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Jan 27, 2010

It Just Came To Me

In the many years that I’ve been preaching this message, I have gathered and filed hundreds of individual “precious moments” in my heart. Moments where someone’s eyes were opened and freedom came flooding in like a spiritual blood transfusion. Each and every time I witness this, I find myself desiring to see it again and again. In fact, I’ll admit that it’s become an addiction of sorts in my life. It’s the very thing I look for every place I go. Witnessing this miracle flicker to life in the eyes of a person bound by religiosity does something to my heart that I have never been able to adequately describe. When I see this, every part of my soul swirls with a satisfaction that is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. 

As much as an addiction as this has become in my life, I have also learned that I cannot control it. I cannot decide when it happens in one single person. This is the part that frustrates me to no end. I’ve analyzed why it worked this time but not that time. Why did “this woman” get it while “that guy” just sat there with a blank look on his face? I’ve never been able to harness this revelation and distribute it as I see fit. I’ve found that this light clicks on by the Spirit of God and ONLY by Him. 

I’ve seen the difference between a person who receives this revelation from God at just the right time and a person who was convinced of it from man. It’s an ugly difference. I’m not even sure that the two can even be compared. I’ve never seen this flickering passion in the eyes of someone who was convinced of this truth by man. Revelation is not a convincing; it’s a knowing. A knowing can only be put there by the Spirit of God.

Because of the fact that I love the true flicker of revelation, I have learned the art of waiting for people to come to a thing on their own. There is simply no other way to go about this. I’ve found that you literally have to keep your list of doctrinal principles to yourself and your theological mouth shut. The authentic “precious moment” that I’ve become addicted to is a very unique and special thing. Being able to witness it happening takes a great deal of patience and an endless amount of hands-off-ness. The sad fact is that we rarely get to experience it because someone almost always loses patience and tries to step in and take control. The moment that happens, it’s all over. What would have been a natural birth gets terminated. 

Over the years I have become more and more convinced that the Christian walk is completely about what you "come to" personally rather then what you are taught to memorize and “hold to.” 

The Christian religion has spent almost all of its time and energy pushing our beliefs on the world. We’ve done it through peer pressure, fear, manipulation, hype, emotionalism, motivational speaking, and plain brute force. Because of this, we’ve given birth to a generation of religious Frankensteins who’ve been sewn and stapled together on a religious assembly line and injected with a cocktail of “stock Christian beliefs” that the poor people were never given the opportunity to “come to” on their own. 

Not allowing people to “come to” things on their own is in my opinion the primary reason why Christians are spiritually crippled today. It’s like opening up a cocoon and “helping” a caterpillar get out rather than allowing it time to develop and break free in its own time. in a desperate effort to help it to escape we end up drastically stunting it’s natural development. 

When it comes to spiritual knowledge, the only things that Christians can truly say they own are the things they have personally "come to." Everything else is just memorized words. Unfortunately the evolution of our faith has suffered a great price because of the way we have attempted to keep it alive over the years. Rather than trusting the Holy spirit to impart the truth of God’s Heart to the next generation, we have jumped the gun and attempted to do it ourselves. Perhaps we do this because we honestly don’t believe He will. Whatever the reason, we have caused spiritual birth defects in untold thousands of baby Christians. 

I honestly don’t think that the average Christian person today can separate their “cocktail of religious beliefs” from what they’ve personally discovered about God in their journey. In fact, I’ve found that with many people, their list of personal discoveries is so influenced by their “injected beliefs” that they can’t even be sure if their interpretation of what they’ve discovered is accurate or not. Sadly, many more Christians do not have personal discoveries about God because they’ve stopped searching altogether. Why search for something you can find in a book or a sermon? Their injected beliefs have put them under the illusion that they’ve already arrived. Their religion has convinced them that because they possess those beliefs in their head, they have discovered all there is to discover about Him. In other words, they think that those beliefs are the very thing they were supposed to discover. It’s like knowing the end of a movie before you get a chance to watch it. When you finally do watch it for yourself it’s lost it’s excitement.  

