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Nov 13, 2016

The Relief Project Part 9, Beware Of Your Cause

Darin talks with Hans and Meg about the blinding power of fighting for a cause. Sometimes pastors can rationalize hurting people in the name of their cause and in doing so, they lose what their true calling is. Meg gives a personal testimony of how broken she and Hans were after leaving their church. 

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    jeremy woods

    Good talk! except for the consistent tone that pastors all have good motives....Not in my case..My former senior pastor is a power hungry CEO and even after i left this church 20 years later is still controlling new generations of people who have no idea of the many people scarred before them. Many others i knew also were decimated from their time at this church. He's obsessed with "building the kingdom" which is really just about making the church building bigger and better....No one is allowed to ever question him etc... Just wish they you Darin would acknowledge that a certain portion of pastors love the power that they get in the system, and just like the pharisees love to 'lord it over' people.

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