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Nov 19, 2016

The Relief Project Part 10, Trust Your Good Heart

The one thing that many Christians had taken from them the moment they enter the church world, is their belief in the goodness of their own heart. Darin and Hans talk about how devastatiing the “anti-heart theology” is, and what it takes to overcome it. Learning to trust in what your heart is telling you is like learning to walk all over again. If anyone wants to find joy and power in ministry again, it is essential that they return to square one; trusting that their heart is GOOD. Pass this podcast on to someone who needs to hear it.

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    There are many people who don't have a good heart. People who mistreat and murder children who destroy families with their evil actions and manipulation and deceit. People who run concentration camps and gas chambers. I guess i think we all do have to guard our hearts continually in case there is that capacity for selfishness and evil which can begin with a few small bad choices and let evil grow from there, almost sneak up on us.

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    It seems the bottom line question is: do you believe it is Christ in you that is working, since you received Him. Then you are a participant in the divine nature (Peter), and have the prophecy from Isaiah 30:21 effective in your life: Then thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, that ye not turn to the right hand and that ye not turn to the left hand. As 1 John says, this anointing is so effective to transform us that we don't require a human teacher to be our intermediary with God. This tells me we don't have to be anxious that our selfishness will overtake and deceive us. Indeed, Romans 6 - 8 tells me the process of being actively Spirit led automatically puts my flesh to death. So count yourself dead to sin, and be excited about being alive to God, and Christ's unfolding DNA will continue to mature you naturally.

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    Be a Bearean

    The good ole follow your heart, let your heart guide you, God has given you a new heart and speaks to you through it garbage. Yep, this false theology led me right into an abusive marriage. BEWARE. Weigh everything against the WORD OF GOD, don't follow your heart.

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    Be a Bearean

    The good ole follow your heart, let your heart guide you, God has given you a new heart and speaks to you through it garbage. Yep, this false theology led me right into an abusive marriage. BEWARE. Weigh everything against the WORD OF GOD, don't follow your heart.

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    Follow the word eh? Then slavery is ok,   killing women and children is ok or, if you prefer, kill all the males and non-virgin women and keep for yourself the women and girls who are virgins (decided upon how??!). Or if you are guilty of adultery and murder of the husband it is ok after the baby dies - who looks at this from the baby's point of view? - as long as you are a king (a "man after God's own heart" no less.) It is ok having hundreds of wives and concubines but they do turn you away from the Lord ("they made him do it" - poor guy was not responsible for his actions). Of course if you are not a king you die for committing adultery, even if you don't kill anybody. I know,  "it was ok for God's special purposes then but it is different now". Maybe the words written ages ago in the new testament are for "God's special purposes then, not now" too. After all God no longer kills people who lie by over-inflating their generosity in giving to look good. People in churches lie all the time without being struck down like Ananias and Sapphira. Since gaining the knowledge of good and evil, we were given a conscience and we know right from wrong without the "word". After all only people in relatively rich countries with easy access to education have, and can read, the "word". God can reach all, with or without the written word.

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    Sorry about that rant. I just cannot see the sense in it all. Conscience is rarely discussed these days. I think we have a choice to obey or harden our conscience. Is conscience part of "the heart" or something separate? Men like Martin Luther were great supposedly spirit filled Christians, but Luther supported the hatred of Jews which led to the holocaust. Sorry but I can't make a lot of things add up, that just seem to be accepted without question.

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    PS. I suspect Peter, who was known for his readiness with the sword knew what ananias and sapphires were up to and decided to be judge, jury and executioner to spread fear through the church. He had enough authority to do this and get away with it. And what better weapon than fear to keep everyone under control. It bothers me that we are not meant to fear but it was something spread through the church pretty early.. Sorry for getting off topic. These things really bother me. If we are meant to absorb and live by every word in the bible there are a lot of bewildering things.

