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Mar 08, 2015

Grace Explained God Detonated

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    David Joseph

    Grace is a person, the person of Christ Jesus! Grace is the foundation of Gods Throne! Grace is the power that holds Gods Throne is place in Heaven! Grace has beauty beyond compare! Grace is the power that empowered the ressurection of Christ Jesus! Grace is not only for forgiveness! Grace is what beautifies the children of God and gives them wings to fly and dance in Joy!Grace is also one of the most powerful creative force! Grace is what makes Christianity beautiful! Teachings of Grace have wings and creates thankfulness and praise as well as worship in Heaven! Grace is a magical castle of Gods consolidated Love, Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness,! Grace is a person of extraordinary power! The residue of his magnificent robe is enough to build a City of absolute perfection! Grace sees us in our finished furnished eternal state! As the jewel the diamond that we are in the future, not by are journey there! Grace is the Key to Heaven and the jewels in which Heaven is build upon! @ David

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    Heather Cassidy

    Really enjoyed this! It woke up how I used to feel years ago but somehow forgot this stuff. I think somewhere along the lines I got too scared to keep believing in grace if that makes sense. Thank you so much!

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    "Amazing Grace" is of course one of, if not the most well known of hymns. I am a big "fan" of John Newton. He was not a youngster or person new to the faith when he wrote this. It's something to me to ponder that while the song can seem somewhat dulled to those whe have heard it a thousand times, he was amazed and marveling at grace after years of knowing Christ. The song has not accomplished what he wanted though if we only marvel at his appreciation of grace, and fail to marvel at grace itself. Christ and grace are the core and foundation. Step away from Christ, and His grace and there you have darkness.

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    I don't know but blowing a couple of people off for $5 is actually a pretty sh!tty thing to do. I can understand their predicament of not allowing a refund without a receipt. One of my daughters works in front-line services for a bank and the amount of abuse that staff have to cop and just suck up is incredible. They often have to face the wrath of customers because of the organisations poor decisions. For example currently banks in Australia are downsizing staff in order to "encourage" folks to swap over to electronic transactions even though they are insanely profitable. The staff are fearful if they will continue have a job while facing daily abuse from frustrated customers. I guess I'm saying that there is always another side to a story.

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    This podcast stirred SO many thoughts that I have no way to express them all. What I can share is that when I came alive to the understanding of God's grace in my life I immediately became less sin focused. We all have the capacity to be shitty to others; or jealous; or unforgiving because we are still human. Now, however, I understand that the primary goal of grace is NOT to make me sinless. The goal is for me to enjoy this newly opened relationship with the God of Creation.The fact that I, a flawed and fallible man, (made perfect by grace), is in right standing with a perfect spiritual being, (by His design and desire), floors me! Therefore I do not have to expend energy trying to dodge sin. If anything I have found the power to say NO to sinful things more easily because I am closer to Christ. For me, it's like a campfire in a dark night. The closer I am to the flame the further I am from darkness. The closeness to Christ keeps me. Grace gives me permission to stay close to Him.

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