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Nov 23, 2009

Did The Father Forsake Jesus On The Cross? No!

by Steve McVey


For many years I taught the seven sayings of the cross and when I came to the words of Jesus, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" I used the text as evidence that the Father had turned His back on His own Son when Jesus was on the cross. "The Bible is clear that God cannot look upon sin!" I would boldly proclaim. It seemed reasonable to me that God turned away from Jesus. After all, isn't that what Jesus said? 

The answer is, "No, that is not what He said. That is what He asked. There's a big difference between making an assertion and asking a question." 

"Do you mean Jesus was wrong?" you might ask. My answer is that it was Jesus, the Man who became sin for us. When he absorbed the darkness and weight of the sin of the world into Himself, He had the sense of abandonment by God the Father that sin always brings. Blinded by sin and horrified by its effect on and in Him, the man Jesus cried out of His humanity, "Why have you forsaken me?" In that moment, He identified Himself with every person who has ever felt abandoned by God. He became one who felt isolated, lonely, abandoned, forsaken and hopeless on behalf of you, me, and everybody who would ever feel that way. 

The question Jesus spoke was a direct quote from the prophetic Psalm 22, where in the very first verse the psalmist asks, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" It is noteworthy that this is the only time Jesus ever called His Father "God" and not "Father." In that moment,the man Jesus felt forsaken. Having become sin for us, He could not feel or sense or see His Father's embrace at that moment. 

The gospels don't record an answer to His question, but Psalm 22 does. In response to the first verse where the psalmist cries out the prophetic words, "Why have you forsaken me?" there is an answer in verse 24. Here's the answer to the question of Jesus, the question of the psalmist and the question of every person who has ever felt abandoned by the Father: For he (God the Father) has not despised or disdained the suffering of the afflicted one; he has not hidden his face from him but has listened to his cry for help. 

Sin may deafen our ears to the answer, but the reality is that the Father has never and will never despise, disdain or turn His face away from us, forsaking us. He has heard our cry for help! 

God the Father forsaking His own Son? Impossible! God the Father was "in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself!" (2 Corinthians 5:19) Jesus didn't feel it at the time. It seemed like the Father had forsaken Him, but He hadn't! Nor will He ever forsake you. 

But what about the "God cannot look upon sin" part? Doesn't the Bible say that? Well, it does but we need to put that comment in context. It was Habakkuk the prophet who said that as he watched evil people seemingly getting away with their sins. Here's the whole quote in context: 

Your eyes are too pure to look on evil; you cannot tolerate wrong. Why then do you tolerate the treacherous? Why are you silent while the wicked swallow up those more righteous than themselves? Habakkuk 1:13 

To paraphrase him, Habakkuk said, "Your eyes are too pure to look on evil and you can't tolerate wrong so why are you?" In other words, it made no sense to Habakkuk that God was looking on sin when Habakkuk believed that wasn't possible. He was smearing the face of God with the guilt and shame of humanity the same way Adam had done when he hid himself in the Garden of Eden because He thought God wouldn't want to look at him after he sinned. Adam was wrong. God came for His walk that day just as He had every day. And Habakkuk was wrong too. 

The fact is that God can look upon sin. Some people act as if the relationship of God the Father to sin is like Superman's aversion to kryptonite. They act as if God is afraid of sin, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Christ Jesus, sin has been destroyed - finished- end of story. (See Daniel 9:24) Through the finished work of the cross, sin has been defeated! God hates sin because of what it does to us, not because it does anything to Him. 

So, on the cross Jesus took the sin of the world upon Himself. As a man who became sin for us (so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him), He felt forsaken, but He was not. The Father did hear His cry and, as the empty tomb three days later proves, did not forsake Him. The question of Jesus the man was: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" The answer from God the Father was: "I haven't! I've not despised, disdained nor forsaken you. I'm here with you, in this moment, carrying you through this death to the glorious resurrection on the other side." 

That was true for Jesus when he felt forsaken and it's true for you when you feel that way too.

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  1. Gravatar
    Jacob Botha

    Well said. There is NOTHING that can separate us from the love of God...

  2. Gravatar
    Just Passing By

    Excellent. Thank you.

