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Aug 09, 2016

The Giving Problem

Darin and Hans have an incredible conversation that was prompted by an email Darin recieved concerning Christian giving. This one is a fun conversation. 

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    A good and rich conversation. I'm glad you touched on the seed faith teaching - it's been morphed into destructive practices, including the positive confession belief. Jesus' teaching on seed faith in Jo 12:20-26 is much more powerful. A grain of seed has to fall into the ground & die to produce a harvest. He says this is about hating a life lived in the world's ways, a self-decided life; vs loving one in the Kingdom's ways, a favor-decided life. This teaching is sandwiched in-between Lazarus' and His own death, burial & resurrection. In another place He says we are so much more favored than sparrows, so don't even be preoccupied with your physical needs. The seed faith doctrine and all it's children make you obsessed with your physical needs. There is no freedom, heart and compassion when you are enslaved to generating self-serving faith. Faith blossoms by love. Faith risks self for the sake of others. The reality is far better than clever magic tricks.

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    Yeah...set afire my albums too... First expressions of love based upon way too many assumptions. What in the world could possibly be wrong with Steve Perry's voice, it's angelic! Those days of religious youth bring back so many chuckles. May not have been our reaction to our fear, probably more about adherence to errant fear based teaching. The most ironic statement in the church world - tithe ten percent. Uh...tithe means ten percent. If I had just placed the money I gave to various church ministries on my debt I would have been out of debt many years earlier. I was taken to a verse in Hebrews years ago as confirmation to what I knew already in my heart. Down here, men took the tithe, up there he takes them - the people, not the money. An old testament shadow of the perfection which would come through Christ alone, not works. Amen to the discovery of who we are, as created. Doesn't it make more sense to discover the one who created through his creation? Then why do some study art?

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    DavidJoseph Brncik

    The scripture tells us that God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Cor 9:7 Yes it does also say not to give out of neccesity or compulsion. We should only give out of Love from the heart. Don't give under pressure. I personally think it is a great joy to give. In acts 20:35 scripture recalls that Jesus had spoken saying that it is more blessed to give then to receive. There is a couple places in scripture where Jesus himself says to give and lend expecting nothing in return. Luke 6:35. Jesus never intended that we turn giving from a heart of love with great joy into giving to get from a selfish flesh driven mentality to give to get back. He himself does say a couple places to lend expecting nothing in return. It should be from the heart in kindness. Seed faith giving may be true and what you sow you reap but this is far from the core heart of God on this issue. I think that in a marriage relationship you share your all with God. Jesus warned so many times about the love of money.

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