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Sep 18, 2017

What Happened To Our BELIEVE

Darin and Hans talk about why the average Christian’s faith doesn’t work. Most people just assume that they don’t have enough faith, but the real problem is much more simple. Great talk.

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    s. phillips

    I think you can take it back farther then Abraham and go right back to the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve could only walk with God, talk with God and see God. They did not have the union that we have with God today. When a person can see this then the whole fall of mankind becomes a magnificent plan of God's. I would rather have the union I experience with God today then be waiting in the garden of Eden to spend time with God in the cool of the evening. His whole plan was for us to be a part of Him and it could only be accomplished through the fall of man.

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    I am sure an all powerful, all knowing, all loving God could have organised it some other way without the fall and all its destruction and pain. Actually I don't get "the fall" story at all. We are supposed to be guilty and deserving of punishment because of how we are born as a result of the actions of Adam and Eve. Like condemning someone born with cerebral palsy for not walking properly! We don't "choose" to sin if we are born unable to do anything but sin! Anyway I greatly struggle with the idea that the fall was God's plan. Though if I think about it I see how Eve was set up for a fall. She had no idea what sin was until the "knowledge of good and evil". She wasn't warned about the snake and coached in how to answer it. God didn't come to her rescue when the snake arrived. She was deceived so that hardly equals deliberate rebellion. Especially as she didn't know good and evil. Anyway, enough of my speculations!

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