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Apr 14, 2017

Discovering The Beautiful Empty

Darin and Hans talk about how disillusioned many people are with Christ because He didn’t accomplish everything the church promised. They both still have that empty feeling in their hearts. Darin talks about a friend of his who sent him a book he is working on. The book has a revelation in it that is so life changing and powerful it could change everything for people who beat themselves up for still having that empty place inside. Great podcast!

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    technical comment - the beginning of the conversation can't be heard because of the song

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    Jim Hamill

    Very liberating !! You guys are great at exposing the religious lies that bind people up . To be free to know that feeling empty is normal and a part of being human is freeing .

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    ..."in lack or in gain, I am content." Paul was IN these; within that moment, he became content, not outside of it. He had to concede, "Yeah, God your love is enough, I'm not seeking an outcome or my own agenda, I decided to seek YOU. And his current statement was made after he HAD gone through these.

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