The injected beliefs we are given are also reinforced with a fear of rejection by others. Because of this, people do not allow themselves to acknowledge personal discoveries that do not in some way pay homage to, or bring validation to the injected beliefs of their religion. In an effort to find acceptance, I find that people tend to censor and recast whatever “square” discoveries they do find about God to make them fit into the approved “round hole” of injected beliefs they received from their church family. People can’t just discover something about the heart of God and allow it to stand on it’s own. They’ve been trained to translate and filter everything through their injected beliefs or toss it out altogether. 

The truly unfortunate thing is that because people are afraid to question or go outside their injected beliefs, they will sometimes reject a revelation God gives them on the grounds that it contradicts what they were “told.” Not even God can reveal to you, what you refuse to hear. When your fear of rejection trumps your desire to know truth, you are basically at the mercy of whatever teaching someone else decides for you.

The problem with injected beliefs is that they compromise our ability to view anything from a fresh, unprejudiced perspective. For instance, most Christians have been taught that the bible is “the Word of God.” The bible does not even make this claim about itself; yet amazingly, because this teaching has essentially been injected into the arms of Christians of this generation we automatically see any bible passage that contains the term, “word” in it, as referring to the bible. It doesn’t matter that when that particular passage was written there wasn’t even a “bible” put together yet, so it couldn’t possibly be referring to the bible we know today. We’ve been trained to think like dogs who respond the same to sounds and phrases without having any real idea what they mean. 

Most Christian interpretations of bible passages are dictated by the injected beliefs of their particular denomination. Amazingly people can read a passage of Scripture and actually hear the exact opposite of what’s being said because they filter it through what they’ve been “told” it says. People only see and hear what they’ve been told to see or hear. 

I honestly believe that the majority of Christians today have very little within themselves that they actually own. You cannot own a thing until you “come to” it yourself. It doesn’t belong to you until you find it, and you don’t find it until it has been given to you from above. Nothing can be given from above unless you open your heart to hear it. This is why Jesus warned us constantly to have ears that both hear and understand. 

I preached the “Love Message” all around the world for almost 8 years before I finally received the revelation that it applied to me as well. It was true. It was right. I fought for it and stood before thousands of people proclaiming it and proving it with scripture. Yet when I went home at the end of the day, I did not take that message with me. It wasn’t mine to take. It was nothing more than a principle that I had stolen from someone else who rightfully owned it. When all was said and done it was identity theft, pure and simple. The message I was proclaiming wasn’t mine to give away, and I can tell you that with few exceptions, almost no one who listened to me in those days was moved or transformed all that much by what I had to say. My words literally fell to the ground the moment they left my lips. 

Years later, when the message that God loved me was finally given to me from the Holy Spirit, everything changed in an instant. I went from being a message delivery boy to actually becoming the message. I went from having to speak it out to people to just having to be present. I went from having it come out of my mouth to having it come out of my pores. 

It was very much like having a medical scientist come to your home town and give a detailed teaching on the Swine Flu. He may know everything there is to know about the flu, but not one person in the room will get the flu from hearing his teaching. He, himself, won’t even get the flu. He can study it, look at pictures of the strand under a microscope, make a list of all the symptoms caused by the flu, and even diagnose it in others; but, he doesn’t “Own it” until he actually gets the flu. Amazingly, a three-year-old girl who has the Swine flu has more intimate knowledge of that virus than an aged and studied Doctor who has spent a lifetime researching it. This fact is not only true with the revelation of God’s love, but I have found that it applies in some fashion to every single principle and “belief” that we claim to have as Christians.

We can force people to subscribe and pay homage to a list of beliefs that we hold to in the Christian world, but it means nothing until they come to those beliefs on their own. It amazes me how stressed out we get over whether or not a person accurately recites the approved list of doctrinal beliefs that our church holds to. We seem more concerned over people saying the right thing than we are over people actually “coming” to the right thing. We have ways of getting them to say they believe something even when they don’t. Peer pressure in the church world is the culprit in my opinion.

