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Sep 17, 2011
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Comes The Night

"The dark night of the soul puts the sensory spiritual appetites to sleep, deadens them and deprives them of the ability to find pleasure in anything.

By David Backus
Aug 21, 2011
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No one has ever excused themselves to success as success is a tale of obstacles overcome, and for every obstacle overcome, an excuse not used.

By Pablo Giacopelli
Aug 15, 2011
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The Man Who Has Everything

The rugged, independent, Western mindset is what trademarks America. Being self sufficient, needing nothing from others, and working for everything is a virtue. It is even Christian to think this way.

By David Backus
Jun 09, 2011
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Empty Hands

So, yeah, the little people (otherwise known as 'The Little SQUIRRELY People") came with us to the Patchwork Indie Arts Festival last weekend....

By Stacey Robbins
May 28, 2011
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Working The "Faith" Issue a Little More From My Personal Journey

I want to work this 'Faith' issue through a bit more, from the standpoint of my own journey with it.

By Eleasah Ridley