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Nov 06, 2016

The Relief Project Part 8, That\'s Not In Your JOB

Darin and Hans discuss the question as to whether or not it is the Pastors responsibility to keep the people from sinning. Standing guard over the actions of those in your congregation makes it impossible to love them. Very powerful discussion. 

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    I would think it is all right for the pastor to be an encourager and to have as much impact on other believers as any of us should. I have been friends with a few of "my" pastors for extensive lengths of time and never felt like they wanted to act like policemen. So I can't say I would be able to offer more in a question like this.

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    David Joseph

    It is interesting to note had Jesus was called the friend of sinners. He would take the time to reach out to sinners in love not to bash them with religion. For he said he will have mercy and not sacrifice for he came to call sinners. Mathew 12:7

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