We bully people into saying “God is faithful” and care very little if that person has actually found God to be faithful in their lifetime. Just speak the words. Say you believe it and we’ll all get along. It matters more to us that a person SAYS “Christ is all” than it does if they personally observe Christ to be all. We force people to confess that Scripture is God-breathed, and care very little if they’ve come to realize the truth of that in their personal journey. God knows they damn well better say it or we’ll cut them off from every intimate circle in the church. Something is desperately wrong with a generation when we revere lip service over personal revelation and experience.

The reason why this matters is because we have created a world where no one can be honest with where they are at any given moment. The result of this mindset is that we now have an entire generation of Christians who can’t tell the difference between what they “hold to” and what they’ve “come to.” I believe that at the very moment we adopted this mindset, Christianity went from being a relationship to being a religion. It literally morphed into a lifeless set of ordinances the very second we esteemed memorization over revelation. Because we didn’t have the patience or the faith to allow people to walk with God and come to things on their own in the midst of that walk, we have murdered the essence of Christianity.

A person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an injected belief. I recently encountered a person who doesn’t believe in speaking in tongues. He didn’t believe it because he studied the scriptures diligently, and he didn’t feel that there were any passages that flat out said speaking in tongues was for people today. He wanted to debate me on this. He was frustrated with me because I wasn’t open to entering into a debate with a person who can’t find a scripture to support something that I personally experience on a regular basis. An astonishing number of Christians today think exactly like this man. 

This is why Christians today are so spiritually frail. We go through life thinking that Christianity is about what we SAY and “hold to” rather than what we actually SEE and have “come to.” We collect and memorize all our little points of theology like prized charms hoping to impress onlookers and gain their respect yet all the while we don’t know Him from Adam. We’ve become experts in history who know everything that happened a long time ago. We study people who used to know Him in history and we divide all their theological ideal into categories where we can easily memorize and quote them to people today, but when it comes to personal experience; we’re empty.  

It has become a depressingly common past time for people to get together and have a theological debate over all they’ve learned. It’s depressing because without knowing it, the participants are essentially admitting to the world that they have not “come to” anything in their spiritual lives. The very fact that they participate in a “debate” is proof that all they know is nothing but a bunch of ideas, teachings and principals. These things can all be debated because they have no substance. They are theories about seeing from blind people. 

People ask me why I rarely read Christian books or visit Christian websites where there are supposed powerful teachings. It’s not that I’m against teaching. I am a teacher. I’m just not interested in hearing how the movie ends before I get a chance to watch it myself. I have found that it’s much more exciting when I experience it for myself. This is the hope I have for my children and it’s the hope I have for every Free Believer out there. Don’t take anyone’s word for it. Even if what they say is true, don’t believe a word of it until you come to it on your own. Then and only then will it become a truth that has the power to rock your world.


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    Nice one. I've also done this in other areas of my life - say you like the music because you're expected to like it, say you agree with that opinion because you're expected to (but you haven't got a clue what's it all about). The sad thing is that various New Testament verses are quoted to support this thinking, so people think they're wrong if they don't say Amen to something without thinking about it at all.
    Darin, try to read this article with a stone cold heart. In 100 years people might be asking: "Did you have the flickering experience?! No??! So you don't have the Holy Ghost!", just like todays: "Did you speak in tongues?!" If you read this article believeng the author is a heartless judgmental person it would seem quite agressive. We do it with Jesus' and Paul's words, too.

  2. Gravatar
    David Joseph

    Dear, Darin right on! Christ himself said to Peter blessed are you because flesh and blood has not revealed me to you, but my Father who is in Heaven. Since learning this revelation you can go way deeper into the true revelation of the Heart of God and the truth about him and his heart. Not only that but you have a personal relationship that your God can now confide in you the deepest truths that are not even in the bible ,or at least translated to what they where intended to mean. Im glad you got the message for yourself friend and im glad i got it from the father to. I love you all peace. Prosper and be in could health, even as your soul prospers!

