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Mar 11, 2017

The Shack Attack

Darini and Hans discuss the fall out from, The Shack movie. 

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    s. phillips

    Loved the book, looking forward to seeing the movie. When someone says grace is a license to sin I prefer to say to them, " when you sin and you will I have a license to share God's grace." I wonder why the people that say grace gives us a license to sin think that they never sin. Anyway it was another great podcast as always.

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    My church had no designated pastor. The local church was led by a group of elders who had no particular formal theological training. (self taught and "inherited" knowledge) All the problems were the same.

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    Haven't seen the movie but read the book ages ago. Might read it again. The Clinton Trump election business seemed to me to be reduced to who could say the worst things (true or not never mattered) about the other side. (I am not American and I think it is sad. I know the election was not the topic but couldn't resist commenting.) I loved your book Darin but for me it was the beginning of a long journey of uncertainty. I am pretty sure I don't believe the bible any more; but I want (wishful thinking?) to believe in a God of love which is NOT how He is presented in most of scripture. I can't do the mental gymnastics to only look at the "loving" parts of the bible and to relegate the horrible parts to "that was before grace". I don't find God revealing himself to me; He is hidden and silent. Maybe I am wrong in refusing to believe the "split personality" explanation or the "then and now" explanation (which is too bad for those before Jesus came). I am sorry for my questioning.

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    Jenny, I recently read 'Does God Engage in Destructive Behavior', by Tony J Evans. It's a detailed analysis of the question you are wrestling with. You also may want to google 'Permission Idiom' to learn more about this aspect of Hebrew language.

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    I had to say to myself "so the bible and books written to explain it and theories like permission idiom are God's word". The bible just can't stand alone as the sole word of God, a concept that many Christians give lip-service to. Sorry, I am not meaning to be aggressive, just confused. Did God kill Ananias and Sapphira (NT) for lying about their generosity or did God let the adversary do it? The world is full of people who lie horrendously with immunity. (I suspect Peter who was ready with the sword did it!)

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    I would not expect to clearly understand everything written in a book 2,000+ yrs ago, without learning more of the culture, language and history of that period. I don't know why people think they can, when we have to 'put things in context' for much of our present world. The Bible standing alone as the sole word of God is a distortion of Martin Luther's 'sola scriptura' teaching, to unfetter it from religious traditions.

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    David Joseph Brncik

    I watched the Shack movie at a theater last night. I just like how God is revealed in different personalities. I feel like you can know God in so many different types of personal relationships through people. You can know him and experience him because he is revealed in multidimensional relationships. The heart of the movie reveals God as love and as a good God. As for God being male or female the bible says God created man in his own image male and female he created them showing that God has both male and female characteristics. As for those that are judging the movie they are just judging themselves to be blind of heart. It may have been a little peculiar but I liked it personally. I think that it will draw people to God not away from him.

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    Jim Hamill

    Hey Darin n Hans, Enjoyed the podcast a lot . I went by myself to see the Shack and it really touched my heart. I know in my heart that God is a lot friendlier and more understanding than I was taught that He was . After my separation n nervous breakdown , my faith was shaken to the core . I went to a divorce care group at an Assemblies of God church n when we broke up into men and women small groups to talk about how to stay sexually pure when separated and I voiced my real frustrations and doubts and how I felt God played a cruel joke on me, the leader of the group questioned whether I was ever even saved . I almost tore him a new agile but God restrained me . God was my closest friend but right now I have a lot more questions about Him than answers . I used to be so full of the word and had all the answers but those answers didn't work for me in my darkest hour so now I have to relearn who God really is . I thoughtvHexwas gonna fight for me nnhave my back but He didn't n it's hard

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    Jim Hamill

    Misspelled ahole lol 😀😀😀

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    Love your review on the shack really appreciated your input on God's grace and love.I was one who ran through the gate of grace I live the lie that what was in my heart was not who I truly was. But time outside the gate let me see who I was and my heart ach to return to my farther.I now truly understand the story of the Prodigal Son an the father.

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