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Aug 03, 2016

The Price of Principle Living

Darin and Hans talk about the heavy toll that “living by principles” can take on a person and whether or not there is a better way to live our lives in the wild. Very good talk. Pass it on. 

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    Just wondering if it is ok to experience the emotion of fear. So much is said about the evils of fear that it is easy to feel put down if you suffer from anxiety. But I wonder if we can own our fear openly without recriminations or feelings of inferiority. Some of us have good reason to be fearful,but it magnifies fear if one becomes afraid of fear itself! I wonder if we can embrace our fear as part of who we are and learn strategies to manage it and cope the best we can rather than following the principle that fear is wrong.

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    Jenny, it is okay to experience the emotion of fear. God doesn't need you to fake confidence and complete self-control. If you feel it, it is real. It may be with time and experience with Him that changes. Maybe not. You are a child of His. He is a Father who comforts His troubled child, not a cold one who tells the child to suck it up and get over it. You can rest in Him, even if you tremble a bit!

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    Thanks Jeff. Your kind words and wise assurances are greatly appreciated.

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