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Apr 04, 2018

God is Good and S**T Happens

Darin vents about the latest problems he and his family have been going through and how he feels about it. Hans gives some good advise and the two open up about what real life looks like for both of them. Sometimes things just suck. You’ll relate to this one.

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    Many times people assumed in both old testament and new testament that bad things happened because of God's anger or His plan for one reason or another. Also happens today when Christians say disasters are a punishment from God against certain people (not necessarily themselves unless they have been crushed under that kind of teaching). Of course we have Job who interpreted his suffering as a test from God because God had an argument with the devil. Christians also teach the "test from God" thing . Then there is the explanation that God wants to teach us a lesson (if that is the case I am a slow learner). But what if all that is wrong? What if suffering just happens to both good and bad, weak and strong with no particular intention or plan of God or anger from Him about anything?

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    I know I'm treading in dangerous territory questioning popular opinion of what was written in the bible, seeing it as those particular people's understanding of God and as their view of how He works in the world, rather than every word being inspired from the mouth of God for us. Maybe we are just so terrified to think suffering might actually be meaningless that we invent all sorts of reasons for it and supposed good things that come out of it. I would sort of rather some things are meaningless, or just evil, than think our heavenly Father is an abusive parent who tortures and severely punishes His children and makes them suffer to (and beyond) their limits of endurance just to test their love for Him or to teach them to trust Him (by harming them.??) The supposition is that suffering makes us stronger but some of us it crushes. I think God weeps with us when we suffer. I  think that one day He will even say sorry that we had to suffer in this world and will then wipe our tears away.

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    I totally agree about Job! I often wonder if Jesus came and lived as a man and suffered and died as much to be able to genuinely empathise with us as anything else. Don't believe suffering makes us stronger. A tree falls on a house it doesn't make it stronger; it just crushes it! I am crushed. Suffering is neither good nor bad; it just is. Relentless suffering can crush you relentlessly. I don't mind admitting there is no purpose to my suffering. It sort of sets me free not to have to have a purpose!

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    I am over sixty years old and from childhood to now have never come out the other side of my time of suffering. But I am still here! (Sorry for all the comments. It is a topic I have thought long and hard about.)

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    I've only listened to a few minutes. Maybe God is telling you it's time to change some things and go in a different direction.

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    If ye would tithe ye would see the devourer rebuked off your finances. A little humor . Hang in there n it’s ok to be pissed

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    Jeremy Woods

    Would love to hear how Amy Deselle is doing these days? Miss her on the podcasts.

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    I've worried you thought my comment negative. My crap started New Year's Eve. I've been thinking about making changes to bring a fresh start, prespective,lessening stress.

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    Clarification, my crap wasn't financial. I just meant any rough situation.

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    All right, I thought you deserved a story to let you know you're not alone. We hired a highly recommended painter to paint our house last summer. We noticed a small section they missed. They came out to fix it. Later we noticed they missed the spot entirely, and found more missed spots. My husband was livid and refused their second offer to fix it. He repainted part of the house again. We paid their $10,000. He has more to fix this year.

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    Guys, your podcast was so on point!! I've been through a lot in my 36 yrs of life and all I can contribute to this topic is this: Life Happens. I don't see it as a God thing or an Enemy thing. I believe that suffering sucks and I don't try to sugar coat that. I think it's an universal law (truth) that an object must be put through pressure to grow. Why did God make this realm like that? I don't know. But in so many instances, some sort of pressure was experienced before that object went to the next level. I think of nature and how things work. Lately, when I go through crap, I'm learning to ask myself, "What can I learn from this experience?" In my opinion, nothing is wasted-even suffering. I feel like God sees it the same way. In my opinion, Romans 3:3-5 is saying don't waste the suffering experience. Even in suffering, good can still come out of it. Nothing is wasted!

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