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Sep 22, 2008
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What is Relationship with God?

The problem with humans talking about having a "relationship" with God is that when we hear the word "relationship," we immediately place human characteristics all over it.... ...

Sep 19, 2008
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Spending Believe

When people read through the different blogs and articles on "The Free Believers Network" site, I see two different ways of thinking manifested.......

Sep 08, 2008
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The Conviction of the Holy Spirit

I grew up hearing that infamous announcement at the end of a gruelingly long sermon; "The Spirit of God is in this place tonight." ...

Sep 03, 2008
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Doctrine Police

I would like to talk about a subject that I see springing up just about everywhere on Christian websites.........

Sep 02, 2008
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The Path of Freedom

It starts with a question...... ...

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