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Aug 17, 2009
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Stuff Worship

Living in the wild is about the only way I know for a person to authentically connect with God on a “one-on-one” level....

Aug 06, 2009
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Giving Up

Almost eight years ago I preached a sermon called “Losing Your Religion” that has gone on to become the most listened to sermon we have....

Jul 26, 2009
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Feelings Returning

One of the popular church teachings that I regret having any part of is the teaching that our feelings do not matter, human emotions, emotions don't matter, based on emotions, emotionalism church, guard your feelings, what you feel, free believers network, Darin Hufford...

Jul 22, 2009
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Spiritual Porn Addiction

This is an oldie, but I wanted to post it again for the readers who have joined us in the last year. ...

Jul 14, 2009
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My car overheated on the freeway the other day, and I pulled off at the nearest exit and turned the engine off. ...

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