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May 31, 2017

Leaving Good Verses Evil

Darin and Hans talk about what it takes to experience the “US” relationship with God. This is a powerful conversation that could change everything. Beware!

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    For this past decade, God has taken me on a journey which has surpassed anything I'd ever been handed within every institution. And for the most part this has been due to the very topic of discussion today. We are the ones who yielded to, and still do, the realm of good and evil, NOT the tree of LIFE. All comparison, emulation and frustration stems from the root of that tree. God's indwelling has always been the goal, not law, nor the dimension of good and evil. This is the single biggest wall we have placed between God and us. Identity and the life of Christ are linked. Hidden in him, we then begin to comprehend who we really are; the greatest hindrances to this is the good vs evil card. The most dangerous assumption is that one is no good, though the gap has been removed; we just don't know it yet. Thanks guys!

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    David Joseph

    The one factor is true Christianity. We become one with the spirit of love. Love now drives us, motivates us and guides us. We become one with him and literally that is what it means to be a Christian. You literally become love. That is why we are called the body of Christ. I personally believe in the restoration of all things. Where Christ will make even his enemies his footstool. A footstool is a supporting piece of furniture. I believe in hope against all hope. The earth is now considered his footstool and it is beautiful to him. The minute you begin to give good and faith the ultimate power for me that means I believe that eventually all will be restored to Christ. This way I eliminate all fear and possess the ultimate joy. Because I believe the sacrifice of Christ is sufficient to redeem all. I honestly do not doubt there is a hell because Jesus talks about it but I believe that there will come a time when God will do away with it and all will be redeemed.

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    David J Brncik

    Jesus says that all things are possible if we believe. Over and over he says that if you have faith nothing will be impossible to you. The bible says that he is able to do more then anything we could ever think ask or imagine according to the power that works within us. I can believe in this. The bible talks about his enemies becoming his footstool. A footstool is a support. If the earth is his footstool then it is something very beautiful to him showing that one day even ***** will become something beautiful to him. Thats why Christ when he rebuked ***** said get behind me. Get behind me meaning that he was telling him to join his cause. I do believe in scripture though so I believe this may be referring to a time after the book of revelation comes to pass. Maybe it is in the furthest part of eternity after the book of revelation is fulfilled. However this is the ultimate faith and the way I eliminate all fear and possess the ultimate joy. But I still believe in the scriptures.

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    jeremy woods

    Would love to hear how Aimee Deselle is doing or even have her back for a guest podcast!

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    Hell is any place where we ignore our hearts and retreat from intimacy and connection with ourselves, our families, our friends, etc. I was in hell for at least two years when I was in a toxic and borderline abusive relationship. Every day was empty and dark with him. When that finally ended, that's when I felt the light again.

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