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From the upcoming title track to my new CD.

White Light ©2013 Jeff Cole
Caressing angles of some
Shadowed boxes
Behind the trees
The silhouette out foxes
An Orange sun set in it’s

Spills on the deck like madness
Cold as blades
I set a course for deep blues
Of different shades
That seemed to meet beyond here
But never do………

What would you show? What do you know? Is it all or nothing..?

What would you show? What do you know? Is it all and everything..?

White light
On river walks and dreams
And misconception
We beggars fight for bread
To thee reception
A necessary contrast
A confidence.
Every time you speak your mind is on parade.
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Re: lyrics

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Sounds like a great sound! I love the title! Thanks for sharing this with us.
"Smell the aroma of your union with Christ" - Andrew Farley
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