  3. Gravatar

    Thanks Darin for bringing us a well thought out post! I especially appreciate your candor regarding your own personal growth over the years. Most of us can easily relate to those situations and see our human side through your experiences. Thanks for not attempting to be a "squeaky clean" Christian writer.

  4. Gravatar

    Yeah, it's the "eureka" moment, and it's the joy of every teacher/tutor who watches the student who suddenly "gets it." Thanks for describing the addictive nature of the essence of teaching.

  5. Gravatar

    "...i watched Him heal a blind man, now i see..."(Big and Rich) Yes, it came to me, too, and i think "religion" can be something He leads us through on the journey just so He can show us how empty it is. To me, the OT was God letting people see how everything...lving by their flesh, living under law, living under kings, worshipping idols unto captivity, empty without real relationship with Him. Jesus came to show us our Father, and our Father is love. That this comes to us only by the Spirit is so absolutely true. We can love some people so much but their hearts are so hidden or hardened that they can't take the risk of trusting in God's love....only the Spirit can take them there.

  6. Gravatar

    Thank you. This reminds me of something the Spirit made known to me - Before the 2nd coming, the organized Church is going to look like Israel did at the 1st coming. Isaiah prophesied, and Jesus quoted: with their lips they honor me, but their heart is far from me. Then He told the people that their leaders are teaching the doctrines of men instead of the commandments of God. It appears to be a cause / effect relationship: if your heart is far from Him, you don't know what is on His heart. You have nothing from Him to share (revelation), so you resort to the commonly held speculations.

  7. Gravatar

    Hi Darin. It seems you are getting a lot of flack lately on your distinction between the Word & the Bible. I recently had this realization that might be helpful. God has given us 4 sources of revelation: the creation (general revelation), the scriptures (special revelation), Jesus & our relationship with the Spirit (personal revelation). Reading the Bible is usually reading someones spiritual journal: the story of their journey with God. Often what is represented as truth is personal revelation in response to their reflection on creation (especially in the OT), or Jesus (especially in the NT). Bible reading is reading someones' diary. The point of the spirit-based church is for everyone to enjoy this same intimate relationship with God, developing their own journey with God journal.

  8. Gravatar
    Rachel Liegghio

    Darin, amazing post! It made me think about those moments in my own life and how much real "worship" comes out of the moment when you realize that God himself took to time to orchestrate experiences and truth in your life to lead you to those moments of revelation. We can actually cause people to miss out on that moment of intimacy and relationship by trying to force the understanding before its time, I think. Not only that, but then they become dependent on a person for more revelation. Anyway, it kind of made me think about a movie I just watched called "Food Inc" where farmers are trying to grow the food faster and fatter to turn the profit. The movie shows how unhealthy this food is for us and is actually making us sicker if not killing us.

  9. Gravatar
    Rachel Liegghio

    (continued) I think injecting truth or beliefs is kind of like injecting these animals with growth hormones and they are actually unable to walk around and function normally because the weight of their supposed "growth". Anyway, great post, it brings it all back to relationship again and that's an unpredictable yet gorgeously intricate beauty to behold.

  10. Gravatar
    Joel Brueseke

    "You would never have argued Saul of Tarsus into Christianity; you would never have frightened him into Christianity; you would never have either reasoned or emotionalised him into being a Christian. To get that man out of Judaism needed something more than could have been found on this earth. But he saw Jesus of Nazareth, and that did it. He is out, he is an emancipated man, he has seen."

    Sparks - From: Spiritual Sight - Chapter 2

  11. Gravatar

    Darin, A great post. It reminded me of the time that I actually "saw" and "came to" the revelation of Father's Love. It was brougt to me by others, and although it was an awesome and wonderful discovery that I so wanted to live in, it was not something I "owned" till later when it was actually revealed to me by Him. I have to refrain from sometimes thinking that I can make those I love "come to" the "experience" of their own personal revelation. Thanks for reminding me that I do not control this.

