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Winner 2005 Readers Preference Editor's Choice Awards

“This is probably the best book I have ever read on really knowing the heart of God. To really know the heart of God you have to really know what love is and is not since God is love. That is the primary focus of this text – bringing the reader a clear understanding of love in its purest form. Author Darrin Hufford shows a deep understanding of what love is, and what it means to be loved as well as to have love for one another. You may not agree with everything in the book but it is still a life-changing read that brings a depth of understanding unmatched by any other book I have read. It will challenge you, it will break down barriers, and it will build up love – for yourself and for others. Persevere through the parts that you might find difficult. You will find that you are glad you did. The God’s Honest Truth is a very highly recommended read for all audiences and a book not to be missed.”

Harold McFarland


Sunpiper Press

“This is one of the most relevant and most powerful Christian books I have read for ‘spiritual’ seekers. Look for Hufford to be compared to Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. The God’s Honest Truth, in my opinion, is one of GOD’s best sellers.”

Robert Denson III
Managing Editor


Hoover Reviews

“‘The God’s Honest Truth’ is a great book. Hufford’s book is filled with similar true-to-life examples and the corrective truth the Bible offers. The most important thing we can realize and understand is that God loves us purely. By studying what love truly is (in 1 Cor. 13, for example), we can sincerely and simply love God more and more.”

Jeremy Hoover
Hoover Reviews


Midwest Book Review

God’s Honest Truth will redefine your view of God. As the author states, your heart will be “shaken and stirred“ by this truth.

This is not a run of the mill religion book. As an example, Hufford asks an audience “how many of them had been basically miserable for the largest part of their Christian lives?“ He identifies “expert prayers” and punctures your previous thinking about love and selfishness. He explains that selfishness is the cause of all the dreadful happenings on earth.

God’s Honest Truth is written in a flowing straightforward style that will nag at you to finish every last sentence. At the end the reader will understand “consulting the flame“ which is done by understanding what the “flame“ is and how it can change the way you live your life.

Sherry Russell
Grief Management Consultant


Readers' Comments

This book thrusts the reader into an absolute “no spin zone”. Masks of hypocrisy, pretension, and religious folly are ripped away, while exposing the reader to the exhilaration of unmitigated spiritual freedom. This book is reserved for those committed to serious inquiry of truth – others need not apply.

Raymond E. Meadors, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Denver, CO.


FINALLY! A book that tells everything I’ve always known in my heart about who God is, but have never been able to put into words for myself. Chapter by chapter, the weights of rejection, worthlessness, unfulfilled expectations and bold faced lies were lifted and replaced with the simple, yet powerful truth of who He is… LOVE… and in that, there is security!

Heather Van Leuven
Phoenix Arizona


I only wish I had this book 35 years ago. If I had known, when I was young, about the true love of God maybe I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. It was absolutely like breathing 100% pure oxygen for the first time. This book truly shows the actual heart of God and how as Christians we don’t have to live under bondage and religiosity. My whole outlook on life has changed since this encounter. I will truly never be the same.

Jan Cox
Hobbs, New Mexico


I will definitely be reading this book more than once. As I read it, I find myself reading the same sentence over and over and outloud sometimes because I can’t help myself! I had to make myself put it down today, I want to be able to really let these things soak in – I totally get it.

Jana Guild
Phoenix, Arizona


I met Darin and Angie 4 years ago. Being a single mom can be tuff, Darin’s words of “Encouragement” and this book have helped heal my relationship with my daughter. By reading any part of this book it undid the extreme drama and gave us the “simple” we were looking for.

Lynn Shoemaker
Phoenix, Arizona


“A phenomenal journey into the heart of God…that’s what the “God’s Honest Truth” is! This book is a profound love letter and confirmation to the heart of the believer. We ALL need a better understanding of the love spoken of in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and this book will give you just that! A word from God for this generation? Absolutely! (This book should be required reading for leaders of every church.)”

Esther Mfon
Zufelt, Nigeria