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Jul 26, 2017

Heart Reasoning Vs Religious Reasoning

Darin and Hans have in interesting discussion about our ability to reason ourselves free from teachings we were raised with. Is it more difficult for a person who was raised with religion to come to truth then it is for someone who wasn’t? Enjoy!

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    Interesting discussion. Once we are trained in religious thinking, is it our default knee-jerk reaction? In the natural, knee-jerk reactions are part of our fight or flight response. That can be modified with increased comfort with the uncomfortable, making room for a heart felt response, so heart reasoning has a chance to form. I wonder if your daughter's age also makes it easier for her to have a heart response, and her gender. Being female, her brain was not masculinized in the womb, so she has twice as many corpus callosum connections as us guys. For some reason God thought it was beneficial for men to be experience less internal connectivity then women. Maybe to balance out for our other strengths so we wouldn't be a complete package, and need to be in community with females, our helpers?

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    Loren M Rosser

    Han's brought up that Jesus came to save. Here's some fun food for thought. In Peter's sermon in Acts 2 that prompted 5,000 to turn to Christ and is hailed as the hallmark of evangelistic events, Peter never once mentions heaven, hell or eternity. He never says, "Turn to Jesus to be saved from hell." Rather, he says, "Be saved from this perverse generation!" His message was about their present. Jesus did come to save us. But what exactly did He come to save us from?

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    One verse written by Paul says they are "without excuse". Paul also said God chooses a few and condemns the rest. And all are born guilty because of what some distant ancestor"s sin and are born deserving punishment. Doesn't any of that cause doubt about Paul?

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    When you bring in the bible then starts confusion. You can backup verse anything. An athiest is not choosing unbelief necessarily. If you know something is true most will believe it. It goes back to they don't know for most. The Christian perspective that people who don't believe are denying what they know, is just not so. Look around at the evil in this world where for example babies are tortured and murdered it can be hard to know there is a loving God allowing these things. I know there is a "doctrine" of suffering to cover it all but it often does not work.

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    Sorry for multiple posts. People are satisfied to think the evil doers will get punished. I prefer to think that a loving God would stop them BEFORE the deed. I am not an athiest but I am slow to condemn someone who is.

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