  12. Gravatar

    This is soooo true, Darin. It just shows how sensitive and caring we have to continue to be towards others, as they come into personal revelation moment by moment.

  13. Gravatar

    I am re-reading a book on the evils of contemplative prayer. It played a major role in exposing the lies I'd been taught at my church, and about finding God. Since I've become a Free Believer, my relationship with God is so much SIMPLER. In rereading this book, I can't believe all the contortions I used think I had to go through to "find" God! You are so right about waiting for the right moment for people to learn. And I am so glad I am out of this stuff!

  14. Gravatar
    Don Every

    I love this Darin, thank you. One reaction I find in myself is that it will take for ever or never for most to get these truths unaided by us. But straight away came the thought that if everyone let the Spirit do Father's will at exactly the best time, for *everybody*, instead of taking over all the time then there could be a virtual revelation of blest relationship!
    Imagine letting God do it ALL, HIS way, what a novelty! Then we could go back to our places as servants, not self-appointed bosses, lol!

  15. Gravatar

    Yes, yes yes. It is good to hear this. It's a good reminder. Thanks :-)

  16. Gravatar
    Chris Pack

    Man, I hope you get into this in Cincinnati. This post is exactly what a friend and I have been discussing over coffee on Friday mornings.

  17. Gravatar
    Paul Spencer

    This reminds me of a recent Into the Wild podcast in which the hosts discussed the Parable of the Sower and the way in which the I.C. throws "seed" about indiscriminately. Our witness is an individual and personal thing. The parable of the sower was all about preaching to crowds, yet Christians have used it in the context of individual witness. God knows someone's heart, whether they are ready to "get it" when it comes to the Gospel, or not, as the case may be. This in mind, why on earth do Christians try to witness to those people who are clearly "stony ground"?

  18. Gravatar

    I had this whole sharing about stuff and I was talking about Peter and I used the other word for rooster and my thoughts went into the offensive cyber bin - lol! I might come back another time and repost. I am laughing because I had to think hard about what I said that was so offensive and in light of the topic it was funny - oh I guess you had to be me to really get it - LOL! Still laughing.

  19. Gravatar

    The difference between information and revelation has been a central and foundational insight for me recently. Right on!
    But, is one "stupid" for not having yet received a revelation?
    We are each where we belong on our journey, and I believe God is continually working in everyone to bring them to a place of revelation.

    When I and others left a group officially known as a "Christian cult" we tried to figure out how we'd been so stupid (seeing as we were all so intelligent and well educated!).

    But, our "stupidity" was just part of what we apparently needed before we were able to receive true revelation.

    I'm not less stupid because I've received a revelation. Just more blessed. It takes what it takes.

  20. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Lynelle, I'm not sure I'd say "stupid" is the world. Perhaps ignorant would be better. If you don't now something, you're just uninformed. I think with most people however, it's not that they were never told; they just rejected it when they were told it. Now THAT'S stupid:-)

  21. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Debbie, I don't know why it didn't post your comment. It did send it to my email, so I got it, even though it didn't post here. Understand that i"m not saying that our witness or testimony is all for nothing. I'm not saying that teaching is worthless either. I'm just saying that the inner knowledge of grace and love is confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

  22. Gravatar

    I am so glad you did receive the post Darin - I think it was the 'c' word I used for rooster that picked up my reply to be offensive.
    Thanks for the reply - as I read your blog I just came away thinking we just got to sit in a room smiling at each other and revelation of Christ comes - I thought the imagery was funny actually.
    Jesus had lots to say, so did the Apostles, yet it was the Spirit of God opening the eyes and ears and hearts of the hearers that made all the difference.
    We still need to speak.
    While I am here I want to thank you for your commitment to The Truth. It has been like an oasis in the desert. Continued blessing to you. I am waiting for the day I can afford to be a member - (single mum/limited cash) - so I can listen to the fullness of some of your messages.

