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Jul 11, 2017

The Secret Behind Good and Evil

Darin and Hans have a provocitive conversation about good and evil, and what it all means. 

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    Nailed it! Good and evil always welcomes comparison; yet, David ate the show bread and he was considered by God as a man after his own heart. Man if the church would just grasp this simple truth. All movies seem to center upon good vs evil: the hero comes out golden by his noble choices. Yet, God says it's all good under Christ, for everyone, yes it is. With the Babylon idea bubbling, had God not injected the Jews, would He ever have been able to inject Christ in time to save mankind? Wow, that makes one shutter and marvel at grace even more.

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    I agree Mitchell. Amazing grace.

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    Jim Lorton

    Hey Darin, really enjoying the last two podcasts. The God in me doesn't line up with the God of " hellfire" we hear about in Christianity. l've left that behind. What about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. Any comments?

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    For what it is worth I think the story about the rich man and Lazarus is not about a doctrine of heaven and hell. That is just probably not even the point. I suspect it is really just a storytelling device to teach about the seriousness of ignoring the Lazarus at our gate. That is the point of the story and sort of overlooked by many using it to teach about the existence of hell.

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    Jim Lorton

    Thanks for your comment Jenny. I think that is probably what it is referring to.

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    Jim Lorton

    I love this community. I need to interact more here. Love you all.

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