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Jul 19, 2016

The Weapon of Normalcy

Darin and Hans enjoy a conversation with Hans’s son Lincoln about an experience that he and Hans had at the Capitol a few weeks ago. 

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    Normal? Yeah, quiet, content, peaceful, resting is normal. Drama, explosive behavior, gender bending publicity stunts...not so much. Identity loss, fear of rejection... All of this Trans-shifting tells the tale of those attempting to accept themselves, by forcing the world around them to do it first through manipulation. I do suppose once we crunched the numbers, would there be that many of the Trans-shifting, L-this and G-that? Really? Just as the "News" solely rests upon death and tragedy, all of the crap has become the modern day of Pentecost. I love people, but those who need constant validation just wear me out. Placing all of your believe inside of the love relationship, who is God, is so much easier. Lincoln is a breath of fresh air, man, I love this guy!

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    Interesting convo guys. Would love to hear more from Lincoln next time, and also the other kids. (:

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