  23. Gravatar
    bob cloutier

    "...and He will bring to your minds all that I have taught you. This "revelation" is not just for the mind but for the heart too. God's top priority is our hearts. If we respond to the revelation only with our minds...we miss its relational part. Understanding is the handmaid of the heart. Its been hard for me to learn God is the only real teacher. His methods and His timetable are already in place. My job is to help Him prepare hearts for His "touch" by kindness and geneosity so that they will be more inclined to accept His invitation to friendship when it comes. I believe God's revelations are aimed primarilly at the heart. And from time to time He tells me "Now open your mouth and tell him/her....what I've put in your heart to tell them.

  24. Gravatar

    Lynelle, I can really relate to what you've said. I spent three years in a cult-like group and, as difficult as it was, I don't for a minute regret my time there. It was this experience that prepared me for this journey that I'm now on. Prior to that, I don't think I would have been ready to accept this message.

  25. Gravatar
    Jeanine Faith

    I am Lyle Ver Mulms daughter.Im the kid they worried about and asked advice about.I cannot convey my gratitude to you in words.I work with people with trauma- from the world.Jesus is my closest friend.He is not what the church says and I am relieved you are cleaning up his reputation.Please call me because I'd like to share what happening because of this love.The folks on the street need to know that not all christians are jerks and that suffering is not Gods will."Blood fixated" christians, do not get that Jesus relieves us from pain.He heals us from our heartbreak.He is shelter from the world. Sometimes I think the religious just havent suffered enough.When you lose control and all hope is gone,you drop to your knees and ask for help.That willingness is what God uses.Jeanine 951-442-6940

  26. Gravatar
    Pat/ New Beginning:)

    Darin , I am one of those peopls that the freedom has been tasted !! Thank you for this message and the truth of it ! Your right no-one can tell you, you have to experince it.I had an friend that walked me through some of my past and as I began to see truth I began to have more confidence in myself and started on my journey and trusting my own relationship with God.And that's another thing, you have to find that. But as a result of this relationship there was a time when I was not seeing the same as she was and it got frustrateing for both of us. So there is so much truth to what you are saying if you can't see it or experience it you will never believe in it or walk freely in it. Just like what you said a person with an experience is never at the mercy of one with a belief. Thank you

  27. Gravatar

    I'm sure seeing a lot of things differently. I recently heard a sermon on prayer where we were told to pray because it is in the Bible so many times we should and a suggested list was put up of prayer points (Imagine if i needed to send my beloved children a letter to tell them to talk to me!) My new found resolve to pray more lasted all of about two days, for obvious reasons. Prayer life has to grow out of a love relationship and experience of God too, not a Bible doctrine, doesn't it?

  28. Gravatar

    I find that it takes "willingness" to open up to "what it". God never shoves or pushes us because we are so loaded( over loaded) with fear and guilt and shame.......but He is ever gentle waiting for our willingness to go deep within where truth abides...

  29. Gravatar

    So many comments indicate nerve being hit accurately. So much insight revealed in Darin's word and in all the commentators.
    It seems that Jesus lived his life 90% of the time and taught 10% of the time. People were drawn to him b/c he just lived. He was the message: he did not bring it, he lived it. He loved people. Simple, pure, complete love. He followed his journey, he urged people to follow theirs but he did not dictate.
    To let him live out through us takes great faith. We want to take control, to cause others to follow. Simply living and loving is enough but we resist b/c it's out of our control. Yet that is what truly draws others in. I have seen this evidence in my own family. It works but it is difficult to give up and just love. But He is enough.

  30. Gravatar

    Hi Darin. Just had an "it just came to me" moment today!- As I become more & more aware that my thoughts & beliefs are not 'me' the power that I have given them begins to diminish and fall away.
    This gives me the freedom to become who I really am and I allow you to become who you really are. No preconceived judgements based on the past nor anxiety about the future. No guilt. No shame. No fear.