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    Ben Brown

    This is a difficult and challenging issue, but I believe a better solution is one offered by one of the church fathers - "God forsaken of God, who can understand it?" Jesus, when He died on the cross, took the penalty of sin upon Himself. "The wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). This penalty involves not only physical death, but also spiritual--separation from God. Jesus took this penalty upon Himself so we don't have to. It is tempting to see Jesus' response as a human response only, but errors occur theologically when we try to separate Jesus' humanity and deity. He is the God Man, both deity and humanity together. We can't separate the two. More food for thought. Good stuff to be chewing on. Blessed to see study in deep issues of Scripture.

  4. Gravatar

    An excellent article and explanation of something that is misunderstood by many. I believe whole heartedly that His words were spoken from his human emotions.

  5. Gravatar
    Alice Scott-Ferguson

    right on, Darin! If God cannot look upon sin, then we have to question whether Jesus was truly God when he ate with sinners,let the unclean touch him,and he them.

  6. Gravatar

    You and I have come to the same conclusions after the same history. I now know to look for the reason why sin is reprehensible to Him... because it hurts those He created to love. Our sin doesn't catch Him by surprise and He isn't ashamed at it. I fully believe Isaiah 54:9-10 was initiated when Christ said "It is Finished." Blessings on you.

  7. Gravatar

    I totally agree. However, isn't it even more expansive than that, in regards to the applicability of Psalm 22 at this moment for Christ on the cross, that: 1) Christ was Jewish; 2) His prayers would be Jewish; 3) He would speak to His fellow Jews (whom were waiting for the promised Messiah) using prophetic Jewish prayers; 4) Therefore, this Psalm didn't JUST show us how He FELT, but also lets us know he spoke to the Jews in a way that showed that their own prayers miraculously (literally!) detailed the specific event of the crucifixion (aka Christ quoted THIS prayer to them for a reason, not just because it exemplified how he felt).

  8. Gravatar
    Andre van der Merwe

    Wow what a fresh, liberating insight! Glory to God for this fresh wave of revelation. Thank you for sharing... In Grace Andre van der Merwe

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    Gary Pryzner

    Yes! I wrestled with this last summer after a child asked me where it said in the Bible that God hates the presence of sin. Challenged in my preaching by a child, I went to the Scriptures for the answer, turning to passage after passage, I could only conclude that the Word of God teaches exactly as you have declared. God never runs from our sin, but the sinner always runs from the presence of God. Light reveals what is hid in darkness, as the darkness flees. The purpose of light is to bring us back to the Father who waits at the gate daily watching for His child to make his way home. The prodigal may not have seen it as 'home', for he had come to be a servant. The father saw it differently. And sin then is not the thing done, but the heart that turned away. Light exposes hearts. Thanks

  10. Gravatar
    lawesley king

    thank you because i had always wanted to know if god forsaken jesus or not. i thought god didnt forsake anyone and i was right. some things had confused me but in this i got the answers i need. i really do he can do the same for me and others. thanks

  11. Gravatar

    that is excellent teaching! it is God's kindness that brings us to repentance, not his disdain for our condition and looming judgment. He hates sin because it hurts us! perfect!

  12. Gravatar

    It never ceases to amaze me how we take something so simple and make it so complex. I have always believed exactly what you say here, even though I have heard many teachings to the contrary. Thank you for bringing it back to the basics.

  13. Gravatar
    Lynette Rodriguez

    Like the Bereans it is wisdom to see if the things we have believed and been told in days past be so! Scripture speaks of increase of knowledge in the last days. The increase is in the revelation knowledge of the Love and character of God

  14. Gravatar
    Gary Pryzner

    1) It's impossible to sin and remain in good relationship with God. The sinner, whether a believer or not, ALWAYS thinks to run from God. So many Christians keep kicking self when God has already forgiven; ruining the intimacy God seeks to have with them. (Please don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that God pushes the fallen away; but that the fallen hide.) 2) We must be careful to remember that God must punish sin in the end. Those who shun intimacy with God, will not have to 'suffer His presence' for eternity. They don't know that peace with God is so good, nor that eternity separated from all relationship is so terrible. While on the cross Jesus was also dealing with God's judgment. He became a curse (Gal 3) and was stricken by God (Isa 53). The cross was about judgment. Jesus felt it.

  15. Gravatar

    This is an excellent article! Thank you!

