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What is The Free Believers Network?

Darin Preaching

The Free Believers Network is precisely what the name implies. We are a network of people who are committed to embracing the freedom that Christ paid for, and who are unwilling to forfeit any part of that freedom to organized religion. Though many “Free Believers” have chosen to abandon the traditional church setting and discover their own form of fellowship, there are many others who have decided to stay in a traditional congregation with a renewed and healthy perception of the role of the institutional church in their lives. Either way, the “Free Believer” is a person who understands that “church” is not a building or a place they attend once a week, but it is in fact they who are the Church.

The purpose of The Free Believers Network is to provide community and relationships for people who desire a real and authentic experience with the Father without the religious traditionalism that commonly chokes the human spirit. Jesus Christ said, “Where two or more are gathered in His name”, He would be present. He did not specify where they must gather, what they must do or how they must do it. Because everyone’s life and personality is different, God has left the canvas of our gatherings completely blank. This network recognizes the beauty and freedom that has been given to believers in the New Testament and seeks to provide Biblical alternatives for people who wish to break free from the routine of modern day religion and venture out into something entirely unique and spontaneous.

The Free Believers Network is not an anti-church movement. We are neither for, nor against the institutional church. Our desire is to protect and preserve the body of Christ on an individual and personal level. It is not our goal to bring down the modern day church system or to cause an uprising against it. We simply seek to properly identify the true meaning of “Church”. In doing so, we will essentially put the “system” of church in its proper place. We understand that the system of church we know and understand today is not found anywhere in Scripture. This fact alone does not give us license to destroy or annihilate the present church system; rather we seek to identify its positive attributes and receive what good it does have to offer.

Our mission and purpose can be stated in four simple steps:

  1. To help people live in the freedom that Christ provided on the cross.
  2. To help people guard and protect their freedom.
  3. To enhance people’s understanding of their freedom.
  4. To help guide people into living out the fullness of their freedom.

We understand that we can connect with God personally without an earthly ordained mediator. We can hear His voice and respond on our own. We can develop our own authentic relationship with God that may or may not resemble the accepted patterns approved by the institution. We understand that we can worship Him in our own way and time, without the presence of a “leader” a “team” or a barrage of instruments. Our lives are not limited to a standard way of thinking but are free to take whatever form He desires that they take. Church does not begin on Sunday morning and end at noon. It is not a service or a program. The Church consists of those who know Him on a personal level throughout the world. A free believer is not someone who starts a church, goes to church or even leaves a church. A free believer is someone who understands that he or she IS the Church.

We do not presume that we have full understanding or knowledge of all the things that pertain to God. We are however free to explore Him on a personal level without the presence of institutional leadership or paid staff people to assist and guide us. We trust and believe that we have been given the Holy Spirit and “we do not need anyone to teach us because the anointing we received from Him leads us into all truth.” The Free Believers Network is not here to provide all the answers. We are here to encourage people to find Him on their own. We do not provide a prescription for finding the Father, rather we supply an open environment in which each individual can discover and experience Him in there own way.

The Free Believers Network is also here to present opportunities for newly freed believers to discover friendships with other like minded people in their area. We understand that many people feel abandoned by their Christian friends and excluded from religious circles the moment they gain an individual understanding of the Heart of God. Our network wishes to be an encouragement to those who are considering a path that might contradict the teachings and accepted patterns of their institutional upbringing.

Please take your time as you prayerfully browse this site. There is a plethora of information here that can bless you or possibly even anger you. Either way, we want to encourage every visitor to approach this information with an open and inquisitive heart. It is our strong suggestion that you begin this exploration of truth by reading “The God’s Honest Truth” as everything on this site is a byproduct of the simple and Biblical revelations contained in this book.  The very foundation of everything we teach can be summarized in three simple words: “God-is-Love.”


Darin Hufford