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Sep 28, 2017

Truth For The Broken

Darin and Hans talk about the neglected and broken hearted people who find it hard to understand the US factor and how it works. 

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    Wow!! All I can say is WoW!! I really needed to hear this. After years of living in the wild, I decided to take my children back to church for some foundational groundwork in Christianity. I'm talking about the "Jesus Loves Me' and basic Bible stories. Don't get me wrong, I do the same for them, but the community atmosphere of other believers was missing, I believe. I look at it in the same way I look at taking my kids to school. Just laying the foundation. Because I don't want to just 'drop' them off, I've been sitting in and listening to the sermon. I tell myself, it can't be ALL bad...there is some good stuff to be gleaned from what the preacher says and I always loved praise and worship. Plus, my eyes are open to the truth so I figured I can pick and choose what is TRUTH for me and what's manipulation. Boy was I wrong!! The insidiousness of the institution (whether it is intentional or not, which I do not believe it is) cannot help but come through every sermon, plan and activity. As I sit through it, I cannot help but unwittingly getting sucked in. You guys reminded me what it's TRULY all about! The modern Christian church has truly 'resurrected' the old testament model of 'striving' 'being good enough' and good vs. evil. It's always about what You Need to Do for God and how you're never good enough. I see it for myself and I refuse to get sucked back in. You guys keep up the Good work!! I sooo needed this!!

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    If you grew up unloved you are a prime candidate for "becoming a Christian" and then being devastated that Christianity does not fill the love void, either as a church person or (sorry) a free believer (for some of us). Maybe we just don't have "believe". I don't know any more. My brother's conversion was a total turn around and the fire was soon snuffed out. He Killed himself at twenty one years old.

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    Just one question. How do people learn all these deep concepts without some pretty serious bible study; as "free believers" how do people with no church background get all that?

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    That is a great question!! :)

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    Maybe start with health? Then life will get extremely easier. I don't think the pastors and those in authority are preying on the weak, but I bet people who are struggle with anxiety will give themselves up way too easy. (At least they're not in a cult) They see church as an escape when it should be home and a place to be yourself. It's really weird how people view church when their eating habits are now sin. But lets try to get the pastor to change what he's preaching to something about what they're eating. The congregation will get smaller, and I doubt the pastors will like to downsize.

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