  16. Gravatar
    Mary Jane

    This is truly an amazing Truth that I had so distorted. Thank you for so clearly sharing the Good News!! I am so excited about LIFE now!!!

  17. Gravatar

    Gary Pryzner, I read your comment and I wept for all the times I have sinned as his child and hide from him, leaving him waiting for me to return. Thank you,

  18. Gravatar
    Eddie Harris

    Pease send information on did the Father forsake Jesus on the cross?

  19. Gravatar
    Child of God

    I have to peach this word on Good Friday, I believe God led me to this page that you wrote. I will share this with the body of Christ. Thank you and I like the comments also, God bless you!

  20. Gravatar
    Bob Collins

    I'm thinking that, though there was a separation, there was not a total abandonment. He does know in every way what it is to be us. He totally identifies with us in every way. Though Adam put all mankind in a position of alienation from God, we have never been abandoned by Him. From the moment Adam and Eve sinned God began His pursuit of us with "Adam, where are you?" The theme running through Scripture from beginning to end is God's constant, relentless, undying pursuit of us because of His Love. Because He IS Love. Another thought I have goes something like : If Jesus was totally abandoned it would mean that the Eternal Unity which is the Godhead did not exist. For a moment there was not God the Son. His divine nature would not just be set aside, it would not be. To 'forsake' in the way we use the word today would have the result of Jesus being CUT OFF from the Godhead. Not an injury to the UNITY. A DOING AWAY with the Oneness. 2 Timothy 2: 13 He cannot deny (disown,reject) Himself.

  21. Gravatar

    I know this is an old thread but I really want to respond to Gary’s comment. He said, “We must be careful to remember that God must punish sin in the end.” I disagree. Sin was dealt with on the cross so there’s no need to “punish” it again. He also said, “The cross was about judgment.” While it’s true that on the cross sin was judged, the cross was NOT about judgment. It was about reconciliation. On it, God dealt with the disease of sin and then provided the antidote. (Jesus)

  22. Gravatar

    Ouch! This actually hurt me to read because I have fallen in loooooooove with this network of believers, but this couldn't be further from reality. The bible clearly states that He who knew no sin, became sin, not just his flesh because man is a triune being who needed salvation for Spirit, Soul, and Body. Therefore, Christ 'became' (thats a fun little greek word) sin and therefore had to be separated from God. By doing so, Christ, paid the penalty of sin in full for all mankind and for all eternity. He was separated so that we could never be.

  23. Gravatar

    Also, where did Christ spend the 3 days while in the tomb? It is clear that post resurrection he had not yet ascended to the father according to the gospels. This is just inaccurate, I'm sorry or at least in my humble opinion, I disagree. 2 Corinthians 5:21 NASB He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

  24. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    James why would this hurt you? Did you honestly think you'd finally found a network of believers who all believe exactly the way you do? If that's what you're looking for my friend, prepare your heart to be hurt many more times:) There are articles and comments here that even I don't totally agree with but I post them anyway because I think they raise excellent points that (believe it or not) could be argued theologically either way. There's plenty of scripture that supports this viewpoint just as there's scripture that supports your view point. :-)

  25. Gravatar
    James Pesch

    Hahaha! Sorry for the confusion Darin, I meant, to read this "hurt" me in the same way it pains me to hear local Car Dealership ads blare on the radio station I really like, (You know the ones that make you go "ughhh")right after hearing one of your favorite songs. I did not mean that this "hurt" me in the deep emotional way most people are hurt by modern day churches and/or ministries. Sorry once again for the confusion.

  26. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Thanks james.

  27. Gravatar
    TT Rivers

    If God did not forsake Jesus on the cross, would it not be sin (even blasphemy) to falsely accuse God? Was Jesus mistaken when he told the Phasisees (Jn. 8:28-29) and his disciples (Jn. 16:32) that the Father would not leave him alone? What was the darkness for? Solomon said that "the Lord dwells in the darkness." Divine DARKNESS is everywhere in Scripture symbolic of the power and presence of God; at the giving of the Law, dedication of the Tabernacle and the Temple, every year at Passover DARKNESS consumed the offering upon the mercy seat. Darkness poured out as a flood from the veil and hid the glory of the face of God in Christ from the eys of sinful men.(Is.53:3 1611 KJV footnote from Heb., the Jewish TANAKH.)How did Jesus cry with a LOUD VOICE the words of a Hebrew song? The descriptive Greek words show that Jesus cried with "a shout of encouragement, a call of jubilation." Matthew shows He cried repeatedly. I would like to share my sermon "God Works the Nightshift."

