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Oct 31, 2009
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Unlikely Messengers

from the earliest days of my childhood I have memories of my five brothers and sisters and me piled in the back of our station wagon in the dead of summer, driving to church. ...

Oct 01, 2009
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What's a Witness?

I was talking with an old friend of mine the other day and the subject of witnessing came up....

Sep 24, 2009
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Back-up-Verse Theology

I remember as a young Christian reading about how Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for following their traditions over their hearts. I would think to myself, “I’m glad we don’t do that today.”...

Sep 17, 2009
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The Works Addiction

Several years ago, a young lady who was friends with my wife and I, flew out to Arizona to meet with me personally....

Sep 14, 2009
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Spiritual Starvation

I once heard a story of a plane that crashed in the Antarctic and the survivors had to hike back to civilization over a period of months....

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