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Finally a show that isn't censored by religiosity and cold traditionalism! The "Into the Wild" show is an unrestrained, cutting edge, over the top look at the Christian life, lived outside of the cage. If you are looking for something REAL and relevant; you've found it. Become a part of the revolution and be released into the wild.

Darin Hufford Darin Hufford is the founder and director of The Free Believers Network. Darin speaks all over the nation through conferences, seminars, and church services. He is the author of best selling book, "The Misunderstood God", and two popular books... (more)
Hans Funk Hans Funk was raised in Washington State, He joined the Army and moved to Oklahoma, then to Germany, on to Yakima and eventually back to where they started in Olympia. Hans attended City Colleges of Chicago and the University of Maryland and has worked... (more)
Oct 23, 2016

The Relief Project Part 6, Bible Teacher Vs People Feeder

This is a very challenging topic that could cause some listeners to emotionally shut down and completely miss the real revelation. Listen closely and with an open mind. Darin and Hans talk about the evolution of the Christian religion in America and how many have exchanged "faith in God and people" for "faith in the bible and doctrine." Taking a radical step into authentic relationship with your people is dangerous and wild, but for many Pastors it’s exactly what they need to shock their ministry back to life. 

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