  28. Gravatar

    Darrin, I really enjoy your blogs and can resonate with what's on your heart. I have heard that preached for years that Father abandoned his Son on the cross, but then if Hebrews 13 says I will never leave you or forsake you, the Father treats us better than his own son. That makes no sense. Also, if Father would abandon his Son in his darkest hour, why wouldnt he abandon you and I too. I'm glad the Holy Spirit is guiding us into all truth. Bless you

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    lily carolyn

    Good explanation my dad did ask me about Jesus questioning Father. I prayed and God showed me the exact explanation. Thank you for right interpretation of His word, many stumble and controversy His perfect WORDS

  31. Gravatar
    Victor Tembo

    That's good writing. Please, help me on this point: Jesus as Last Adam wiped out all that Adam placed upon humanity. This means the spirit, soul and body - the whole totality of man. This entails that Jesus had to carry ALL the sins and the consequences of the disobedience of Adam. 2 Cor 5:21 tells us that God made Him who had no sin to be SIN in order that we might become God's righteousness. Jesus was literally made sin. This includes His Spirit being. If his Spirit was not included in our redemption then our salvation would be incomplete. If the punishment for sin included spiritual death, how sufficient was Jesus' substitution position on behalf of man? I'm unlearning and learning! Thanks.

  32. Gravatar

    This is a far different view of the Cross than I was raised with, but it presents the Father's heart for us in a way much more in line with the whole of scripture. James, as for your question of where Jesus was during the three days, He was either in Paradise, or else He lied to the thief on the cross next to Him. From the Gospel accounts, I take it that Jesus in bodily form had not yet ascended to the Father (his lifeless body being in the tomb during that time) but both His and the thief's spirit (soul?) were in Heaven.

  33. Gravatar

    Thank you this really helped when someone had told me Jesus was forsaken by God the Father. I spent time trying to think of ways to reverse this thought someone had told me. It gave great wonder when I had found this. Thank You God for showing me this.Amen

  34. Gravatar

    The above article is false - God the Father did NOT turn His back on His son,Jesus is God come in the flesh, there can never be any disunity in the Godhead nor darkness in God, for God is light.These are the last days. Jesus did NOT literally become sin, He was a propitiation for our sins, the lamb of God, never referred to as the scape goat either! Psal 22:24, He hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted neither hath He hid His face from Him but when He cried to Him He heard. Jesus knew who He was, it was the prayer of a righteous man/the Righteous One and to fulful prophecy. He had to be without sin, totally unblemished or would not have been an acceptable sacrifice. Wake up church, only the Elect will not be deceived these are the last days.

  35. Gravatar
    Greg Ball

    Everyone has posted good responses to this article, however, when we are faced with a new slant on our theology and what we have become indoctrinated with by church, it is hard to accept it. That is the power of religion. At best, this article is true, at worst, it simply shows us the Fathers heart in a fresh way. The Pharisees had the same problem. They put God in a box and marketed the whole package, but He doesn't work like that. We need to think outside the box if we are ever to understand and know the true heart of our Father. God sent Jesus to save the world, not to condemn it (John 3:17-18). I think that says it all.

  36. Gravatar
    Gary Pryzner

    Aida, I don't know if you will see this or not, but thanks for considering my note and offering correction. “...that God must punish sin in the end,” was not meant to be a reference to Christians, but to the Great White Throne judgment. You are correct, for the Christian "sin was dealt with on the cross so there’s no need to 'punish' it again." “Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be judged but has crossed over from death to life.” Your thought about the cross not being about judgment is confusing. I agree that it is about reconciliation. I believe it is about both. In my understanding, Christ was judged that we might be reconciled. I would get this from verses like John 12:31, Rom 8:3, and Gal 3:13. But perhaps you are trying to say something else??

