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Nov 17, 2017

Rediscovering Sincerity

Darin and Hans talk about how everything in this world seeks to lure us away from ourselves from the moment we are born. Through repetitive reenforcement, we are taught to automatically respond to people with scripted statements and stock answers before our hearts get a chance to actually experience the emotions associated with the words of the response. The result is that we have an entire generation of insincere people who say “heart things” out of their “heads.” This is committing blasphemy against the human heart. 

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    David Joseph

    Just wanted to thank all of you that decided to support the free believers network. You are greatly loved. Daniel 9:23 If there is anyone else out there who can help that would be spectacular. Darin is a heart doctor and is the best there is. The freebelievers network is a heart refuge and has always been a soid anchor in my life. These messages always bring me closer to the heart of our loving heavenly father. God is love and relationship and the message of Gods grace and the truth of his heart should be known by all. David

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