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Jun 19, 2017

All Hell Breaking Lose

Darin and Hans finally discuss the topic of Hell. Darin is quickly coming to the conclusion that hell as we know it simply does not exist. Hans is still dealing with the verses that seem to say it does. This is a very interesting conversation that all Christians shouldn’t be afraid to have. Enjoy.

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    Worms prosper in the dirt, the worm dieth not; the local Jerusalem dump was always burning, stuff piled upon stuff smoldering underneath, where the flame died not. Their fathers slept. Jesus promised eternal life and eternal damnation, not eternal death - eternal judgment is merely an unchangeable one, no do-overs. Fear involves torment, love cast it out, God is love. (Bits and pieces that God has brought to my mind these last few years regarding the traditional view of hell.) The existence of hell does not seem to be a problem for those who are grounded in his love; it's just not even on their radar anymore. Life in Christ is a love rooted in relationship so that just makes sense. The greek & roman influences upon our traditionally held views of hell goes without question, how much, eh, I don't know, and right now I don't trip over it anymore. I want people to know God's love, not escape the torments of hell.

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    None of my kids graduated. My own childhood is best not remembered. I'm jealous! An interesting book on hell is "Raising Hell" by Julie Ferwerda.

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