  37. Gravatar

    This is an awesome article and it has helped me with my salvation sermon. God bless

  38. Gravatar
    Bruno Gelinas

    James asked "Also, where did Christ spend the 3 days while in the tomb?" If you believe in private revelations, I would strongly recommend "THE DOLOROUS(SORROWFUL) PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST" from the meditations of ANNE CATHERINE EMMERICH. In particular, chapters 44, 45, and 59 (link below)

  39. Gravatar
    Marion Lee

    When Adam and Eve sinned, God came looking for them! When they were put out of the Garden...God went with them! The Bible is a record of God's never ending pursuit of His beloved children. God does not turn His back on us...nor did He turn His back on Jesus on the cross...He was "In Christ, reconciling the world to Himself!!

  40. Gravatar

    Jesus did not become sin; rather, He bore or carried our sin. Please refer to attached links. Thank you.

  41. Gravatar

    Wow ..very powerful and healing...

  42. Gravatar
    Karla Anderson

    Beautiful! The recently published book, "Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross: Uncovering the Treasure of Jesus' Dying Words" by Karla Anderson is available on It explains how the Jewish tradition of the Rabbi/Teacher was to quote the first and last line of a passage of scripture. Memorization was essential since there were no texts besides what the rabbis used. Jesus, as the Rabbi, quote the first and last line of the Psalm from the Cross. The book is a wonderful & inspirational read!

  43. Gravatar
    Dianna Velez

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cried for days when I was told that Jesus was forsaken because God could not look upon sin. I still cry. But, I it just didn't make sense to me why he was resurrected after that, if God had forsaken Him. This article explained the passage very well and shined the light on the hope that I just couldn't let go of. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  44. Gravatar
    Margarita Pierce

    Well I have always believe that God did forsake Jesus at that moment...but now? I am sure He did not...God was very well pleased with all that Jesus had done, so what reason would He have to forsake Him? I know that we have always heard that Jesus became sin for all of us...but there is not one single verse that I could find that says that He I think that He did pay the sin debt by having kept the commandments and by being crucified for claiming to be whom he claimed to be..I do believe that when He said..God oh why has thou forsaken me? that He was in deed quoting Psalms 22..

  45. Gravatar
    Cheryl Myrick

    Excellent article for the body of Christ. Since God is not the author of confusion as we well know, I say let it go. God's thoughts are not our thoughts & His ways are not our ways. If He wants us to know, then He will reveal it to us, right? I choose to focus on His goodness & glory & love not whether Jesus' words of being forsaken by God the Father while He was dealing with ALL the sin of the entire world, past, present, & future meant much or not or was just an emotional outburst from Jesus' humanity. He never sinned so Jesus could not have lied. We are also never going to be forsaken because God said so. Period. That is good enough for me. I used to think if God could do that to His very own Son Jesus what would He do to us or allow to happen to us but these thoughts are futile. Jesus suffered. Job suffered. We suffer. I just thank The Great I Am for creating us in His image & for everything He is & does. Halleluiah. Lord bless us all as we bless You Jesus.

  46. Gravatar
    Kirk Vagle

    I heard years ago in Bible college that the reason Jesus said "my God why have you forsaken me?" was not because God couldn't look on our sin but that in Biblical times there was no divisions (chapters & verses) in scripture (Psalm 22) so a person would quote the first line of a text as a heading for a chapter so that a he would not have to recite the entire passage. With that in mind, Jesus was quoting just the first line of ps 22 while referring to the entire chapter. The remaining verses say how God does not forsake or abandon us during the difficult times or let his body decay. Jesus knew this entire passage but only stated first part due to his great pain on the cross.

  47. Gravatar

    Jesus became an offering for our sin as in Lev 6 God shows us the sin offering was always most holy (no obscure moment in time did it become unholy) Lev 17:11 it's the blood given on the alter that makes atonement for your soul. Many times OT &NT alike (like Isa 53:10) talks of the sin offering but because 2 Cor 5:21 says sin, most take this as true with out knowing it could be translated ( in context ) as sin offering.

  48. Gravatar

    Just to muddy the waters..., look at Isaiah 63.1-5, God the Son was "alone" when He trod the wine press of the wrath of God at the cross (to what extent that is possible in the Trinity, is open to endless debate). My opinion is that the abiding sense of the Father and Holy Spirit's presence were not felt by Jesus while He was bearing the world's sin. Jesus was satisfying the righteous demands of God's perfect Law, in order to restore fallen mankind back to God. I do agree that God did not turn away from Jesus at the cross. How could an omniscient God not look?

