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Mar 20, 2017

The Lust of the Spirit

Darin and Hans talk about the debth of inner desire that a person has for another person’s spiritual well being. People who are fighting for a cause, almost never experience the true motivator that compels the rest of us. Love causes us to desire another persons spirit so badly that we’ll do anything to move them. Very interesting conversation.

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    Thank you for showcasing the beauty of my heart's yearning.

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    Jim Hamill

    Loved the podcast . When you truly have real live in your heart for people and want to know them and want them to know you, they can feel it if it's real . It's easy to say live one another but we have to think about what that really looks like in real life and ask God to let His love for all people fill us and pie out through us on a daily basis . Keep up the good work

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    Wow!'BE' the message, before you spread the message! Lots of food for thought today, thank you both.

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    Great message our inner desire is to be wanted Thank You

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    Guys, I haven't been to this site for quite a while and today I felt small and very normally human and weak, so I came here for some encouragement. I am listening to a second podcast in a row and He's just speaking so much through this. Huge confirmations... exactly 'you are the message'. You don't have to put a fish on your car or a Jesus t-shirt on (nothing against that though). You just are letting the Kingdom within you shine in a very normal way - to the bus driver, to the stranger in the pub, to the waitress. You just are what you've become through the walk with the true Him. And I totally agree with the sort of maturing experience. The peace of the messenger comes by training, by exercising peace in a million small situations. Jesus was also prepared (as Paul writes) because He was human. He needed to exercise peace a million times to be able to BE peace in the hard situations with his audience and opponents. Great talk! Thanks.

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    This just gets better... this is heavy things. It's about not having an agenda, you don't want the people to become numbers in your 'saved' database or a growing audience. You are just authentically in interested in THEM. That's the point when you are unconditionally loving them and are not motivated by your own fears. Your own fears can be - am I effective enough? Am I a good pastor? Did I present the Christian standards well enough? Am I not deceiving them? You don't fear their reactions, reactions of others or your own reactions, because you're living from the living waters that come out of you. This might seem like a poetic pseudo-biblical nonsense, but it actually the essence of what you're saying.

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