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Jan 12, 2018

Pleading For Something Real

Darin and Hans have a provocative conversation about Donald Trump, and the confused hearts of most Americans.  Please SHARE this one, and be nice. Blessings. 

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    1tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar instantly cures hiccups.

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    I believe Mr. Trump is woefully inept for the position of president. But I am cautious about declaring something like "most Americans" have "confused hearts". A bit pompous.

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    I am very disappointed. Are you sure Donald Trump is REAL or is he another type of FAKE? You say Americans got the desire of their hearts;I said way back that if Americans voted for Donald Trump they would get what they deserve! Sorry. I am not American. From far away many non-americans see a very self-satisfied, selfish arrogance that Donald Trump personifies! We are really tired of hearing of his antics. Sorry but I am just being honest. I do not have any empathy with him at all! By the way I am a woman who does not wear make-up! Being REAL!

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    Donald Trump seems to me to thrive on people's negative opinions. He wants the "attacks". He seems to me to be the kind of guy who gets delight from antagonising people on purpose. What about his complete lack of grace and tolerance? Do people have to tolerate his intolerance? You seem to think he feels about the backlash the same way you would but he is a different man altogether. While you are busy "loving" him he just doesn't care.

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    Do you love his victims as much as you love him? He is NOT a victim. I believe he isn't just a bumbling innocent in his words and behaviour but rather very calculated.

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    Theresa Wills

    Thank You Darin and Hans for a great podcast

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    I love your heart Darin. I feel the same. But to be perfectly honest, I remember feeling this when horrible things were said about President Obama and his First Lady —horrible, racist things were said his entire presidency. None of this is right for either presidency. President Trump and the FLOTUS don’t have it any worse than their predecessors. Anyone who thinks otherwise is myopic and onesided.

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    It's as if people never said horrible things about the president before. Did you have this same conversation about Obama?

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    The whole voting process was one big competition as to which candidate could say the nastiest things about the other. Immature,like a popularity contest in a school yard

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    Actually from the first truly contested presidential election (principally Adams vs Jefferson) the campaigns had some very nasty accusations flying back and forth.

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    s phillips

    When a pastor happens to be real and his failures are exposed the church is the first ones that throw him under the bus. How can you expect the world to embrace someone when christians cannot extend grace to one of their own.

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