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I did read the article, it was good. You can really see what people are going through in their life. I feel like it is the Lord that brings anybody and out of that type of bondage, shame, fear, loneliness.
Again I hope I am not being too critical, we really don't have many people that we can talk to and vent.
As hard as it is, that's what I see in the article is the Lord bringing him out of religion.

When I'm writing I can see myself having to edit and re-edit many things, because I can see I still have a deep root of bitterness and anger.
That's not what I want to do when I'm writing, I want to share the depth of a message I feel like will be a blessing to other believers.

At the same time I also realize that what I'm saying to a lot of people may be the first time they have ever heard it.

They have known the kingdom message or the institutional gospel, or the Americanized gospel but have never heard the pure message of grace given to the apostle Paul in depth.

It's not the message of grace that says yes we can Sin and do this because were under grace, that is the kingdom message or the gospel of correction. But the grace message has to do with the Christ in us.

It's about a love affair with the Christ in you, like one lady said "Grace is the hardest thing I've ever lived."
She was so used to repenting every time she made a mistake, that is easy but it became bondage and a life style.
It's not a sin and repent message it's about a love affair, that love affair with Christ in you is what keeps the believer.
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