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Jeff of Hydes
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Re: Hi! My name is...

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It has been something to ponder with my grandson. Different things I have concluded or thought of as possibilities.
One thing is that we almost can't help but rate the people we see and are around on a scale of our making. In a case like that my grandson would be pretty low. He is not a great intellect. He has poor muscle tone. He hasn't learned one word yet, at least as far as spoken. And he is over three. The other four grandchildren are bright, holding conversations, running, climbing. The thing is that I have come to see him as I am sure God sees him.
Precious. Unique. Funny. Smiling. Brave. Tender. God's values are the ones of real worth. He is a wonderful little fellow.
I think there really is such a thing as heavenly rewards. But God's rewards probably are not like something on Wheel of Fortune.
I can't help but believe God has a tender spot, a special tender spot, but my son and my daughter-in-law.
I know they are relying more on Him all the time as they live out the life they have.
They are super energetic, multi-tasking machines. They have both always been that way. Before their oldest, (Dear little Anna), was one she had gone with them from the East Coast of the USA to South Africa, drove up through Zimbabwe and Zambia and into Mozambique. She got to swim in the Indian Ocean, and get close to elephants and lions and visit little villages.
Now a day trip is a challenge with James. A day going to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the frequent assessments and tests is exhausting, probably more emotionally than physically.
He is actually big for his age, but since he is only learning to walk a little now, he wants and needs to be held a lot. When I see our daughter-in-law carrying him I always pitch in. But he is so heavy and I know the majority of the time its just her and she has to do it.
None of this has dampened our faith. Probably challenged it here and there. But what is it if it can't stand up to a challenge?
Thank you for writing.
I may have missed this before but I see you are "Jenny". When I saw "Jac" I kept a picture of a Frenchman in my mind!!!
Take care Jenny.

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Re: Hi! My name is...

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Thank you for your reply Jeff. Very inspiring. I believe my faith has changed a lot as I process my family issues. My two sons both have paranoid schizophrenia. (They are not violent criminals, which is often painted by the media as what you expect with schizophrenia, but kind, gentle, loving people. They are not demon possessed as some Christians would claim either!) They do suffer greatly with the symptoms they have to live with and need a lot of support. I love them and would never want to be without either of them. And I have no doubt they are precious to God.

I have done a lot of thinking and rethinking about my faith. I think I myself had to get past expecting God to be the fix-It one and try to view Him as desiring a deeper relationship with us than that. I don't believe on the other hand that He deliberately brings about sad situations to change us, even if they do just happen to change us. We are not robots that He manipulates and uses. Anyone who has felt manipulated and used knows it doesn't make for a good relationship. Parents who severely beat their children to make them "better people" are considered evil. Our heavenly Father is not a child abuser or a user. He wants to encourage us to just be the best we can be no matter what life throws at us I think.

I don't think that one day we will understand the "why" of our hurt, but maybe "why" just won't matter any more.

Jac is based on my initials! I am Australian.
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Re: Hi! My name is...

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Hi Jeff. Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I was out of town for a few days and just saw this message. That yahoo email address is inactive but I'll send you a message with a more current one. Just put your name in the subject line so I'll know it's you.

I can't wait to see the picture. I love putting a face to a name. Thank you for thinking of me.
"Smell the aroma of your union with Christ" - Andrew Farley
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