  49. Gravatar
    Charmaine Smith

    Thanks has helped in solidifying my own position on the matter. You have certainly upped the ante with that last scripture from Isaiah.

  50. Gravatar

    In hebrew ,sin means TO MISS .Jesus missed being aware or meditative for a moment ,at which time he got lost like an ordinary man and so he felt distanced from god and was asking god why at that moment god did not help him in being aware or meditative

  51. Gravatar

    To miss living in awareness or meditatively or conciously is sin because in those moments you are diconnected from the devine source and the resultant actions cause pain and misery self and others around us.A spiritual person feels miserable in such a state .Jesus must have been unaware during the moments of extreme physical pain of crucification and hence....nevertheless he recovers soon .We humans are called sinners presumably because we live all moments of our lives missing awareness .

  52. Gravatar

    Friends ,i am an hindu ,by birth .i dont like to follow christianity the way it is taught nor hinduism.But am in love with my jesus ,the complete human being.i love him and i understand him more through my love than through the bible.

  53. Gravatar
    oheneba Adjei

    Well I know God did not forsake Jesus His only begotten Son on the cross but to say that the "man Jesus" had the sense of abandonment of the Father is not enough reason because the bible clearly states for in him(in this same man Jesus)dwelt the fullness of the Godhead bodily(Colossians 2:9).So he was not just a man no! More so,it may be that the psalmist quote in psalm 22 was referring to he David himself and not messianic prophecy after all because the translators were those who compared scriptures in the light of messianic prophecy and so psalm 22 as they added to these messianic prophecy may not be one of such prophecies.

  54. Gravatar

    Relegions of those days have never helped mankind at large to live blissfully and harmoniously which is self evident simply because of our non scientific interpretation (saying, jesus was not a man )of past presentations .Jesus was a scientist of human soul who longed for its evolution through living conciously and with love on a large scale ,which ofcourse unfortunately has not happened in the true sense .Jesus was very much a human with a highly evolved soul .Again if we interpret past presentations non scientifically and say he was born to change the world ,just look around ,has the world changed for any better ,though jesus very much would have loved it that way .if you see through those eyes all great souls have failed ,say krishna ,buddha ,mahavira ,zarathrustra .if they had succeeded the way we interpret is there love and harmony universally present today?

  55. Gravatar

    And God ,meaning the infinite energy ,sustaining life and the universe ,different names to it apart ,does not forsake even a blade of grass for even that presumabely was created from love .But it is possible for humans to feel forsaken because it is his expectations that are not met and not God 's.Jesus felt forsaken only for one moment in his entire life .Isnt that the greatest of souls.just one moment of non meditativeness ,one moment of unawareness or non'conciousness'

  56. Gravatar

    Those great souls were never failures.They were the foundation and superstructure for the people of their time alone .But they have left the foundation for the following generations to construct the superstructures personally for each induviduals themselves and not for mobs or middleen to do it for us .Infact we are failures or one can say sinners for not using their foundations to evolve our selves .instead degrading ourselves .

  57. Gravatar
    Ron M

    I would like to thank each of you for your comments. I came across this article quite by accident…(or so I thought). So did the Father then, actually desert Jesus as He hung on that cross? Well I would say no to that, but I do so very carefully. At this moment, Jesus felt a complete separation from His Father. The truth is, some very bright spiritual people (each armed with Scriptures to back their beliefs) completely disagree on this, so for the time being, I cannot definitively say He did or did not. However I do know this, Jesus felt abandoned by His Father. And no matter what the truth is, no matter if the Father took his eyes off of His Son, or if Jesus in His emaciated sin-bearing flesh felt He was abandoned, it happened only because of our sins. There seems to be at least in some cases, no clear answers to some of the spiritual questions we have. At this point, I believe this is one of those times.

  58. Gravatar
    Ron M

    I would suggest that to try to tie this up with a neat little spiritual ribbon so we can all move past it, does an injustice to the immense love that caused this tragedy to occur in the first place. So once again, please note this. Jesus died for you and He died for me. And in doing so, I am certain, this was the first time and only time in all of eternity that He could not feel His Father’s presence. Also, for the first time ever, He personally experienced sin. And let us never lose sight of the fact that it was MY sins and YOUR sins that nailed Him to that cross. To me, THAT is what is most paramount in this discussion. Thank you Jesus for Calvary. Thank You Father for allowing Your Son to die for our sins, and thank You Holy Spirit for making us aware of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!

