Who Says You Can't Go Home

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Who Says You Can't Go Home

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One of my favorite movies that chronicles my journey as a free believer is "Duma," a story about a cheetah that has been raised as a house pet. Duma was captured as a cub when his mother was killed but as he grew, it became apparent that he needed to be released back into the wild. Xan, his owner, didn't think he could make the transition but his father told him that wildness was in Duma's blood and, when he was released, he would naturally revert back to the wild. When it was time, Xan and Duma made the difficult journey back. Duma's re-entry into the wild was not an overnight transformation but eventually his true nature re-emerged and he reverted back.

Our nature as believers is to live wild and free, however, many of us have been caged by institutional Christianity. Once we decided to make the journey back to our natural state of freedom, it wasn't an easy journey nor were we able to immediately make the transition. However, over time, our natural wildness re-emerged as we learned to live free in the spirit. I'm still finding that there are areas of bondage that need to be eliminated in my quest for freedom but I've tasted wild food and I don't want to go back into bondage. Instead, I want to go more deeply into freedom.

I love this video because the song clearly describes what many of us have felt when we first started yearning for freedom. We were told horror stories of what would happen if we ventured out away from the protection of the institutional church and out from under the covering of the pastor. However, when we finally got the courage to venture out, we discovered that it is possible to live free. We'll not shrivel up and die but instead we'll grow and develop as we learn to live free following the promptings of our heart.

"Smell the aroma of your union with Christ" - Andrew Farley
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