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Feb 22, 2017

The Miracle of Relationship

Darin is back from Holland and London! He and Hans talk about the incredible experience he had in both places and the amazing things that happened. The two discuss what was the most important revelation of the trip and how it changes everything in our walk in the wild. Enjoy!

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    As an introvert I don't naturally appreciate the value of relationships. So as I was waking up this morning I wondered: What's so special about relationships that they are central to God's kingdom? Later I read a FB posting about how relationships function as the dynamic in which God completes us thru imperfect people. Then your podcast on how relationship itself is a miracle, and the means thru which real inner life blessings flourish. Nice work God! Now I'm wondering if I was prompted to experience that question this morning, since there were answers being presented today :) This is fun!

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    Hi Darin and Hans, I was so encouraged by this podcast. Thank you guys. I teach high school kids at a Christian school who are typically 'chuch' kids of a mainline, traditional denomination. We tend to preach to these kids that following Jesus changes life dramatically partially because they are often so apathetic spiritually. Yet, I love what you taught about life being humdrum and Jesus being a part of 'normal life.' The really meets my heart, but I've been someone who chased after the intense, passionate, change-the-world-for-Jesus approach. Finding Jesus in the humdrum is liberating. Yet, do I teach this to my apathetic, churchy students? I'd love to know your thoughts.

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