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Mar 09, 2018

Knowing The Real You

Darin and Hans talk about the shocking similarities between the “Gender-Disphoria-Tsunami” that has aparently overtaken planet earth in the last five years, and the wide spread epidemic of “Identity-Genocide” perpatrated by the Christian religion.  

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    "I am hard to offend" - describing your own humility? Just kidding. I don't get this one with him thing. To me God is distant, silent, non-interventionist and unknownable.

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    If the real us is good, why Did Jesus die?

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    @Jac Great question... And perhaps a sliver of light will be shed as one contemplates the simplicity of what transpired in the Garden of Eden. As our true identity is hidden in Christ, the Tree of Life was revealing Him; hence, their true selves were to be revealed to them by Him, inside. The serpent's lie got them to do it for themselves by eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Their change was a vantage point from behind a veil, which brought guilt and shame. Jesus died to remove that veil or Jew's Law, even the law us Gentiles, follow which is all based upon the wrong tree. The fallout from that choice has everyone scrambling for AN identity not true identity known through love, His Spirit inside us. If we view God from inside a veil we will not see Him for who He is, but through the lens of law. And that is a process only He can unwind within you a day at a time.

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    The fall does not make sense to me. Adam and Eve were told that on the day they ate of the fruit they would die. But they didn't. I know that is explained away as they began to die or it was spiritual death,  but that is not what is said will happen. The whole thing was stacked against Eve anyway. She did not know good or evil before eating (it was the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil) so how could she know eating was actually sin and would devastate everything? She had no way of knowing that God had to be obeyed because she didn't know good or evil; he could have just been making a suggestion as far as she knew. As for the warning about death whether immediate, in the future or spiritual, would have been meaningless to her as supposedly she had never seen any kind of death. Finally God allowed the snake as Satan into to the garden and gave him access to Eve without telling Eve who he really was or warning her he was coming or coaching her in detail in advance about how to

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    ndle the situation. God didn't come between her and the snake or turn up to help her argue about what the snake was saying. (Sorry about the long comment.)

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    Jac, I think the deck was supposed to be stacked against them. The issue wasn't were they prepared to handle everything that might come their way. The quest-ion was, who are you going to trust? The one who created you and gave you all this, or a stranger who maligned His character, tickled your ears, and told you to do the one thing the one you trusted told you not to do? They were not even mature enough to, at a minimum say, let me put you on hold. I'll have to get back to you about that, after I check the facts. I think God was counting on this going the way it did, to accomplish the last act of Creation - humanity developing the character needed to be love-based.

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    There was once a mighty being who got bored and lonely. So he set up a game of chess but an unusual one because some of the pieces were made in his image and could move independently. The game proceeded with all the pieces placed and moving just where he wanted them to. But the first two pieces created in his image decided one day to try to change the orderly one-sided game and use the free will they were made with. The being was appalled so he threw all the game pieces and even the board on the floor. He jumped on the all the pieces and made them suffer! He made more pieces in his image but made them suffer too for being made like the first two. He planned to pick up the whole mess and throw it in the fire. The pieces made in his image were not to be annihilated but made to go on living in their brokenness and pain. The being had a son who agreed that for old times sake he should temporarily sacrifice himself to save a few of his special pieces and

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    keep them living in a terrarium on a shelf so they could look at and admire their creator. However they had to stay where he put them or move only when and how he allowed, or suffering waited. They had to guess what he wanted and do it, and to beg if they wanted anything. In fact they had to ask him what he wanted, and only ask for what he wanted them to want. They became tired and disillusioned. The abusive relationship destroyed their minds and some escaped and ran away. Others rationalised that the problem was their imperfections, even though they had been created with those imperfections. They thanked the being for his patience with such flawed pieces as them that he didn't damage or burn them too as he did the others. They also held in contempt those who had run away.

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    People only trust someone if the have proved trustworthy. Can you "trust" a being who sets you up for a fall? Not meaning to be offensive. I just ask too many questions.

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    Interesting take on life Jac. Sad how much of it is based on the institutionalized church's warped version of life. And people think its harmless. I hope separating that out from what matters goes well for you. On your response to my trust proposition, can you trust a being who gave you the best option available? Yeah, the option where people learn they are incomplete, need His Spirit and wisdom to come to completion, so they can live from wholeness with a life that can last forever. I know, a lot of people think freedom and wholeness and maturity isn't worth the broken world process and the inflicted pain. I do, and my trust is increasing. I've lived long enough to know that a lot of my problems are self-inflicted. Sure, I could be a cynic & point out all the world's brokenness, & why isn't God fixing it now?! I'd rather accept personal responsibility for the options I clearly chose, change my mind & behaviors, so that I can heal my rifts with reality and move on to a love-based life.

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    Wow, when you talk about kids acting out because they aren't getting the love they need, apply that now to Christians who are told every time they are in pain - well you just need Jesus... No wonder the church is so dysfunctional. Meanwhile I am 100% positive that the majority of heart problems christians have is because of the organized church and the impossibility of achieving the conflicting teachings they provide and yes the false Identity they give you. It's horrendous. Love your podcasts!

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