  59. Gravatar

    I found this article today, 4/4/15. I needed this. It is wonderful. Thank you, Mr. McVey.

  60. Gravatar

    p.s. I think Mr. McVey's insight goes deeper than Mr. Browns.

  61. Gravatar

    You have no idea how much this article has helped me today. THANK YOU!!!!

  62. Gravatar

    I must agree with "Angela" and "TT Rivers' first comments when I humbly add John 16:32--Jesus foretelling the future of His death after the cross and responding to His disciples inner questions (just as we are doing now) as He says, “A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me." He is speaking of before and shortly after the crucifixion (not alone in death) and He continues to say (to us now, literally), "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” The Father never left Him; how could He, He is Himself? Not just because He is the Triune God, but because He is Love. Just as He could never forsake_us_despite our sin which, in order to save us, He chose to remove rather than have us pay ourselves, He could never forsake His Son, which is the Union of us(perfected) and God.

  63. Gravatar

    Love was walking along the way and noticed obedience,sacrifice,and understanding sitting by the wayside. Love asked "why have you stopped, why have you given up ?" "We have lost our way , we forget where we are headed and to whom we seek " Love said "rise up and follow me, I will lead you there "

  64. Gravatar

    Did David, when writing a Psalm, not often switch between writing about himself and writing prophetically about the suffering and glory of Jesus? Psalm 22 is the first part of a trilogy that was well known to the Jews. It begins with "My God, my God, why hath thou forsaken me?" which I believe David is talking about himself. The second verse cannot apply to Jesus. David does begin to write about the suffering and scorn the Messiah would endure in verse 6 and closes with "It is finished." While Jesus was hanging in agony on the cross, he quoted the first verse of this Psalm hoping that those Jews watching him would recall the entire Psalm and realize that they were seeing that prophecy being fulfilled right before their eyes and as a result repent and believe on him. He confirms to them that he is the one prophesied in Psalm 22 by quoting the last verse right before he dies. What enduring love he showed by reaching out one last time to those unbelieving Jews to believe on him.

  65. Gravatar
    Ray Clark

    A friend of mine had to carry their small child with an injury to the emergency room. The nurses took the child away from his mother and whisked him away to be treated. As much as the mother loved her baby and wanted to protect him she could not bear watching the child suffer under the hands of seemingly hurtful and uncaring strangers, but they were only trying to save the childs life. The cries of pain and protest of abandonment from the mother only intensified the mothers pain. She turned away and stopped her ears to keep from running into the ER room and deliver her hurting child because she knew the present pain was going to end up in healing if she allowed it to happen. Later the child in recovery asked the mother "why did you leave when I needed you?" The mother replied "because I loved you and it had to be done this way." God could not look at His Son dying such a horrible death and looked away because if He looked, He might intervene and it would hinder HIS plan of Salvation.

  66. Gravatar
    Raul his fathers son? ra? sun god?

    I have been through soon much I do not know why but I have felt that way. Maybe because I said that I would take the weight of the world on my shoulders? Maybe because I had to be tested because I have such a ritous heart I don't know. But I do know that we us all as human kind need to be one. We are all ppl and we all need to stand together. There should be no color no race. Because we are all one. Love kindness and respect and basic principals could have us all living happily so ppl stop being rude and inconsiderate of your brothers and sisters and start doing things right. And love everyone as your brothers and sister's truely.for without that we may all be doomed.

  67. Gravatar
    Ms. PenTy

    What he actuallly said on the cross was: "My God My God, for this purpose was I spared."

  68. Gravatar

    Bruno.Jesus did not spend His time between His death on the cross and His resurrection in hell. That is a Word of Faith made up mumbo jumbo garbage spewed from their mouths. It's blasphemous to even suggest that our Savior was in hell for any length in time.

  69. Gravatar
    Kimmy B


  70. Gravatar
    akinola ayodeji clement

    God can never forsake his own,God always answer his anoited,i got an insight to the question christ asked on the cross mathew 27:46,God already answered jesus in the book of isaiah 49:14 ,he is ever faithful.

  71. Gravatar
    akinola ayodeji clement

    God can never forsake his own,God always answer his anoited,i got an insight to the question christ asked on the cross mathew 27:46,God already answered jesus in the book of isaiah 49:14 ,he is ever faithful.

