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Why The World Rejects God

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:37 am
by Noblemen
There is no such thing as one believer receiving more of God than another.
This would be so foolish as to say that a biological father who has birthed a large family has put more of his seed into one child than he has in another.
What the biological father literally does is to place his seed directly into the mother, and a child is brought forth according to that seed.
It is never the father's intention that one child be lesser or greater than another.
Yet, religion promotes the idea that there is more of God in one person, or in one place, or by one doctrine, or by one understanding than there is in another.
Such foolishness as this has caused the children of the world to openly reject and rebel against God.
When a believer is born again, he receives as much God as any believer.
God does not place more of His Son in one believer than He does in another.