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Like most books, some people just shouldn’t read them. Trouble with this one is I can’t think of who wouldn’t benefit from reading this one. Written by Darin Hufford in 2005, (where have I been?), it’s a book about love- mostly Gods’, but yours and mine also. If you’ll let him, Pastor Hufford will take you on a journey, a journey that will change your Christian walk forever and redefine your view of God. That sounds like hype but I think this book backs it up.

Before you begin the read, Pastor Hufford gives you the rules. That’s right, if you’re going to read it he wants you to agree to 4 things.

As you read the book:

  1. You must promise to not hold to traditionalism for traditions sake.
  2. You must approach the chapters with a “naked” spirit.
  3. You can’t take your head on the journey, only your heart. (it was hard for me to agree to this one but I’m glad I did).
  4. You must enter the journey with total and complete honesty.

The cool thing about this book is that lyke Sylas its’ goal seems to be to make you think. Still not convinced? You can read the first 3 chapters on line at and just like salvation – those 3 are free.

H.T Fircroft


Truth For Free

This is an excellent book by author and friend Darin Hufford. This book challenges many of the preconceived religious notions so many of us were raised with and provokes the reader to honestly reconsider their view of God and who He really is – not according to what man has taught with his misguided religious concepts and his addiction to control and manipulate – but according to the truth as Jesus revealed Him. Darin puts things best in his own words saying, “I believe that our generation has made God out to look like an alcoholic father. We never know what we are going to get from Sunday to Sunday. From sermon to sermon, we are faced with blatant contradictions that eventually leave us feeling terrified of Him. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?” Great book! Deffinitely not traditional, deffinitely will be a shock to the system for religious head thinkers, and some may even find its content offensive or uncomfortable because it bucks traditional religious norms. The God’s Honest Truth certainly raises some provoking challenges and soul-searching introspection. How do we relate to God? Are some of the concepts of Him we hold dear actually keeping us from drawing even closer to His heart? Have we made the Christian walk more about following rules, memorizing verses, engaging in religious works, and debating doctrines than we have truly pressed in to intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father? How are our priorities sorted? Darin speaks from the heart and conveys God’s Honest Truth for those who have spiritual ears to hear. I’ve spoken with Darin personally and can tell you he is the real deal. Highly recommended book! :)



Readers' Comments

“‘The God’s Honest Truth’ gives back life to those who lost it many years into their Christian walk. Darin Hufford shows the reader the true face and heart of God. He reintroduces us to a Father who loves us and in return we want to love. When you read this book, you will never be the same. Truth brings freedom and freedom brings relationship with the Father.”

Heather Bean
Cowboy Junction Church
Hobbs, New Mexico


“There is not a more insightful and heart-moving book on the love of God than The God’s Honest Truth. This book has influenced the way I look at God, people, and ministry all together.”

Marion Logan
Honolulu, Hawaii


“Darin Hufford’s theology is both revolutionary and profound. His understanding and portrayal of God’s heart not only reaffirmed my beliefs about what love truly should be but forced me to eliminate all the misconceptions I had locked away. I strongly recommend reading this book as it will truly guide you towards having an honest and intimate relationship with the Lord.”

Sandra Freistroffer
Phoenix, Arizona


“This book has drastically rebuilt real Christianity back into my life. I have been so confused over the years as to what is right and what is just a load of hype and manipulation. The God’s Honest Truth cuts through all that and explains the Heart of God in a way transcends denominational boundaries and religious walls. Our entire Church plans on studying it together this fall.”

Don Davidson
South Carolina


“I encourage all to read this book. No matter how long you have been a Christian or how deep you feel you are in the ministry….this book will leave you knowing God in an intimate way you never thought possible.”

Carol Martin-Dryden
Sydney, Australia


“After reading The God’s Honest Truth, I became more convinced that Christianity needs believers that are willing to study and learn the scriptures. Reading it in a group or individually, Hufford’s writing will provide insight into the depth of God’s love. It is a must read.”

Cathy Wentworth
Downs, Illinois