  72. Gravatar
    akinola ayodeji clement

    God can never forsake his own,God always answer his anoited,i got an insight to the question christ asked on the cross mathew 27:46,God already answered jesus in the book of isaiah 49:14 ,he is ever faithful.

  73. Gravatar

    While God does not abandon or forsake His own, He does withhold His protection from suffering for the ultimate fulfillment of His perfect purposes. Our sovereign God is just, and His purpose at the moment of atonement was to judge sin; thus He withdrew His protection and allowed Jesus to suffer more than any other in human history. This is not abandonment. It is the working out of Divine Purpose for the greater good for those who love the Lord. Rom: 8-28

  74. Gravatar
    Free thinker

    So God asked God, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me", yet you say theres only one God in Christianity. You also say he came down in the form of man to teach us how to worship God, so why do Christians worship Jesus when he clearly showed in practice that you need to seek help from God, not from him. He never wanted to die for our sins because if he did, he wouldn't beg for help. You can twist and turn the word "forsaken" however much you like, but the meaning with not change.

  75. Gravatar
    Abrom Meadows

    We has been told so many things until the devil have us look for things that is simple to understand for years as a Pastor I has asked visiting preacher where in the bible they found Jesus and God not omniscient,omnipotent and omnipresent.Some has given me the Kenosis theory of Phi 2:5, but that were hogwash in the 1800s and it is how to this baptist preacher scripture says: Joh 8:28  Then said Jesus unto them, When ye have lifted up the Son of man, then shall ye know that I am he, and that I do nothing of myself; but as my Father hath taught me, I speak these things.  Joh 8:29  And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him. Psa 139:7  Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?  I has always preached as he was being tempted in the wildness Jesus quote the WORD and from a drying cross Jesus quoted the word.

  76. Gravatar
    Peggy J. Marangoni

    This article explains this so well.I questioned whether the Father had forsaken his son when the darkness fell over the earth when Jesus died and the veil of the temple was rent in two. I now see the Father could never forsake his Son or us.Thank you

  77. Gravatar

    You are falsely accusing Jesus of falsely accusing his Father of forsaking him. Was Jesus being naive when he said “He who sent me is at my side; he has not left me alone; for I always do what pleases him”? Was he also being naive when he said, “Behold, the time is coming, it has come already, when you will be scattered to your homes, everyone of you, leaving me alone; but I am not alone, for the Father is with me”? I don’t think so. Jesus and his father are one (John 16).

  78. Gravatar

    I don’t know what’s worse. Falsely accusing God of forsaking Jesus or falsely accusing Jesus of falsely accusing God of forsaking Jesus. I am happy to see that the writer does not do the former, but disappomited that he does the latter.

  79. Gravatar
    Frederick William Hayston

    wow there are so many preacher's that say he did forsake him, (GOD)I have been called to preach and I was searching for answers in order to share with others, that I have entered in at the strait gate, The Spir'-it of God is the strait gate and one must be sealed upon by the same Spirit which descended upon Jesus like a dove, but also Jesus being baptized and praying heaven opened and the Holy Ghost bodily like a dove descended upon him, two things, three things happened that day, God the Father indwelled his Son for his voice from heaven said Thou art my beloved Son, In thee I am well pleased. God the father was talking to Jesus., also at that momentFor God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, God the Father placed his son in the world, all of us and he came straightway up out of the water and he saw the Spir'-it of God descending like a dove, lighten upon him, and a voice saying from heaven This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, God was talking John

  80. Gravatar

    Jesus was forsaken so you wouldn’t be forsaken he was rejected so you could be accepted and he became sin so you could be righteous he became sickness so you can be healed he was punished so you could be rewarded. On and on What happen on the cross was so it won’t happen to you he’s our “substitute” he’s our “sacrifice” he was receiving what we deserved. So if you ever felt forsaken,,,, the truth (the promise Heb 13v5)was written so you could overcome that feeling Three steps “identification”“substitution”then “union”. As a man Jesus identified with us took on humanity Number two he took our place became our “substitute” (as our substitute he took the fullness of God‘s wrath the Judgement “forsaken” number three we are now united with him in union with him one with him never to be separated never to be forsaken. “The gospel”

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