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Dec 06, 2008

A letter I received about the "Believe" blogs.

by Nancy Rankin


Hey Darin,

In reference to your recent blogs about the power of believe...and how some folks didn't seem to quite "get it."

I submit this under the category of fascinating, or maybe science catching up with the bible?

Dr Andrew Armour Ph.D. is a heart specialist who noticed the presence of neurons in the heart - he noted a sophisticated collection of these and learned that the heart contains a complex nervous system of its own. He soon realized there is a more intimate connection between the heart and brain than had previously been known or understood. Indeed, the doctor claims that the heart actually sends more information to the brain than the other way around! Dr Armour has written a pamphlet called, Anatomical and Functional Principles. His publisher makes the following comment about this writing:

Groundbreaking research in the field of neurocardiology has established that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a "heart brain" ....Armour discusses intriguing data documenting the complex neuronal processing and memory capabilities of the intrinsic cardiac nervous system, indicating that the heart brain can process information and make decisions about its control independent of the central nervous system. By providing an understanding of the elaborate anatomy and physiology of the cardiac nervous system, this monograph contributes to the newly emerging view of the heart as a complex, self-organized system that maintains a continuous two-way dialogue with the brain and the rest of the body.

Professor Paul Pearsall Ph.D. also made a contribution to the new discussion of the intelligence of the human heart. After interviewing nearly 150 heart and other organ transplant recipients, Pearsall proposed the once staggering concept that cells of living tissue could have the capacity to remember.

"...Paul Pearsall is one of many researchers who observed that transplant patients who receive an organ from another person's body may also receive much more -- what he calls their "cellular memories." Recipients have reported inheriting everything from the donor's food cravings to knowledge about his murderer -- information that in one case led to the killer's arrest. As a result of these and other researchers' findings, Pearsall is now convinced that the heart has its own form of intelligence that we are only rarely aware of in modern life.

In his view, the heart processes information about the body and the outside world through an "info-energetic code" -- a profuse network of blood vessels and cells that serves not only as our circulatory system but as an energy information gathering and distribution system, much like a complex telephone network. What's more, he believes that the soul, at least in part, is a set of cellular memories that is carried largely by our hearts. Predictably, such views have met with opposition in the medical world. But in his view, the implications of his theories -- that the heart "thinks," cells remember, and communication can therefore transcend the boundaries of time and space -- are too important for him to dismiss." (These comments come from here:

The extensive research of Armour and others show that there can now be no going back - we can all now state quite dogmatically that the relationship between the heart and brain has been hugely underestimated and that the heart contains more brain-like capacities than anyone would have thought just a very few years ago. There is an inter-change between heart and brain with the brain actually receiving more information from the heart than vice versa. No one would have believed this only 5-10 years ago! Armour's separate and unassociated area of research to the 'transplanted memory' phenomenon has shown that there is no biological reason why the heart cannot store memories, thoughts and passions.

[nancy] I'm thinking this means that the biblical concept you talk and teach of about the heart and spirit can no longer be taken as purely poetic? Yes, Darin, there really is such a thing as a power of believe in the human heart. Yipee!

I'm not saying any thing except that I found the information fascinating and related to the "power of believe concept"...and that evangelical Christians are not interested and are calling all such research occultist and pseudo spiritual. I'm surprised.

Anyway, for what it's worth...I "get you" and I appreciate you just continuing to be so dang real spiritually. I included source sites but not as an endorsement that I believe it all. I know God doesn's have to make sense but I just really like it when he does.

nancy in corpus christi



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  1. Gravatar
    David Joseph Brncik

    Wow this is an incredible dicovery. If this is true and it is then the heart or spirit of man is the learning center. Therefore just like the brain has so many unused abilities which i believe are for a spiritual reason. Then why can't the heart have the same ability or capacity or even more. This is very cool to know. God Speed David

  2. Gravatar

    The body and life are just amazing in their complexity. I was just reading that the circulatory system is the first functioning organ system in the fifth week of a new little human life. Hmmmm.

  3. Gravatar

    This is good! I can totally see "christians" getting heart transplants from "saved" people only! Or maybe it would be an "outreach" to get an unsaved heart and "convert" it. Sorry is that too much. Totally tounge in cheek here, but you know what I'm saying? This is very interesting stuff. Thanks.

