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Dec 24, 2014

Rooted and Established in Love

I have been going through a horrendous, yet freeing process over the last couple of years as I continue to heal from personal wounds and figure out who I am as “Aimee”. Much of this process has included the daunting task of letting go, releasing what I so tightly grip on to and trusting that God has me and that I am ok. Not so easy when you’re established survival mechanisms include white-knuckling fear and the compulsive need to be “good enough”. 

The past couple of months, through counseling and coaching, I have identified and have been able to categorize all of the internal “parts” of me and the noisy battle between these “parts” that take place inside on a daily basis. To make it simple, I was able to place these “parts” of me into two categories: the child and the adult. The child deals in fear, magical thinking, dysfunctional survival mechanisms and powerlessness. The adult deals in stability, maturity, confidence, trust and love. As I’ve been able to place my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. into these two categories, I’ve noticed a change in my growth…a level of maturity that I had yet to experience. It is exciting. 

Growing up Pentecostal/charismatic and having the intense and analytical personality that I do created a recipe for mass confusion, guilt, condemnation, perfectionism and a compulsive need to “listen to God”, “follow the Spirit”, to make sure I wasn’t “ignoring him” and to “be as internally perfect as possible” (I’m exhausted just saying it…). Though I truly believe that God does speak to us in many different ways, I took this belief to a level that created distress and a feeling that I was never quite where I needed to be. My process over the last several years has been to let go of these beliefs and come into a new understanding of who God is. 

As I’ve experienced this new way of thinking and as I have gone through this new process of categorization regarding my internal “child” and my internal “adult”, I’ve been able to view the personhood of God, along with passages from the Bible in a brand new light. Passages like “He will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:6), “being rooted and established in love” (Ephesians 3:17) and the excerpt from the story of the demon-possessed man (after Jesus touched him) that states that “he was dressed and in his right mind” show the absolute stability of God and his desire that I remain rooted in truth so as to continue to mature and become internally strong. 

Being a believer is not about being perfect and (for those of us who were brought up in a more “charismatic”-type setting) it is not about being flighty either (sometimes we mistake “flighty” for “being free” but in reality it is a more deceptive form of bondage); it’s about stability, security, having a foundation, a rock to stand on as you live and choose your life. It’s about God saying, “I’ve got you…go live your life…discover, love, have fun, make mistakes, experience challenges, pain, discomfort and joy…but remember, I’ve got you…”. 

Being rooted and established….having a vision and a path…an anchor…as I go through my own deep process, is the way to my personal freedom.

by Aimee Dassele

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    It was nice to meet you Aimee.

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    Pastor Dana Widmark

    We met at Traditions, you were in a disguise, for some reason we have been targeted by men who want to lord over us, I don't know what you are going through but my guess is you are being watched like I am, many of my former co-workers have died, good luck against whoever is coming against us. This whole situation has been mind boggling.

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