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Aug 07, 2017

Reasoning From The Heart Part 2

Darin and Hans continue last weeks discussion. 

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    I find I'm self refreshing this page everyday for a new podcast. Is that bad? This podcast was great! Even though I haven't listened to it yet.

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    All I can say is I don't get "the age of law versus the age of grace" thing. Did God not love the people in the "age of law". He was and is the same God. He didn't have a personality makeover. Do we just say bad luck for them? I think all people did and do have access to the grace of God but some have more understanding than others both in the past and now. (Why I don't know!! I reject predestination solution because it limits God.)

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    I don't see the view that 70 AD was the judgment, and the book of Revelation is already done. What is left then? If Christ returned spiritually, and the Kingdom is just in the spirit realm, then humanity was suppose to 'mature' into the utopian kingdom on earth 1,000 yrs later, and we now have a new heaven and earth? Where is the end of all sorrow, death and tears with the Father's return? I don't think we can say the judgment portion happened literally in 70 AD, and now the rest is only metaphorical, happening in the spirit realm. What is the end game then? And, like the spring holy days picture Christ's first coming and the giving of the Spirit, the fall holy days picture a detailed second coming of literal events.

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    jeremy woods

    Interesting timing that you're talking on this subject this week - over at The God Journey Wayne and Brad this week had the topic 'What Judgement Lies Ahead?" This is in the write up there: "Wayne and Brad fall into a conversation about judgment at the end of the age. Are we going to stand accountable to God for what we've done and said during our lives and how we've treated others? Scripture seems to suggest that we will. Or, does the Resurrection zero out our past and everything starts over from there, as many believe? As God's children judgment is not something we need to fear, but embrace with joy. Father is coming to set things right in the universe and that may give us the opportunity to be part of some amazing hearings in the brokenness of human relationships. What a way to start eternity!" Must be something in the spiritual air..

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    @Jac, Until Jesus could get in, law was given, sin exposed; language was given to the human condition and to further reveal the disparity of living under a knowledge of good and evil. Think on this: if the one tree was The Tree of Life (a shadow of Jesus) then what was the other tree repping? Death! Because God is and was the same there's no way he didn't do them justice. I don't get a lot of it either, but have grown into a position of grace which offers the vantage point of a just and loving God to all. And what I don't yet get, I just place that stuff onto a shelf somewhere until I and Father are ready, if I even need to know. Once consumed with understanding the book of Revelation, I now get that love is and has always been it. This last decade has been a journey through and out of a good and evil mindset, something a person dies to daily. Finally, I see what he'd been saying to me my entire lifetime - it is a relational process - and I was always okay inside of Him.

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    Darin hufford

    Well said Mitch. I wish I had all the answers Jac but I don't. Still feeling my way through. Just when an answer that makes more sense then what I have been taught all my life comes to me it brings an avalanche of more confusing questions along with it. I do love having the freedom to explore questions and answers without fearing

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    Thanks folks for your perspectives. Does anyone here sometimes actually have a deep fear of becoming an athiest? I think I do. The more I explore questions and fail to find satisfactory answers the further I feel myself moving away from faith. It is scary like facing a pride of hungry lions would be scary; something valid to be scared of if you get what I mean?

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    I like what J Oswald Sanders said about the scriptures. They are not intended to answer every one of our questions, but to give sufficient support for faith.

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    I love you, Jac. It will all work out for good. Hang in there.

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