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Dec 03, 2016

The Relief Project Part 11, Trust The Living Word Inside You

Darin and Hans talk about the depression a pastor goes through when he is not allowed to live out his true spiritual calling. Rather than trust that the Spirit of God lives inside of them, they are bullied into just teaching the facts about the bible. This is a great one. Pass it on.

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    I don't get to listen to podcasts easily and haven't heard this. Is the situation described here in the description up top said to be very common, always the case, rare, or what? I am very close to a number of pastors and don't think any of them would say they are in this situation. Just wondering.

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    David Joseph

    Wow this podcast is the coolest. I really like what you said "you don't follow the Bible the bible follows you". I personally feel that we need to remember more and more that we are the living epistles and that the greatest scriptures are yet to be written. I also see that most of humanity has the very heart of God. I believe that we as the living breathing epistles and expansion and fulfillment of scripture have unlimited potential for good dwelling within our hearts as believers. For God is able to do more then we could ask imagine or think according to the power of the spirit of love that dwells within us. It is in the end the heart that matters and the end of the commandment is love from a pure heart. This was a really good podcasts and I have enjoyed listening to all the podcasts. Thank you so much for this show. I believe that with God all things are possible so there is no limit to the possibilities if we are living epistles that believe in the impossible. Love always increases

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