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Feb 07, 2018

Wise And Harmless

Darin and Hans continue their discussion on what it means to be wise and harmless in a world of tribalism. 

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    Interesting discussion. I guess the challenge for free believers is that they guard against becoming another tribe. A subtle form of this would be to label people who disagree about some things as "unloving" or "unbelievers".

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    It is so linear in our thinking...we strive to create the tribe (man-made acceptance) at the further loss of personal identity; to me, this is the greatest attack upon the Church. (Sounds a bit like socialism!) Everything else is upon the periphery. The Garden was about identity loss, not sin; true identity, which is love centric, is lost when we look through the veil of good and evil...and that was the real veil which Jesus rent. That which David saw in God was why Abba said he was after His own heart. My experience has been the complete opposite of the religious projections and forecast; the closer love brings me to the real me (warts and all) the more compassion, empathy and love from and for others flows. God is so cool!

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    Holly Hoell

    Loved it! Darin, glad you shared about Acts where they sold everything they had. My son keeps tossing that out at me and you called it because what he was saying bothered me and I couldn't put my finger on it, but you nailed it.

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    David Joseph

    Love you Darin. This is the coolest show on earth. God Bless

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