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Dec 24, 2017

Show Me The Meaning

Darin and Hans talk about the Christmas Nativity scene and what it really means to us today. Very inspiring conversation. Enjoy!

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    Great podcast! (As usual) The nativity scene chat cracked me up because this year was the first year my wife & I added a nativity to our outdoor Christmas light display. Putting that thing together was so FRUSTRATING I felt like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. Normally in situations like that I let a few swear words fly. But because this was a nativity scene it felt so wrong to swear so it took everything within me to keep my mouth shut. I just did a lot of angry growling and grunting.

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    Although I have come to a place where I esteem each day alike, I do appreciate and review the bookmarks along the way. For me, it's more about being sensitive and listening to that small nudge towards a conversation or walking alongside someone, with no agenda other than love. There's no "correct" way of perceiving traditional things because everyone's story is unique and changing. Christmas used to bum me because of some past occurrences/perceptions which managed to cloud my vision. Loving and truly appreciating each one you come across is so much more organic than all the uber spiritual stuff I use to fall under the spell of...such a load of crap it was! Loving is living, and for me that's as complicated as it gets these days. @Loren - Where's Rusty when you need him?

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    There is something to be said for intentionally sharing some spiritual moments with others. The holidays like Christmas and Easter provides potential. There is potential for overbearing demands to conform to thoughtless traditions. But there is, I think, potential to experience a union among two or more people around the consideration of some aspect of God's doings.

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    Leray Mercado

    Going off of what Hans and Darren was speaking about, it now makes sense why I love the Christmas Carol movie. It doesn’t matter which one. This movie epitomizes the Christmas message: Love, grace, hope and redemption. The character Scrooge was horrible and destined for hell. God’s LOVE saw fit to give him a second chance (that’s Grace). He was shown his sins, he was shown how hurtful his behavior was to himself and others around him, and he was shown his future if nothing changed. He was allowed to come back and be better and he did!! Such a wonderful and inspiring message of the holidays!! Thank you Lord for my

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    I am a pretty devoted reader of Dickens and love the Alastair Sims version the most. Dickens' written version alludes to Christ more tangibly than any of the movie versions that I can recall.

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