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    Learning to follow the goodness of your heart takes time. It doesn't happen immediately once you become a Christian. Not only do you have the obstacle of the IC, but you have the obstacle of your personal life and upbringing to overcome. It takes time to hear God's voice over the constant barrage of opinions being flung at you from everyone around you. But once you begin to have confidence that you are hearing God's voice for yourself, then you can follow your own heart because it isn't your heart, it's Christ's heart in you. Then you can ignore and drown out those other voices and go forward as He calls you, even at the risk of hurting or confusing those around you. You have peace because it isn't your responsibility to convince those around you that you have a good heart and are following God's will for you. The reason we don't follow our own heart is because we are afraid of what others will say about us.

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    You have to give yourself permission and forgiveness to make mistakes in trusting your good heart. I get angry sometimes at all the wasted years of not following my heart. I knew what was right at the time but didn't trust myself. I listened to everyone else telling me what I should think and feel. I've played the "what if" game a million times. What if I hadn't made that choice, or been with those people, etc., then things would have turned out better. My life has been difficult and painful. I have to remind myself that God does His work behind the scenes to turn my pain into something good. Today is so much better, but it's hard not to remember the difficulties. The important thing is to learn and go forward with the new knowledge that you have. God is faithful to be there every step of the way.

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    God saw something in every single person, which is hard for us to believe when we see what atrocities go on in the world, but he did and he died for every awful evil person not just the more sanitised versions of humanity. So if God rates each person that highly who are we to differ. Yes, I do believe that God looks at each person, sees an individual, no matter how scarred, no matter how warped and tells them that He loves them completely and uncompromisingly. That's the part we need to listen to, the part that God is speaking to. The part that forgives us, the part that can respond to Gods love. Just believing that there is a part of us that can never be corrupted and is in Gods presence is enough for us to gain strength, to grow, to be able to hear His voice and to start to be transformed by receiving His love . . .Teresa x

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    The truth is our "heart", which I think is our conscience, feelings, is not pure and completely good. People can lead themselves to do wrong things. The "heart" CAN lead us to do good things in some situations too. Its not black and white, either all good and reliable, nor all evil and untrustworthy. Personally I do believe the Holy Spirit makes an enormous difference for believers, and the scriptures are an enormous asset to aid our minds in divining between those things. It is an error to me to pick the hard things that we see in scripture, (slavery, killing, etc) and say the overall picture, the entirety of the bible leaves us with is that doing evil is okay and the ultimate will of God.

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    I just wonder if stepping back from the teaching that everything in the bible is true and right to the letter is leading me to throw out the baby with the bathwater so to speak. I am trying to reach a middle ground by thinking that the bible records how the writers understood God and how He works in the world from their points of view which are not necessarily right. I wonder if the words and actions of Jesus are more meant to be our guide. Even there the writers could have written what they could remember from their own points of view. In the end I think I have to know God as He relates to me on my own journey.

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    Which is not an easy out either! He is mostly silent!

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    Jenny...My heart is breaking for you. One of the reasons I had to leave a church was the abuse of a spouse and yes I was the trader and was the one that was in "in sin". I think what we are missing here is this . I did not listen to my heart because I was living more for law. I knew this person had evil intent and did not listen to my heart and get out. We have to start listening and feeling from our heart and for this it taking a risk for those of us that have been hurt by "the church". but christ is still our father and his bigger then our hurt. I was one of the people that got to go meeting when he was a pastor. I still relisten to his love sermons I would encourage you to listen you will get alot out of it. God has so much he can heal and give us and he is our father (a good father) he understands our heart and also will wait for you to try to understand his.

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    Hi Jenny, in response to your comment: "Which is not an easy out either! He is mostly silent!" I find it helps to initiate conversations with God by asking Him open-ended questions. As I go thru the day, and experience or see things, I'll ask Him questions like: What is that about? What is this person not getting? What am I not seeing here? What's the lesson in this? ... Personally, I find asking for teaching routinely to work better than asking specific questions for my life occasionally. This way I gain general wisdom to apply & practice in hearing His voice for when I do need to ask those pointed questions. And it seems to fit better with Jesus' comment that the Spirit will lead us into all truth. The general education prepares us for when we need special education, to handle our handicaps!

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