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Jan 16, 2017

Trading Relationship For Structure

Darin and Hans talk about what people really mean when they say they have rededicated their life to Jesus. Many times this means that they have rededicated their life to a world of religious structure, a system of accountability that will keep them in check. It has nothing to do with knowing Jesus on a personal level.   

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    s. phillips

    I wish you would go after the platform the high profile evangelicals and t.v. evangelists use to tell the christians what to think and how to vote.Talk about being on a moral high horse. These people have done far more damage then any actor with their fear mongering nonsense. Day after day they are on t.v. spouting the ridiculous with thousands of Christians lapping it up like gospel truth because they said it. I know families that have been pulled apart because one member choses to believe it and the other does not. In case you haven't heard, Trump is the precursor to the messiah, he is a prophet. He saved the U.S. from destruction if Hilary won. He has saved babies in the 9th month of pregnancy from being ripped out of the womb. When will someone stand up and call these people out? I thought their job was to preach the gospel and the love of God. Why do they get to spout their political beliefs? They have a larger following that is influenced by what they say then any actor.

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    Its essential to be engaged, and salt to taste with structure.

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    Ramie Gilson

    Reminds me of the internal wrestling parents who choose the path of "Unschooling"/"Delight Directed Learning" experience in educating their kids outside of the institutional system...

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    And you never tell people what to think! Just kidding. I don't care what actors think but I do think they have a right to speak like everyone else. I cringed when you took away people's right to speak because their families are not all "successful" from a Christian point of view. They are still people. Then again maybe I shouldn't speak because I have been through big family troubles even though I dare to call myself a Christian (I think). Also I might mention that I am not American and am sick and tired of hearing about the crazy politics there which seem to come down to who can say the most nasty things about the other person.

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