin PB? Do you never do something you think is wrong? When you do sin (and trust me; you do) does that mean you're not a Christ following Christian? If that's the case, we're all screwed.

  29. Gravatar

    Cows are gone. I am listening Darin.

  30. Gravatar

    I like the idea this article brings out. It raises a question though, in the article on the bible, about "following the heart" In this article you write
    "You only hear what you believe. When money becomes your God, you will only hear the voice of money when you open the Bible. What terrifies me more than anything else in this world is that you will SINCERELY and HONESTLY hear the voice of whoever you believe your God to be. Whatever you "believe in" becomes your God and you'll hear only what pertains to the god you have set up in your heart"
    I think this is accurate but does that make the argument of always following the heart a cow? Not that I am against it,I guess im now do these thoughts reconcile. Not saying they dont, just how would you reconcile them without making one a cow. Ive recently been starting from ground zero, finding more cows than i knew, not that some i dont still hold to, just wouldnt allow them to be looked at and proven before..for fear of hell.

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