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Dec 17, 2016

Grace Getting Angry

Darin and Hans take a break from the Pastor series to talk about whether or not getting angry is allowed in the world of grace. This is a great conversation for people who only see the grace message as a robitic-fluffy-bunny-theology that acts the same with everyone, no matter what’s going on. There are some very interesting statements made throughout this conversation. Great topic! Pass it on. 

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    Come on guys, do you honestly believe in your heart that God really gets angry? Anger is an emotion, a lack of control, a frustration arising from an inability to do something about a situation, a tactic to be used when everything else has failed. That isn't God. He loves. Love isn't a fluffy, frothy vague emotion, it's the most powerful entity, life transforming with an ability to stop anyone or anything and utterly change them. Why would God need anger when He's got love. Teresa x

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    Many times people assumed in both old testament and new testament that bad things happened because of God's anger. Also happens today when Christians say disasters are a punishment from God against certain people (not usually themselves unless they have been crushed under that kind of teaching). Of course we have Job who interpreted his suffering as a test from God because God had an argument with the devil. Christians also teach the "test from God" thing. But what if all that is wrong? What if suffering just happens to both good and bad, weak and strong with no particular intention of God or anger from Him about anything? I know I'm treading in dangerous territory questioning popular opinion of what was written in the bible as those particular people's understanding of God and how He works in the world, rather than every word being inspired from the mouth of God for us.

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    Maybe we are just so terrified to think suffering might actually be meaningless that we invent all sorts of reasons for it and good things that come out of it. I would sort of rather some things are meaningless or evil than think our heavenly Father is an abusive parent. I do question whether anger is the opposite of love. I think hate, (either as neglect or the many evil forms of ill-treatment we are so good at inventing), is the opposite of love, and anger doesn't always imply hate. (It can but doesn't have to.) Sometimes I think if we don't get angry at things like abuse and injustice we are mistreating the victims. I spent years trying to love one particular person and achieved nothing but pain for myself and others around me until I finally got angry.  That brought healing for both myself and the victims of that person's evil. (Nothing changed her though. I  don't know really if I  hate her or not. Really I feel numb towards her. But love achieved nothing.)

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    Why do we insist on looking for either/or answers? Everything that exists God created. Everything serves it's purpose, and is right when it belongs to those circumstances. Every emotion we consider to be 'less than' is part of the Body of love. And those emotions deserve more honor for their roles, even though they seem more unattractive. Often what they accomplish cannot be handled by another part of Love's substance.

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