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Feb 23, 2018

Casting Compassion

Darin and Hans talk about Americas reaction to the Florida shootings and why there seems to be more division than ever. How should lovers of people react to things like this, and what stance should be taken if any? 

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    Dave Lladner

    Hi Guys, As an Australian, your last three podcast have left me confused. I admit I have anger towards the things that Trump says and does, and towards the political position of Americans towards semi automatic weapons but put that anger to one side and I am left confused. I do not understand those who excuse the system that allows teenagers to buy semi-automatic weapons across the counter. I do not understand how a system could allowed their leader to say obscene things about other from public forum and still have people support him. As an outsider looking into the United States I am left speechless. I understand that the same accusations could be levelled at my country due to our treatment of our Indigenous people and certainly our treatment of refugees is abhorrent. But you are taking positions of defence on issues that are difficult to defend.

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    I too am Australian and very bewildered. If you have a gun in your house how can you be so sure it will only be for defence? What if one of your kids "loses it" and gets your gun? What if an intruder without a gun finds yours before you get to it? Teachers with guns!? What if the teacher is the one to run amok, or is overpowered by a strong student who takes the gun and.... If tv and video games are to blame, servicemen who return from real war must more often do this sort of thing because of desensitisation. Actually I hope you don't let kids read the bible with all its violence made worse because often sanctioned by God. Some of it is pretty graphic. Mental illness does not make people do evil things. Some evil people are mentally ill and some are not, there is more going on in a killer's mind than mental illness explains.

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    I guess the question about guns a little bit boils down to who is going to die?! If guns are easily available mass shootings are more likely to happen. If guns are restricted some people might die in an armed attack because they couldn't defend themselves. Then again they might not die because the attacker (say a robber) saw they were unarmed and let them live. Do you folk carry guns everywhere or just keep them (hopefully locked up) at home in the hopes you will get to them before the intruder gets to you? Actually the whole gun thing is about fear, whichever side you are on, or even if you are in the middle! It astounds me that you feel so sorry for Trump. You don't seem to show the same grace to his victims. He can be pretty nasty too!

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    The comments about the holocaust not happening if Jews had guns astounded me. Sort of over-simplification! People could think you are blaming the Jews for their tragedy because of not arming themselves. I don't think you meant to but that is how it came across to me. Even if they had guns they would have been no match for the powerful evil that overwhelmed them.

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    Just thinking more about the Hitler thing. He didn't kill all those Jews on his own. He wooed ordinary German people in their thousands to do his dirty work. He wooed them with promises of economic success and of making Germany great again!

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