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Feb 20, 2014

The You Revelation

Darin and Hans confront the Christian mentality that God desires us to present Him while making ourselves invisible at the same time. We are so inundated with religions self loathing teachings that many of us have forgotten that God is our Father and takes pleasure in the world not only getting a revelation of His heart but of OUR hearts as well. He truly wants people to see us shine. God is never in competition with us for the attention and adoration of others. 

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    Very liberating. Thank you!

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    Brigit C.

    Great intro podcast for anyone who's not yet read THE MISUNDERSTOOD GOD. How different the world and the Church would be if we all were taught that God is delighted in us living OUR own life?!! A Jesuit author that I love once said, 'After all these years of walking with God, what do I know about Him except that He is the person right in front of me?' Secularists know that life is for living and have shed the nonsense of religion so they could live this out as they know that we are called to do (by God!). I have very few church-going Christian friends because they find my faith independence, strive for fulfillment, search for personal joy, total lack of preaching (or as Evangelicals would say, "witnessing to others so they may be saved") to be highly heretical, and, literally not Christian. I can see in their reactions to me that they think I am rebelling against the Christian expectations and behavior... Ironically, I find this to be a compliment. ;-)

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    Great stuff guys. It all comes down to believing our identity and believing HE IS LOVE. Growing in healthy self-love is actually oppressed by religious thinking.

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    best podcast ever!

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    Dave P.

    Great job reminding us who we are by what God in His mercy and love created us and renewed our lives by His Son sent to make sons and daughters to share in and show through our lives the Love and blessings Jesus provided through His unconditional Love... now and forever.THank you Darin and Hans and God Bless.

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    Isaac Horton

    I think the fact you two crossed paths is evidence of the Divine! Wow, what amazing fruit of life for us to enjoy!!

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    jeremy w

    Great podcast! Just wondering if you'll ever have Aimee, Robert or Amy back for a podcast again?

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    Brendan G

    Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast - it re-highlighted so many things that I have experienced in my journey of visiting differant churches to see if any of them were changing.One evangelical church I really struggled with their preaching saying I could be saved from hell as Jesus offers me the way off that ramp - but only if I'm perfect! How sad - still using fear to try and bring people closer to God - Totally the oppposite to what John spoke about in his letter saying that The the one who fears cannot be made perfect in love. I'm reading another great book at the moment called "Joshua" by Joseph F. Girzone and it's a wonderful fictional story about very same things that Darin talks about in his book and in Podcasts. Really worth a read - so much wisdom in here ! There are some churches now trying to make changes but it's a long journey ahead for people to find freedom in Jesus leading to a closer relationship with our Father.

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    David Joseph Brncik

    I love you Im here to Love you now and loveevermore, I need help friends I need Jesus i love you so much

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    David Joseph Brncik

    The best thing is to have fun being the person you become , enjoy every moment of your life, Personally i think everything has gone wrong, but one thing remains true , I love Jesus , and i love you, being happy is the first step to overcoming religion and institutions, hard work is needed, but laughter is coveted, Good luck im crossing over

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    David Joseph Brncik

    LaL Laugh and Love

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