  31. Gravatar
    Faith Thomson

    Wow! I totally understand what you're saying! A church that I had attended for a year had many different spiritual superstars come to speak from Oklahoma, Texas, California, etc. Except for one or two, they all had a way to work the crowd. I remember one preacher who had us say, "Oh for the joy..." at least 8 times, insisting that we get louder each time. It may have been during this service that I kept thinking of the phrase "bear fruit that remains". Nothing forced on anyone else will ever remain! I finally figured out why I was often in a bad mood during chapel services when I was a student at Oral roberts University. I hated being force fed, when Oral would make us repeat something 2-3 times in order to "get it." Thank you again for your clarity!

  32. Gravatar

    Wow, there you go knocking those scales off my eyes again! This was particularly enlightening for me-
    " It literally morphed into a lifeless set of ordinances the very second we esteemed memorization over revelation"
    They are all amazing, but this message REALLY hit me where I live! Thanks Darin :-)

  33. Gravatar

    If Christ is in you, the Word (Christ) is in you and daily revelation is part of your life. Anyone who comes alone to shape you with the Bible is actually at that time, your enemy!

  34. Gravatar

    WOW!! My jaw dropped at when you mentioned that there is no where in the bible that says the bible is the word of God. I want to do some more research but that has completely turned my world upside down! In a good way though. In a freeing I can be myself way!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

  35. Gravatar
    Darin Hufford

    Glad to hear this Lori:-)

  36. Gravatar

    I have been on this weird journey for about 3 years now. It began when I was actually feeling pretty suicidal at times because I thought that I was so sinful. Yet I was afraid to die because I was sure I would go to hell. Well, thanks to a thought that came to me that I believe was from God, I am better and my life is much different. The thought was, "remember that guy, Steve McVey?" I had heard of Steve and his book Grace Walk back in 2001. I don't know how I got from Grace Walk to where I am now, but I am glad to be here, and glad to learn that I am not alone. I have read books by Ralph Harris, C. Baxter Kruger, Wm Paul Young, and am now reading The Misunderstood God. And I really enjoy your podcast. Some of it is eye opening and some of it is confirmation of things that I have found lingering in my heart. Just wanted to say thanks for your sharing your life and experiences with the Lord. They are truly a great help. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.


  37. Gravatar

    Even though this blog is old, it's good for me today. I'm in flux deciding if I should stay at the IC I've been going to for about 20 years, and I'm getting close to leaving. This article helps me know I'm not on anyone's time schedule and God will make it clear to me when (not if!) the time is right. Meanwhile, my time with him and with other free believers is the most valuable.

  38. Gravatar

    Hi Darin,
    Thanks for the article, it certainly liberated me. Many times i was fighting with my own mind why could not i able to catch certain truths..Now i realized because i was trying to understand by my mad and not resting on Holy spirit to reveal things. BTW thanks. Now i have a query? what about ministring to others..sometimes we look at the people and think we cant give them any more time it should be deal with it immediately then whether i understood the message or not ill go preach my beliefs..What is your stand on that? you mean to say just preach what you have personally experienced?...What about this verse, reedem the time for the days are evil. keeping this in mind we are just pushing forward with what we have been taught. Will this work? expecting your word on this

  39. Gravatar

    Sadly, those biased and perverted "colored marks written on a dead tree and bound in fabrication" have bound the multitudes in the chains of "strong delusion" for they have not yet received "a love of The Truth that they might be saved! (II Thessalonians 2:10-12)

    i share my testimonies concerning such @

    And i have been given the unction to declare "religion IS anti-Messiah", "The WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one"! And to "Sound and resound The Declaration of Dependence:"

    Father Help!

    HE DID! and HE does.......

    So Peace IS! in spite of the dis-ease (no-peace) that is of this evil world and/or religion's way.

    ALL Thanks and Praise Be Unto Our Father and GOD!

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