  4. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Yea, but think about it Scott; if someone got a heart transplant from a Christian and then they died; who would really go to heaven???? That's an even better question. What if you donate your body to science and they take your heart and give it to someone who is determined to not believe. That would stink. You'd be sitting in the purgatory bleachers waiting to see what they did with your heart, hoping they made the right choice in the end.

  5. Gravatar

    AAAAAAAAH!!! Can, open, ... worms everywhere!!!

  6. Gravatar

    So my husband had surprise six-way bypass heart surgery this last spring. With new vessels, there is an influx of lifegiving blood to keep his heart in working order. With that kind of a miracle who knows what will happen next!

  7. Gravatar
    David Joseph Brncik

    Darin, I Love you! You make me laugh so hard!

  8. Gravatar

    I'd love to believe what Nancy wrote about, but thought is wise to do some research. First, be wary of This is a website that looks impressive and claims to be a scientific institution with high-blown claims about who uses its products. In fact, I can find no scientific validity on its site, and it appears keen to make money. Second, Prof. Paul Pearsall looks distinctly dodgy! Check out this webpage Rather like Heartmath, the good doctor seems to make a lot of claims about himself that do not check out. The message is that we should be sceptical of remarkable claims that appear to support scientifically our spiritual beliefs. We cannot 'prove' God through science and don't need to!

  9. Gravatar

    This sounds like medical fiction to me. One way to test whether a medical study is valid or not is to check if there have been other studies by independent research groups which support the claims. We Christians are so easily led sometimes. We need to be careful not to check our brains at the door.

  10. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    I've seen several studies that support this. I think to many people check their hearts at the door and are quick to discount something that makes them uncomfortable. Like the days when the "Pro-Choice" people said "It isn't a real life until a heart beat is present" only to change their tune several years later when doctors were able to prove a heart beat is present within days of conception. In my experience, it doesn't matter what medical science finds out because people believe only what they've decided to believe.

  11. Gravatar

    I searched and I found no supporting evidence in any scientific or medical journal. Also, there is no heartbeat in a fetus until about the 5th week. At conception the fertilized egg begins to divide and is only a cluster of cells. (I was a science teacher and taught human growth and development) For me, when it comes to science, concepts must be proven empirically and methodically. Questions of sprirituality and ethics are a whole other matter.

  12. Gravatar

    John, when you say "We cannot 'prove' God and don't need to!" I ask, "Why can't we at least show a little bit of intelligence in the matter?" There are a couple of really great presentations out there that offer great questions for Christians.(See the movie Everything is Spiritual, The Privileged Planet,or the Truth Series). Of course we know that God is spirit, so the physical representation of God is only found through Jesus. However, if you journey into the AMAZING world around you and delve into a little bit of physics you will be suprisingly overjoyed to "see" Him in action. Why not address some of those questions that non-believers -and I know many believers- have?

  13. Gravatar

    Find Dr. Caroline Leaf's book Who Switched off my Brain. She is a Christian Dr who has studied brain / heart connection and will corroberate that the heart has it's own "brain". She gives a wonderful, easy to read, very scientific study on how the brain stores memory, how we can grow healthy brain cells and how the brain and heart work together. It's amazing stuff really, very encouraging. But be aware, it's deep and complicated. Hang in there, you will be amazed by it all! To reiterate, it does support the above AND with scientific 'proof'. When I read new things like this, I don't need methodic and imperical proof from science (man), I simply ask Abba "show me what I need to know", HE never lets me down. Blessings.............believe with your heart!

  14. Gravatar

    "People will believe what they've decided to believe." So true always. People assume "science" is all empirical and methodical, but even a "scientist" starts out with a belief, and sees the "facts" according to his belief. Few people are as objective as they claim. Science is not the simple ABC people think. How often has science changed its "opinion" that you have heard? eg I have read "science" that says salt intake affects blood pressure and I have read "science" that says it doesn't. And that would seem to be a simple thing!

  15. Gravatar
    Brian Fassette

    When the bible speaks of believing with the heart it is not speaking of a muscle that pumps blood. Study kinf Solomons temle to get a picture of how we look inside . We are now the temple of God and solomons temple is a type and shadow just like the sacrifed animals weree a type pf Jesus

  16. Gravatar

    "the purgatory bleachers"... Hilarious!! I laughed out loud at this one!!

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