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May 16, 2017

Leaving The Sick Zone

Darin and Hans talk about the fast paced picture of spirituality that many of us have been sold in the evangelical church.Many Evengelical people are suffering from spiritual problems that are only common to Evangelicals. The only way to find relief is to leave the sickness zone. 

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    Lisa laughton

    Yep totally agree. I don't go to chuch. Can't stand religiosity. My favourite place is where I work, in the market. It makes me cringe when I see Christians outside on the streets singing 80's worship songs and handing out flyers to invite folks to church. I joined in once on my dinner break but I had my earphones in listening to Tobymac lol. But I just wish they'd drop the flyers inviting to their church. so much more I'd love to say but I'll just say 👍

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    Awesome message. The thing about concerts, that is exactly why I left my old church. And even though I'm not even a believer anymore, I still like to come back and listen to you because the messages you have are so heartfelt and true. Thanks!

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    Ivan R

    I work at a mega church. I make kids church short films. It may seem like all the kids are just sitting watching how they would watch a movie at a movie theater, but I do hope these characters on our screens bring inspiration into their lives. The films may look goofy, but I do try to cater to what the kids would like to see so they can relate to the flaws of the characters. Idk, I hate it when people bash on church culture when we try to reach people through our talents. I may never meet the kids but I do hope they have their lives changed through whatever message I can help create for them. This is coming from a person who's introverted and already has a tough time connecting with people, but I'm happy that there's an outlet God provided for me to spread his word to kids. There's a real good function to church building services, especially when they're run by people like me.

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    Pastor Widmark

    You should not violate the people's rights. This is an undercover government organization that reports those who leave their churches back to the authorities and then punishes them. You are wolves in sheep's clothing.

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    Pastor Widmark

    Don't believe him folks. What he is doing is unconstitutional and against the law, but he is the law, therefore he believes he is above the law. He is also working with the corrupt and Pedophile Mormon Church.

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    Widmark you have no idea what you are talking about. This is a awesome message . You are as free as you want to be. Darin is a man of God if you do not see it you are blind.

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    Funny,I kept saying amen throughout the entire podcast. Only the blind cannot see the truth.

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