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Jan 08, 2017

The Relief Project Part 13, Expanding The Jesus Infleuence

Darin and Hans talk about who Christians are unable to grow correctly because they are give only one example of Jesus to follow; the pastor. Growing with one another is essential for everyone to know Christ. Trusting in the Jesus that possesses your people is key.

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    I have been a "church goer" for 38 years and never had the impression or had a hint of an impression that a pastor was my one example of Jesus to follow. Though I do have a fondness for one pastor who did exhibit a lot of Christ like qualities, though he would grimace a bit at that characterization himself. Sorry, just saying...

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    I left a church where there was no pastor but a group of elders led the church. They never touted themselves as the sole examples to follow. Just as well because believe me they were all too fallible. There were however many problems with this arrangement.

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